January 17th, 2001

In English

The Teacher of Truth Verses The Liar

Teacher of Truth

Listen my love,
truth is from above.
Forty days was the flood,
the Sea turned to blood.
When there's no truth on earth,
a virgin will give birth.
Water is turned to wine,
by the hand of the divine.
He'll make Nebuchadnezzar eat grass,
and speak from Balaam's ass.
For haven't you heard,
matter is changed by his word.
Clone a sheep, a boat of cement or a bird of steel,
if He says it will fly, you know it will.
He cannot lie,
and He can never die.
The man on a cross,
he's not your boss.
If He was dead,
what could He have said?
What could He have said,
to bring Himself back from the dead?
The dead do not speak,
it's the living one, you should seek.
If you worship the spirit in Caiaphas,
you serve who he was,

The Liar.

Caiaphas don't you lie,
Christ can never die.
Jesus caused the Church trouble,
so they killed a body double.
And said "follow your dead Hero",
they answered "we serve Nero".
But how can it be,
Christ is still setting men free?
The false prophet said,
"He rose from the dead,
but now He's in heaven.
Listen to my leaven,
it's the same place you'll be,
if you serve me".

When there are no truths, no absolutes, grapes can be the size of watermelons, you can hold a conversation with a squirrel and walk on water. Though you might be looked upon by others as insane, they are in bondage by the walls of imaginary truth that was taught by the teacher of lies. If you teach "tomatoes are poisonous" they will be forbidden to eat them. We are limited by the power of unbelief. My faith that I can walk on water is canceled out by your faith that I will sink and drown. My faith that God would appear has made Him visible for brief moment and the faith of an atheist, has made Him go away. You can use any two lines of this pome as long as you give a plug to The Gospel of Timothy or The Timothean Religion any further printing must have permission in writing. All rights reserved.

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