Use Your Guns November 28, 2010.

If youíre not going to use your guns, for the intended purpose of protecting Americans against tyrants, then get rid of them. About a week ago, the tyrants in power past a new law worst then the patriot act. The new law lets them put any American in prison indefinitely, without a trial, without a judge, without a jury. Basically there is no Constitution anymore. It is just tyrants in power doing whatever they want to do. If you have evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, they can throw you in prison indefinitely. If you are against billion-dollar bank bailouts you can be thrown in prison indefinitely, without a lawyer to defend you. The ACLU should be all over this, but you can be thrown in prison indefinitely, if youíre a member of the ACLU. If you are against war, they can imprison you indefinitely. You will be considered an enemy of the United States, even if you are abiding by the laws of the Constitution.

It is like Jerry Seinfeldís bizarro world. It is the tyrants in power who should be tried with treason and thrown in prison indefinitely. They passed this law because they know that if people find out the truth that 9/11 was an inside job, they will be charged with war crimes and put to death for the millions of people they killed in Iraq. In fact they might be charged with murder, even if it is not proven 9/11 was an inside job, just based on the fact that the Iraq war is a war for oil. Millions of children were killed for oil and everyone knows it. You donít even need 9/11 conspiracy theorers to prove it.

People want to own guns to protect the Constitution and their country, but they have not use them for their intended purpose. No one used their guns to protect Katrina victims. In fact police shot on sight anyone who looked like they had a gun. The gun owners didnít protect Americans from tyrants taking multibillion dollar bailouts from Americans. When General Motors reorganized and millions of senior citizens lost their retirement funds, no gun owner used their guns in protest. General Motors is richer than they ever, while millions who owned their stock lost their homes, stocks and retirement savings. The gun owners protect Americans from tobacco companies? No they projected the tobacco people that made billions while Americans died of cancer. They use their guns to protect the bankers that stole Americans money.

This country is not run by the Constitution. This country is run by a few hundred Mafia bosses, who suspend the Constitution so that they can stay in power. Foreign countries are being forced at gunpoint to hold the American dollar. Foreign countries have billions of American dollars in their banks and they cannot release them because a gun is being held to their heads. If they release those dollars from their banks the American dollar will collapse. North Korea recently released some American dollars. Now the tyrants in power are angry. They want to go to war with North Korea, because North Korea refused to hold on to the American dollar that they were forced to take at gunpoint. Because of this China, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and other foreign countries are starting to refuse to use the American dollar. They are still being forced at gunpoint NOT to release the trillions of American dollars they hold in their banks. When they decide death, is more preferred being held at gunpoint, they will release those dollars in America will collapse.

The only thing God promises you is a martyrís death and eternal life. What will you give in exchange for your soul? The devil runs all the kingdoms of the earth and it is the devil that makes you rich. God will give you eternal life if you fight for His kingdom. All you get from serving the devil, is temporary money and eternal torment.

But the people of God are fighting back. They know money is the root of all evil. Gang members are no longer serving the devil, they are serving God. They are getting tattoos that represent the killing of the rich. The rich like to get their pictures on Fortune 500 magazines. The gang members like to get coveted tattoos that represent them killing a rich person. Kill someone who makes a six-figure income and you get a certain tattoo. Kill a million air and you get a more coveted tattoo. Kill a billionaire and you get a tattoo that you can brag to all your gang members about. Thereís even a certain tattoo you get for killing a banker or man of power. All these tattoos make you a hero among the poor and gang members.

There are religious tattoos. Kill a person who claims to own something that belongs to God and you can get a cross. Because everyone knows that everything belongs to God and anyone who claims ownership to anything is serving the devil. I would like the tattoo you get from killing someone who thinks thereís free rides for workers compensation. I would be like, ďsee this tattoo, the only way to get it is to kill someone who thinks workers compensation does not have to pay Timothy the $450 billion for his work related injury.

The war between good and evil, is not a war between blacks and whites. It is not a war between Christians and Muslims. Itís not a war between atheist and believers. The war between good and evil will be the poor against the rich. The rich will lose, because the rich only use the poor to fight their battles. They will not lift a finger to fight for their gold. They know life is more important than money. You could not get Bill Gates to go fight on the front lines in Afghanistan for a billion dollars. They might fight to keep from being put to death for fighting for a war for oil or crimes against humanity, but the rich will never risk their lives for money. All their gold all their silver will not be able to save them in the battle of good and evil, for it all belongs to God.

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