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Note some ISp's do not allow bots. Check with terms of service.
Use at your own discretion.
This proggie is set for Global and will work with most chat rooms.
AOL only allows 65 characters per line, so long lines are cut short.
I don't count all the characters in every line, but the new bots lines are shorter.
I can't test it on AOL but it works well on Yahoo.
(Windows 95-98 tested only on Yahoo and Aim) Print this Page.

May 27, 2004 New simple short version PlayBot that runs independently of Macro express. Make sure you know where the "Pause - Break- ScrLk" key is on keyboard to stop. 1. Click PlayBot 2. Download to desktop. 3.Open chat room. 4. Double click playbot.mxe 5. Then you have 4 seconds to put the curser in chat text box. 6. Hit "Pause - Break- ScrLk" key to stop. If it will not stop, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and end task and to quit PlayBot. Best to put a shortcut to PlayBot in the task bar, then left click - properties and enter a keyboard shortcut. If you download PlayBot to C:\chat, you can make a shortcut that uses Ctrl-Shift-s to start.

1. Create a C:\Chat directory.
a. Open Explorer.
b. Select the C:\ drive.
c. Select File menu - New - Folder and type in "Chat".

2. Download the first file. Free 30 day Macro Express 3.

New Bots 7/27/02

3. Click Allbot4 to bring up window. Save, into the C:\Chat directory.
If you can't see it, click the new folder and create it, in the Save As dialog box.

a. Make sure your not using these shortcut keys with other programs.

b. Allbot4.mex will load 4 .mex files.
Timbot3.mex = General Teaching, Ctrl + Shift + Q to start.
Agenda3.mex = Agenda, Ctrl + Shift + R to start.
Sorevil3.mex = Source of Evil, Ctrl + Shift + S to start.
Supportg.mex = Support Group, Ctrl + Shift + T to start.

c. All theses are different, but you can only run one at a time.
All these have endless loops and have to be stopped manually.
If Netscape open's the file, use Explorer or download the
bot.zip file and use winzip to unzip.

4. Install Macro Express.
a. When asked to associate Mex files say yes.
b. If it says can't find mex file, it will give 3 options, create, find and cancel.
Click find or browse the C:\chat directory and chose the Allbot?.mex file.
If you did this you can skip step 5.

5. Go into the C:\Chat directory and double Click "allbot4.mex"
to load all 4 files into Macro Express. If this does not load, you might have to
select import from the file menu.
File is password protected and cannot be deleted. You must un install to delete.

6. All IM have to be turned off.
It will type in any window that is on top.
If someone im's you it will type in that chat. If you have not gotten this far without help, give up. You don't know enough about computers to run the program.

7. Open your Chat room.

8. Put the keyboard curser in the chat window and hit Ctrl-Shift-Q or other hot key, to start the bot.

9. To stop any of the 4 bots, hit [Scroll Lock] & [Pause Break] keys to stop program.
It's on the top right hand of your keyboard.

10. Check for Frequent updates.
Last Updated on July 27, 2002 by Timothy Allen Campbell

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