Suicide or murder?

It's been pretty well known that the mob would kill people who they did not like and make it looked like suicide. But they learned this from governments. There was a religious sect at Masada who had the truth and the Roman Empire wanted to bring them down, but because they had the truth, they could not take them as prisoners, where they would teach others the truth, setting them free. To go and kill all the holy people at Masada, would start riots in Rome, so the Romans had another plan, to kill them all and then claim they all committed suicide.

You can't convince people to commit suicide because they might believe it might be better to kill you instead. The religious group in South America also had the truth in their sect was getting too large and it was a threat to the world governments and so they poisoned their fruit punch and kill the 9 hundred people at Jamestown and then tried to make it looked like a mass suicide. When they killed the 39 heavens gate members, they poisoned their cool aid, then tried to claim they committed suicide and to cover up all the evidence, they had all 39 cremated. It was amazing how stupid society is to believe this lie.

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