Your former religion does not matter. If you have a desire to see God, you can be a Timothean. The only requirement is to be open to all religious books and have a desire to see God. They destroy God's people by lack of knowledge, by preventing the reading of other religious books to obtain this knowledge. We read books such as the Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Pseudepigrapha and Book of Mormon. God inspired people to write these books by appearing to them. You don't have to read, you're just not forbidden to read. We created this religion for people who want to see God. When you see God, you start your own religion to bring people back to God. Some day all religions will vanish and this religion disappears when one sees God.

We call on God by the name of our God, whether it is no name, Jesus, Emmanuel, Lord Krishna, Buddha or Allah. God has the name people give to Him and all names belong to Him. Different names have different meanings. Timothy means him who honors God and a Timothean is one who honors God. Christ, was a Timothean, or one who honors His Father.

The requirement to be a teacher is one would have to see God. Once a person sees God, they are no longer a Timothean. They then start their own religion based on what God has given them in their vision. Only those who have not seen God and have a desire to see, can be members. Timothy is the teacher and Timotheans are the students. When you see God, then you can be the teacher.

Timothean's do not fear God, there is no fear in love. Those, who fear God, do not love Him. We seek to see the one we love. Our love is unconditional. Nevertheless, one can only love unconditionally, if loved unconditionally. We believe God is God, we do not believe that God is love. To say that God is love, is like saying Elvis is love, because he gave away Cadillacs.

Timothean's do charitable works, such as injury support groups, to help those who are unable to work. They do not push the job on God. We believe that disabled people who cannot work cause crime. Just because one has two arms and legs, does not mean they can work. Just as an automobile with four tires does not mean it will run.

Timotheans are Idealist & study Metaphysics. We believe that the world consists of small particles called Atoms, E=Mc2. Quantum Field Theory, breaks these Atoms down to subatomic levels "Quarks and Leptons" in which time and space has no control. Matter is nothing more than particles of time, riding on the curvature of space. These smaller particles, can be broken down into their elementary form, which I call spirit. Since Physicists have not yet proven "that matter exists" we believe the world is purely spiritual.

Timothy Allen Campbell

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