Nothing but the Truth, Vegas Shooting, October 8, 2017.

I knew this was a false flag event as soon as the FBI released the photo of a shooter with his eyes closed. The shooter had traveled to different countries, so he definitely had a passport. The shooter was a pilot, so he also had a pilots license and no doubt a drivers license. These should of been the pictures that the FBI showed of the shooter. When they didn’t show his drivers license photo or his passport photo, you knew this was a staged false flag event and government officials were in on it. Where do you even get a picture of someone with their eyes closed? I don’t have any pictures of me myself with my eyes closed and I have a large family with many photo albums and nobody has their eyes closed.

This picture must of been taken by Donald Trump, that was too ignorant to know that you smile in front of a camera. Only someone as dumb as Donald Trump or these mafia thugs, would try to pass off a picture of someone with their eyes closed. Especially these days of digital cameras. I could see may be 60 years ago, when we used expensive Polaroid film and you got a picture of someone with their eyes closed and you still kept their picture. But now days with digital cameras, if you take a picture of someone and they had their eyes closed, you simply delete the picture and snap another one. People don’t keep pictures of themselves with their eyes closed. It’s bad enough when you have to keep a picture of someone who isn’t smiling.

The question of why the guy had his eyes closed, should have raised red flags everywhere. It probably means the guy was a CIA operative and they had his eyes closed, so that nobody could identify him. He’s probably not even dead. You can change someone’s hair color, give them a hat and sunglasses, change their name and nobody would probably recognize them. But now days, with digital cameras and facial recognition software, people can be recognized by their eyes. The eye is just like a fingerprint. This is why they released a picture of a man with closed eyes, so nobody could identify him. Of course after I pointed out this anomaly on twitter, they quickly started to release photos of the guy with his eyes open. But who even knows if those are his eyes. They could have simply cut and paste eyes from a different photograph into his face to conceal his identity. Of course this is much labor and work and if I didn’t point out the anomaly, they wouldn’t have spent the extra effort to release photos of this guy with his eyes open.

Whenever they have these false flags there is many anomalies. It’s like the fake moon landing. When people point out the anomaly, they correct the anomaly and re-release new photographs. One guy said this was a hoax and he showed a photograph of the guns on the floor and there was no empty shell cases. I watched that YouTube video and then the next day, they were seen on the news about all of the empty shell cases and they showed the exact same photograph with shell cases cut and pasted into the very same photograph. Now I could’ve saved that video and showed you the two pictures one with shell cases that were pasted into the photograph and the one photograph without shell cases, but they would only claim that someone edited the photo without the shell cases. Now they are so worried about people learning about not enough shell cases for 500 shots, that all they are mentioning on the news is how many shell cases they found.

There was at least two shooters. There was absolutely no reason for the shooter to spend all that extra time breaking out another window. From 32 floors up, he had just as good of a shooting advantage from either window. So why waste the time, the effort of breaking out two Windows, unless there is more than one shooter? The number of weapons also proves there was at least two shooters. There’s no reason to take all the extra effort and chances of getting caught sneaking in more than three weapons, if there’s only one shooter. All one shooter would need is a weapon and a backup weapon and maybe a small caliber handgun to commit suicide with. You wouldn’t need the 10 to 21 guns they are reporting that the shooter had in the room. 10 to 21 guns proves there is two to five shooters. Even a crazy person isn’t going to take the risk of getting caught sneaking in more than a couple of weapons. Every time the guy went out to his car to get another weapon or suitcase of weapons, he was taken a greater chance of getting caught. The more time he spent breaking out another window or running over to another window to shoot, he was losing precious time and energy. There is absolutely no reason for the guy to break out two Windows, if there was only one shooter. This would be like a bank robber robbing the same bank twice in the same day. Why would they take the chance of being caught?

Who planed this out or who did this doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it was IsIs, Antifa, Zionist, the Government or Trumps Mafia Thug Buddies. Because the police and the FBI are 1 million times more evil, than the actual people who did the shooting, false flag or hoax. Just like the FBI confiscated all the videos from the JFK assassination, cops were confiscating concertgoers cameras and iPhones. I watched a video where a cop grabbed somebody’s camera because they were video taping the victims. In one YouTube video the band was telling everyone to get out there cameras and shine the lights. This seems like it was done on purpose to drain everybody’s phone batteries so that they could not take any pictures or videos. Just about everyone at that concert had their phone out with the camera light on as the band played the song. No doubt everybody’s phone batteries were dead, except the people who had backup batteries.

Some people are calling this a hoax because they don’t see any blood, guts, dead or injured people. That’s because the cops are 1000 times more evil than the shooter. Because they are confiscating this video footage. They don’t want you to see what is going on. If you seen the blood and guts and death from this shooting, you would’ve not went to the Michigan game. Cops and the FBI are more worried about losing money at future concerts, football and baseball games and if they showed the death and carnage of even just the people being trampled, nobody would ever go to another concert or football game again. They are more worried about losing the money. Cops don’t even want to say how many people were killed by bullets and how many were trampled to death.

People die in car and motorcycle accidents. We all know this is a fact. But we never see the blood and guts and death of car and motorcycle accidents, because cops and the FBI are more worried about people not purchasing cars and motorcycles, if they see the death and carnage they cause. This makes the cops and the FBI 1 million times more evil than the actual shooter, no matter who the shooter was or working for. Some of the cops and FBI are brainwashed into believing they can’t let news media and bystanders photograph injured victims in shootings and car accidents, because of family member privacy. But that’s all brainwashing. It has nothing at all to do with privacy. It has everything to do with car and motor cycle manufacturers losing money, if people see accident victims. It has everything to do with gun manufacturers losing money, if people see the death, blood and guts caused by guns.

Everything is sanitized for our consumption. If you went to the grocery store to buy a chicken and the butcher came out with a live chicken and started plucking the feathers while the chicken was screaming, chopping off the head of the chicken and gutting it, you would become a vegetarian. That’s why everything is all packaged neatly for your consumption. You will only see accident victims after they have been all bandaged up at the hospital. Police and FBI will not even let you photograph victims for fear people will no longer purchase cars and motorcycles. For fear people will no longer purchase guns.

The most successful anti-smoking commercial, was when they showed a picture of a Lung with cancer. Telling people they can die from cancer does not get them to stop smoking. People are not conscious of something until they see it. Only when I seen my mother die of cancer, did I quit smoking. I knew people could die of cancer before she died, but it actually took her to die of cancer, before I believed, cigarettes would kill me.

I had a motorcycle. You can see a picture of me on my motorcycle on my twitter account. I knew people could die in motorcycle accidents. But until I seen a man at the bar who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, I was not conscious of what a motorcycle accident could do. After seeing the man, that look like a piece of hamburger from a motorcycle accident, I gave up my motorcycle, before I crashed it. This is why they don’t show pictures of accident victims. This is why the cops and the FBI will confiscate cameras and iPhones, if you are taking pictures of accident victims, whether it is a motorcycle accident, car accident or shooting victim. It will make you conscious of what will happen and you will quit driving a car, you will not buy a motorcycle or a gun.

The only time they show graphic images of injured or dead people, is when they want to put someone in prison for life. Is when they want you to believe this person is a murderer, then they will show you pictures of the dead or injured victims. When you see the dead and injured victims from guns, motorcycles or automobiles, that’s when you will become conscious, that the makers of automobiles, motorcycles and guns are murderers, just like the ones the cops and FBI put in prison for life.

I can’t believe the words of this Jacob motorcycle salesman, posting on my videos. He is fully conscious that motorcycles kill people and he sells them anyway, as if murder was legal. He knows he’s going to get away with murder, because the cops and the FBI, are never going to show society the victims of automobile and motorcycle accidents. And if you don’t see the pictures of those dead mutilated bodies, you will not believe that the makers of the automobile and motorcycle are murderers. So just because they are not showing you pictures of the blood, guts and dead bodies, doesn’t mean the Vegas shooting was a hoax.

I know for a fact people were injured and killed in Vegas, just buys statistical information. The reason why it is illegal to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, is because people will be trampled and killed. So even if these were fake guns shooting fake bullets, people were trampled to death. There was between 10 and 20,000 people at that concert. If somebody would have yelled “fire” between 10 and 20 people would have been trampled to death. So someone yelling “run those are real bullets” are going to cause more deaths, than probably somebody with a gun shooting real bullets. It could be very well possible, that nobody was shot, but 50 people were trampled to death and 500 injured in the stampede. That’s just based on statistical information. There’s been concerts where no one yelled fire and no one shot bullets real or otherwise and 10 to 15 people were trampled to death, just because someone said, “Elvis is in the back of the room” and everybody ran to see Elvis.

The only truth or information people should be looking for, after this Vegas shooting, is to find out why police and FBI are so afraid of people seeing car, gun and motorcycle accident victims. Because the police and FBI are not releasing these photographs, 40,000 Americans a year are being killed in automobile accidents. That’s right, next year 40,000 Americans are going to be killed in car accidents, because the cops and the FBI do not want to release the bloody photographs to convince people they need to stop driving cars and become Amish. The 40,000 American deaths next year from auto accidents, is preventable. The cops and the FBI don’t care about family privacy. They don’t care about 40,000 American deaths. Their only concern is the bottom line profits of the automobile, motorcycle, football and baseball industries. This makes the cops in the FBI 1 million times more evil, than the actual shooter, no matter who it was, even if it was a hoax. The people calling this a hoax are also just as evil. These are the same people who want you to believe that nobody died from Chernobyl, Fukushima is a hoax, nobody dies from car accidents, nobody’s injured on the job, they’re all faking injuries to get rich people’s money. People died. People die in car accidents. People died from Chernobyl. People are injured making your automobiles. But don’t worry there is a God and a judgment day and everyone who drives a car, buys a gun or motorcycle is going to pay. Because they are supporting these industries by purchasing their products.

As far as gun control goes, it’s not about banning bumper guns. This sounds like something someone could make in their garage to make a gun automatic. If you need a gun for protection, you don’t need more than one bullet. If you need more than one bullet, then you are a lousy shot and you should not be allowed to own a gun. The only law that needs to be passed, is that nobody should be able to purchase more than one bullet at a time. So let’s hear it from the crappy shooters. Just admit that you’re a lousy shot and that’s why you need more than one bullet. But if you are a lousy shot and need more than one bullet, then you’re likely to miss the criminal and kill an innocent victim.

The crazy people out there who claim the woman who said, “everyone is going to die” was in on it, get a clue. I used two live by Disneyland in Anaheim California. Wherever you have a place where thousands of people gather, you have street preachers. Their message is always, “you’re going to die, you need Jesus”. That doesn’t mean they are in on a shooting. You probably just don’t remember their message, because there wasn’t a shooting right afterwards. But you can probably still go to Anaheim California to hear street preachers say, “everyone’s going to die, the penalty for sin is death”. If there’s anyone out there that isn’t going to die and will still be here in 200 years from now, let me know because I’m given a prize to anyone who lives to be 200 years old. You’re going to die, get over it.

Now I’m not an expert on guns. But this guy shot from a half-mile away. He wasn’t using 22 shells. Some say he was using armor piercing bullets. Those bullets got to weigh over a pound each. Someone look at the shell casings and tell us the proximate weight of 500 rounds of ammunition. That’s gotta be at least 500 pounds. There is no way this guy could’ve snuck this into a hotel room.

This is a luxury hotel. This is a luxury suite. Nobody carries in their own luggage. The porters will not even let you carry your own luggage, because they want a tip. I’m not a millionaire but I’m pretty sure that a 1700 foot room in this hotel nets between a $20 and $100 tip for bringing in the luggage. And that’s if the suitcases only contain suits and silk shirts. The Porter that carried in the luggage must’ve known there wasn’t shirts in those overnight bags. The 65-year-old man did not carry in his own luggage. I don’t care what anybody says. Even if the man wanted to carry in his own luggage, it would have raised red flags among porters and baggage handlers. Those porters want their tip. I’ve been to Vegas. They don’t let you carry in your luggage, they don’t let you park your own car. They want the tip.

This false flag must’ve been pulled off by complete idiots. One video shows a police helicopter flying past the shooter’s room just about 30 seconds before the shooting. The police can’t even get their stories straight on how they found the shooter’s room. Some say they found it because a smoke alarm went off. The only reason why they said that, is because someone was calling this a conspiracy, because there was no smoke coming from the gun or window. So right away they make up the story, that they found the shooter because the smoke alarm was going off in that room. But in another story, they were trying to make a security guard a hero, because he found the shooter’s room, because a door alarm was going off. Then someone raised the question, “door alarm?, Someone was trying to escape from their room?” Most likely the security guard was the other shooter, that accidentally shot himself in the leg. In another video I saw, cops discovered this shooter from outside. The video showed the cops saying the shooter was shooting out of the 32nd floor window and they had a radio. This was very early in the shooting before any smoke alarm or security guard was shot in the leg.

The most evil part of this whole situation, is the cops and the FBI not showing the victims, because they are afraid concerts and football games will lose money. And what that means is there’s going to be more shooters.

I don’t even know if I want to comment on the gun nuts who claim this is a conspiracy to take away their guns. They always say this after every shooting and we all know guns are NOT going to be banned, so why are they even saying this unless they are all mentally ill? Anyone who says this is a conspiracy to take away their guns, should automatically lose their right to bear arms for being mentally ill. They said this after the Virginia tech shooting, Sandy Hook, Columbine, theater shooting, church shooting, every shooting there ever was in history these gun nuts are claiming it is a conspiracy to take away their guns and yet not one gun has been banned out of all of these shootings put together. That is absolute proof that the people who claim this shooting was done to take away their guns, is a severely mentally ill person who deserves to lose their right to bear arms.

I think even the head of the NRA will admit that people have a right to protect themselves but nobody has a need to have more than one bullet. Furthermore anyone who has a need to have more than one bullet is not only a lousy shot, but is perfectly capable of shooting an innocent person while trying to protect themselves. Because if they need more than one bullet, they’re not a good enough shot to shoot the bad guy, without risking killing an innocent person. Let’s just pass a law to make it illegal for anyone to have more than one bullet at a time. Then we can guarantee that this will never happen again. And everyone will be happy because they’ll be able to protect themselves with that one bullet. We will no longer have to worry bout collateral damage either. If you admit you need more than one bullet to protect yourself, you are saying you could miss the bad guy and kill an innocent person and be perfectly okay with that. That means you are a murderer and a piece of shit. So come on murderers, pieces of shit, comment below. Tell us how you need more than one bullet, because you will miss the bad guy by being such a lousy shot and risk killing an innocent person, to save your own life.


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