Israel is called "first born", "archangel" and "a man seeing God", Philo, on the change of names.

In the Prayer of Joseph, Jacob told Uriel that Israel (a man seeing God) was the seventh angel and that Uriel was the eight in the Heavenly Hierarchy. There are seven Archangels and Israel is an eight highest Angel. Israel is beloved before the Holy one blessed be He, even more than the ministering Angels. Israel repeats the song every hour while the ministering Angels only once a day. Also the ministering Angels do not begin the song above until the one who sees God has started it on earth.

The Pseudepigrapha has Book of Enoch, Martyrdom of Isaiah, and the Sibylline Oracles. Their Jewish and Jewish -Christian Documents, not written by the Government. It is the Old Testament Books that were not included with the Bible. But many of them were considered Bible canon and are in Ethiopian, Russian and Catholic Bibles. The Old Testament Bible came from the Pseudepigrapha not the other way around. Pseudo means before, grapha means books. The Roman Church changed the meaning to false to keep them secrete.

Do you have any ideal of what the saying "don't judge a book by its Title" means? When you write a book, it is the publishers who put the title on it to make if sell or not sell. Why would someone write a book and call it false, and why would you be stupid enough to believe the publisher and not the one who wrote it.

All the clocks, computers and watches will stop at the year 2,000. They were not programmed to go beyond that year. Like an hour Glass, time will run out, Daniel 12:13, Job 18:25-27. There is no such year as 2,001. God calls it "the time of the end". According to the Pseudepigrapha, when the seventh King arises, both faithful and faithless men, will see God, at the end of time, Sibylline Oracle.

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