Sex Ed, Why do Women Cry II, December 18, 2013.

I have to add more to this subject because I googled “why do women cry” and it seems no one had the answers and many have googled it. I googled it because this waitress at the restaurant told me I made the other waitress cry, because of something I said. I’ve known several women who had anorexia and this waitress, I could tell was losing weight. She was skinny to begin with, but she was getting skinnier and I can tell that she is starting to become anorexic. She’s not super skinny but she was too skinny to lose 10 pounds. She admitted she had lost some weight, I suggested she started eating some ice cream but she claims that she could not gain weight or eat ice cream, because she was lactose intolerant. The lactose intolerant thing, sounds like an excuse for me, like women who are fat and claim they have a thyroid problem, rather than a eating disorder. I don’t want to get off the subject I will come back to her later. I simply said she was skinny she might be anorexic and I said that out of concern for her health. I didn’t mean it as a putdown at all. But even if she took it as a putdown, I could not understand why a comment from an old bearded drunk dude, who makes a fool of himself singing karaoke, would have any effect on this girl at all. They know me. I go to the bars and sing karaoke and go to the restaurant afterwards at 2:30 in the morning. I basically sit by myself with no friends, drunk after making a fool of myself singing karaoke and something I said bothers her.

She’s too emotional. If she’s losing weight and something I say makes her cry, the crying itself suggest it might be anorexia. If She goes to the doctor and says some old drunken bearded dude, who makes a fool of himself singing karaoke in front of all the younger people, had asked out of concern, if she had anorexia and that question made her cry, that doctor is going to diagnose anorexia. I’m not a doctor, but anyways.

I really don’t believe all women cry easily. My mother used to say, “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” We could fall down split our knee open, blood gushing out and she would say, “you think that hurts, if you want to know pain, I can show you pain.” And you stopped crying.

I dated a Mexican girl in California and she never cried. Even when her grandmother died. I would say oh I’m so sorry to hear your grandmother died, and she would say, “yeah but I’m getting her car, it’s 25 years old but it doesn’t have a lot of miles on it.” It’s like that Mexican comedian said, the Mexicans don’t use attention deficit disorder drugs, their attention deficit disorder drug, is knocking the kid upside the head.

Asking the question “why do women cry” is like asking the question, “why do babies cry?” It might be the reason why women get the nickname, “baby”.

Babies get all their needs met by crying and women know this. When the baby starts crying, first to check their diaper to see if its soiled. Then you check to see if the baby is hungry. If they spit out their food, you have to try something else. Maybe they want to be held or rocked in a rocking chair. Maybe they want a toy to play with. They don’t want the stuffed animal, perhaps they want the squeaky toy. Maybe they want to watch cartoons. Maybe they’re bored and you have to entertain them. Dance in front of them or make funny faces. They weren’t hungry but maybe they want some candy. Perhaps you can start telling them some jokes. The elephant giraffe and zebra go into the bar and the bartender says, “this place is a zoo”. Maybe they’ll laugh who knows.

Women are the same way. First you check their rag to see if its soiled. Give them some food and see if they throw it back at you, along with their shoes. Maybe they wanted to be held. Maybe they want you to rock their world. Maybe they wanted their sex toys. If they throw the vibrating egg, that was their favorite toy, you may have two give them money. The good news is if they throw the money back, you can pick it up and go buy yourself some golf clubs. If you’ve tried everything and they still will not stop crying, start telling them some dirty jokes. It is very hard to cry when you’re laughing.

My father gave me absolutely no advice about women. My older brother gave me no advice about women. All my brother said was, “I wish I knew what I know now, when I was your age”. But then he didn’t teach me anything. I had learned one thing from him from his girlfriend. One day he came home and he shouted, “don’t ever tell a woman you love her.” That was the only advice I got and I stuck to it. It never ever told a woman that I love them.

Here’s why. They don’t know what the word means. Every woman I have ever met I have asked them what the word meant and none of them know. When my brother told his girlfriend he loved her, she thought it meant he was going to buy her a new car. 80% of women will not answer the question when I ask it of the ones who do it just amazes me. Some think the word love means sex. Some think God is love. Some think it means you’re going to marry them. Most of them think it means you’re going to pay all their bills. When I asked a happy loving couple who were engaged about to be married what the word love meant, she said “it means friends”. I didn’t know what the word meant myself but I came up with a better answer just to educate this couple before they got married. I said it basically means that you care about the person. Unfortunately I didn’t know this definition of the word and tell after I told the anorexic that I care about her. However, love means more than just caring about someone, there has to be a biological bond and a commitment, along with other emotions that I will explain in another video. Perhaps the women are crying because they don’t know what the word love means either. Heh heh heh, my boyfriend told me he loved me and I don’t know what the hell the word means.

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