Tim's Story

I was staying at a weekly rate Hotel in Torrance California. On the way home from work one day I met my neighbor, a twelve-year-old boy. There was no one around his age, his father was staying at the Hotel. That following Sunday, the neighbor I just met came over and wanted me to talk to him, out on the Balcony.

While standing outside, the boy said, "look, that man looks like God." I looked up in the sky thinking to myself, "I don't see any God up in the Sky or coming on the clouds of Heaven." Then I looked down on the Ground and seen two people standing there. I said, "no they are just Jesus freaks, people trying to look like Jesus."

The two men were talking to these three young women, who were staying at the hotel. They had long hair, wearing white robes and barefoot. When the one turned to look at me, I saw His face and I knew it was God. I said "that's Him, go down to see Him." His face was the same image that I saw on the freeway four years earlier. With the same angry expression. It was the same man, who asked me for a place to stay and disappeared. Also, it was the same face I saw on my dresser when I meditated in 1978.

Although it looked like Jesus, I didn't call him such. I thought of Jesus as a dead man and this one was alive. I thought He was supposed to come out of the sky and be fifty feet tall. Not be standing right there on the ground and no taller than myself.

It was a hot summer day, not a cloud in the sky. Yet they were standing barefoot on blacktop pavement.

My neighbor said "I'm going to get my dad" and ran into his room. I felt like stopping the boy from getting his Dad. Seeing Jesus was more important while he had the chance. Nevertheless, I did not stop him. Because I didn't feel, I had the authority to.

They knew my thoughts and talked with me through my mind. That's pretty much the short version. I only saw Him for a few minuets. I feel He wanted me to write this book and I wrote it. As time went on, God revealed to me earthquakes, hurricanes and wars, before they happened.

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