To yeuk yuet tsang February 2, 2014.

Hi, I don’t use my net zero e-mail account. That’s only for receipts from PayPal and eBay. I sent you an e-mail from my AOL account (this e-mail account) and ask you to bill me through eBay.

Obviously eBay would not let you do that, because you did not follow “their rules”. Ebay only allows you 45 days to deliver your goods. The delivery you said on eBay was 2 to 3 weeks, you took longer, so you lose. You posted it would take eight weeks, but that was after I purchased my item, you tricked me into buying your item, by promising fast shipping.

I did not have to pay you for your item, because you took too long to ship it. However, out of the goodness of my heart, I paid you anyway, on September 18, 2013, when I did not have to. Then you have the nerve to send me more bills saying I never paid you, you are insane, go see a doctor.

Furthermore, because I paid you directly, you did not pay eBay their fees. And so you profited by that. I don’t think that’s fair. You use their service, you need to pay them, you cheater you have no credit and no credibility.

I was kind of mad you never answered my question about the PCB and that you were sending bomb threats to my other e-mail account. You never mentioned the PCB was so big in your ad on eBay and I’m not able to use the battery with the PCB on my bicycle. I would have sent for a refund as the battery is useless, but the price of shipping, I would be better off selling it on eBay.

You did not have to send me bomb threats, a simple $.19 postcard that you did not receive my payment, could have gotten you a copy of the receipt that I paid you on September 18, 2013. It is a long prison sentence to send bomb threats. Furthermore, I don’t understand why you did not reply to this e-mail address, that I used to contact you in the 1st place.

I still want to know if I can decharge the battery without the PCB. I would simply cut the wires to the PCB and install a wiring harness to reconnect the wires when I charge the battery. I know this might be too technical for you but maybe you can forward this to someone more technical for the answer.

You’re lucky you are dealing with a man of God. Anyone else would have demanded you go to prison for the bomb threats. Please cancel the bills you are sending to my PayPal account before they close it. I’m going to demand PayPal cancel your (yeuk yuet tsang account. I’ve have already asked them to do so and maybe they will do what I ask, before I close my PayPal account. If you don’t know how to do business, don’t do business.

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