Sex Ed, Why do Women Cry III, December 19, 2013.

If I were to rewrite that poem where the man asked God why women cry, God’s answer would have been “because men are fucking assholes”.

None of the men know what the word love means either. Sex had become so perverted and distorted that people believe sex is a recreation. Sex is no longer a holy experience. The bridal chamber used to be a holy place. God said remove your shoes, this is holy ground. It was holy water, holy bread and even holy wine. Before you eat your dinner, you’re supposed to thank and praise the Lord for it. Before sex you should have said, “thank you Lord for the holy pussy I’m about to get, thank you, thank you, thank you”. The meaning of sex was lost. The purpose of sex was for having babies. When you have sex, you are supposed to be trying to make a baby, not trying to prevent one from being born.

Sex has been so distorted and overrated that both men and women are faking orgasms to please the other. Men and women are made to believe they must have sex three or four times a week for the relationship to succeed. Men and women are having sex too much, because they are afraid if they don’t, their significant other will find someone else. Do you really want sex or are you only doing it out of fear your spouse might have an affair if you don’t?

I was pissed that this idiot atheist comedian on TV who said people must have sex before marriage so they don’t find out later that the only way the woman can turn her husband on, is if she wears a grass skirt. How the hell do these retards get a spot on HBO? There’s a reason why people have these fetishes. It’s called conditioned response. Pavlov's dog was conditioned to salivate when the dog heard a bell ring, by ringing the bell every time dinner was served. The conditioned stimulus is the event that took place at the time of pleasurable sex. You take a vacation to Hawaii and meet a beautiful woman wearing a grass skirt for your first sexual experience, you may need someone to wear a grass skirt to get aroused there afterwards. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but this asshole got a spot on HBO for being an idiot. He doesn’t see anything wrong with premarital sex.

Science is going to prove sex is a holy union, not religion. DNA databases are going to start linking people up to their real biological parents, who didn’t see anything wrong with premarital sex, because the woman they screwed did, not have their name and address. I bet this idiot comedian really believes that privacy laws are going to keep his biological children from finding him. Everyone’s DNA in the future is going to be not only in a database but probably posted on wiki leaks, as God said there are no secrets that will not be revealed. That hooker he slept with 30 years ago, who bought the condom out of a gas station vending machine, as he did not realize condom’s had an expiry date and did not work all the time, will have his son knocking on his door after his sons DNA linked him directly to his address. Hey dad, remember that hooker you slept with 30 years ago, guess what, condom broke. When mom got pregnant with me she got real depressed and gain 200 pounds. She couldn’t make enough money off her hooking job so she got me into child pornography when I was five years old. Mom had my teeth pulled out so I can make more money giving blow jobs. You’re probably worried you’re going to lose your job or your wife because I’m your bastard son. Or I bet you think I found you so we can have a happy family reunion. Nope, I came here to kill your stupid mother fuckin ass for making my life a living hell. There’s not going to be one man on earth that does not know who their real biological parents are and it will all be on the Internet for everyone to know.

Are you really sure premarital sex is okay? Nobody sees anything wrong with smoking until 30 years later when they get cancer. No one sees anything wrong with premarital sex until 30 years later. Oh it might be pretty amazing if that son comes knocking on your door as a successful person, but if their mom had to struggle, because you seen nothing wrong with premarital sex, you’re going to suffer. There was three children born in my family to premarital sex. I’m sure they all know who they are by now and the results of their parents premarital sex. 50 years later one ended up marrying a drunken whore, one’s wife cannot have children the other one is a lesbian.

If that comedian convinced anyone who watched HBO to have premarital sex and they got pregnant, they can sue that asshole for child support.

If you love your wife, if needed, you should be able to refrain your sexual desires for your whole life. If you have love for a child you should be able to refrain yourself from sexual gratification. Priest have controlled their sexual desires their entire life, for the love of God. Evil came about because of sexual sin. Bastard children were born, who had terrible lives and turned to crime and wickedness to survive. Women did evil things to support their out of wedlock children, who grew up to be con artist, drug addicts, rapist and murderers. People want to know why there is evil in the world and they tried to blame some devil? That comedian is the devil teaching people lies that there’s nothing wrong with premarital sex. This was the fall of society. And there’s still people who say, “what’s wrong with premarital sex?”

Men cry too.

My dad had a nervous breakdown when he was younger and I asked him what happened. He said he couldn’t stop crying and ended up in a psych ward.

Why is daddy crying? Because he’s married to mommy. My dad cried all the time, because he married my mom.

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