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The Timocracy

The U.S. Declaration of independence as of July 4, 1776, says that we have a right to the government of our choice. If that government does not suit us, we have the right to abolish it. The democratic government, is a government where people with money and a desire for power rule. The problem with big business providing campaign funds. Is alcohol, tobacco, pornography, pharmaceutical and other not so morally correct businesses, including religions, have provided funds for campaigns. To pass laws to guarantee their own prosperity. People need to learn not to judge by looks. Looks alone have elected presidents. To have someone voted president because of looks or because the pornography industry has provided funds is a ridiculous idea. The person running for president should use his own funds that God gave Him.

The new world Government will be the Timocracy. The Timocracy is a government where the leaders rule for the love, glory, and honor of God according to Plato's Politics. In Aristotle's Politics, a Timocracy is a government where property ownership is in proportion to political power. If this was a Timocracy, then Ross Parole would have been President. However, if the capitalist Government was not so corrupt, I would have been president myself. With the money I would have gotten from suing the Alcohol, Tobacco and Medical institutions. Governments that make money rule will fail. Nevertheless, the government that rules for Gods Glory will endure forever and ever.

Timothy Allen Campbell

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