January 7th, 2005

My experience with Toxic mold

I purchased my house in 1993. I heard about lead paint, asbestos but never heard about black mold. The house was vacant when I purchased the HUD home. A lady came over right after I purchased and asked me if I was going to have children living in the home. I said no, and she asked me if I would sign a paper saying that I would not have children living in the house, because it was a old house built in 1934 and contained lead paint. I knew that all houses made after 1973 had lead paint and I don't have any children, so I seen nothing wrong with signing the paper. I don't know why I signed paper but I did. I'm not even sure what I signed. This was my first house purchase.

A year or after living there, my neighbor told me that the former tenants had a water leak problem, under the sink. The insurance company paid them tens of thousands of dollars in damages. I thought this was quite a bit of money for a water leak, but the kitchen floor looked like someone put a new floor on top of the old one and you could see water damage under the kitchen sink. The cabinets were made mostly of cheap particleboard.

The first time I heard of black mold is when I seen on TV that Ed McMan had a black mold problem in his house and was suing the insurance company. The mold they showed on tv looked like painted on mold, as a movie prop. With Ed promising 10 million to every American, it seems he would be some Mafia deceptive type person. Recently I seen on TV a girl named Samantha, suffering from cancer, who lived by the Femi nuclear plant in Michigan. Black mold had infected her parents house and volunteers were going to destroy her house and rebuild it. I was amazed to see that the house had to be destroyed, when there is just a little bit of mold. They showed one square foot of mold on a wall and they showed a bit of mold, about five inches long, under a floor tile. I seen ten times that amount in my house. I am not sure if this is a way for big corporations, to buy a cheap real estate by claiming all the houses are contaminated with mold. When Nero wanted to build a city, instead of purchaseing all the homes, he simply burn down the city. If the Fermi nuclear plant wants to purchase all the homes nearby, so they can expand, all they have to do is claim all the homes in the area, are contaminated with black mold. And it's not as if they could come to my house and claim my house has black mold and then buy it for pennies on the dollar. They showed this on TV, as they were voluntarily telling Samatha's Parents, that they would build them a new house for free, putting black mold fear into the entire neighborhood. The propaganda seemed to work as you could buy my house for 1/10 the price, after showing that on TV.

You have to realize that big corporations owners, and real estate tycoons, in capitalistic America, got all their ideas on making money from their grandparents. If Grandpa made his millions, by passing out blankets contaminated with smallpox to the Indians, to acquire their land, what's wrong with the grandson, handing out toxic mold blankets to homeowners to buy up their property? In America you can kill 400,000 Americans with tobacco and then blame that people who purchased your products. You can kill 10,000 American with guns and then blame the people who purchased your invention. Sure automobile manufacturers have to put five locks on a car, but why should gun manufacturers have to put a lock on a gun, when they are paying Mafia politicians, millions of dollars in bribes?

Both my parents died from tobacco and my niece drowned in a swimming pool, then I was fired from my job after I got a hernia. That's when I started seeking God, until I saw God. Some people believe God inflicts suffering on people who He don't like. Or that there is a devil with a pitch fork. God said, when I saw Him, that there is no Devil, there is simply a Mafia crime family, who don't mind killing people and making them suffer, as long as they are making billions of dollars. So even though swimming pools will kill 350 children next year, the swimming pool manufacturers are not going to stop making them. Because they are making $5 billion a year and what's more important $5 billion or 350 children's lives? The way the swimming pool manufacturers stay in business, is to make sure they paid plenty of bribe money to politicians, tinfoil hat universities and religious institutions. To brainwash people into believing, that if your child drowns in a swimming pool, it is all your fault for not watching your kid. Think about all the fun you had in a swimming pool as a child. Would you give up all the fun you had in the swimming pool, to save the life of one of your children? Would you give up all the fun you ever had in a swimming pool to save the life of a strangers child? If not, God says you are a child killer. The Mafia doesn't care if they kill 400,000 Americans with fatty foods as long as they are making billions of dollars, that's all that's important. God does not want us to have swimming pools. Not that he kills us for having them, but it's like playing on the freeway. Your parents are not going to kill you when you play on the freeway, they don't want you play on the freeway because it's dangerous. So God says having swimming pools, guns and automobiles, is dangerous. The only reason why we have these things, is because people are making billions of dollars. If there was nothing wrong with Grandpa killing the Indians to get their land, I guess there's nothing wrong with government blowing off a nuclear bomb Indian Ocean, to get all that tropical island beachfront property, for pennies on the dollar. Blowing up the World Trade Center and blameing it on a caveman, is just the American way. Anyone armed with truth would be considered terrorist to the Mafia family.

My mother died of cancer or was she murdered by the doctors? If you want to kill yourself with alcohol or tobacco, they claim, it's your life. When the doctors told my mother she had cancer she said, "if I don't die of cancer, I will die of old age anyway". But the doctors said, we have to make money, selling chemotherapy treatments and operations. So my mother could not die of cancer, like she wanted to. The doctors operated on her and gave her chemotherapy treatments, until the death certificates said, "death by chemotherapy treatments". My family refused to sue the doctors, because they claimed, the Mafia Doctors were trying to save her life. Now you might claim, you are doctor and you really want to help people. But the fact of the matter is, you did not get your license to practice medicine, until you graduated from tinfoil hat University. No one leaves that University with a doctors license, unless they are wearing a tinfoil hat, that makes them believe that they are helping people. So on graduation day, they give you a tinfoil hat, to put on your head. Anyone who tries to educate you to the truth, is called a schizophrenic, according to tinfoil hat University, so that you will not listen to them. The universities and colleges and religious institutions, are all owned and run by the Mafia. They are the ones printing all the law books and medical journals and they decide who graduates from law school or medical school. If you got your law degree, you have a tinfoil hat that keeps common sense from entering your brain. When a man suffers $1 trillion from a job injury, he should be paid $1 trillion, so that no one else is injured on the job again. It is not a frivolous lawsuit. It is called insanity if you allow industry to stay in business after one man is injured. But this is not what they will teach you at tinfoil hat University.

God's law, of an eye for an eye, means that if you lose an eye on the job, you chisel an eye out of the lawyers head and out of the workers compensation judges head, if he does not demand that that industry go out of business. This is because $10 trillion is not enought money to pay a man, for the loss of his eye. It's about preventing the 3 million job injury's next year, as not even one should be injured on the job and not even one child should drown in a swimming pool or die from tobacco. When Heaven opens up any army of God marches in, all those who graduated from tinfoil hat University will be killed. God's law will stand firm and there will be no free rides for workers compensation or Lyods of London.

Dis information that I get from people, have told me that you can kill mold with a bucket of water and a half cup of bleach. So my house could be fixed for a dollar and sold for $99,000 or it has to be totally demolished hauled away, and rebuild at a cost of $130,000. Big corporations in the real estate business could make millions in mold fear. I work at a bagel factory and there was black mold on all the wooden boards that we put the bagels on. The health inspectors were furious with us, but my boss would say "that's penicillin" people should be paying us extra. The bagels we sold were black on the bottom. Two bagels had so much penicillin, they would cure your STDs.

I live alone bachelor and not a very good house cleaner. I am disabled with two shoulder repeditory injuries. Hurts to clean. When I do see mold I clean it. This made me start to start look around the house for black mold. I didn't see any black mold but I seen what looked like white mold or gray mold. I see some pink mold in the bathroom in the caulking. I thought this was from the colored soap or shampoo at first. I started to look in areas of the basement that I have not look at in years. Moving boxes, mold seems to be everywhere. When I move a box I can smell soil. I lifted up a piece of drawer liner paper, in a drawer and it seemed like something hit me in the face like a cloud of gas, it burn my lips. I had to run to the bathroom and wash my face. I have been cleaning up the mold and throwing out just about everything.

I started to develop health problems and seen doctors about chest pains, headaches, ear infections, swollen finger joints and shortness of breath about two years after I moved in. I had a rash on my legs and my leg hair fell out and the doctors said it was psoriasis. They took the x-ray of my hands and seen the bone looked like it was deteriorating. I had chest pains and could hear my heart beating and thought I was having heart attacks doctors said it was stress. I now suffer from fatigue, headaches, itchy eyes, ear and throat infection and sneezing. It seems like I have bad breath coming from deep within my throat, as if something climbed down my esophagus and died. This bad breath problem started when I went into the basement to do laundry and I felt something hit the back of my throat like I swallowed a mosquito. I get a funny taste in my mouth when I swallow food, I have not seen a doctor about it yet, as they have already labeled me a hypochondriac from a job injury I had in 1989 in which I've been on disability sense. And I am a conspiracy theorists. I would not doubt if workers compensation planted the mold in my house just to get out of paying me benefits, by putting the problem in something else than the job injury.

I'm very confused now after reading this web site. http://toxic.mold-help.org I don't know if I should see my insurance agent, my doctor, a lawyer or a mold removal agency. I'm still living in the house I don't know where I should go. Whenever you contact a contractor, they are going to try to sell you something and if they can sell you have your house completely demolished, and get you to pay for brand-new one, they will do it. It's all about the money. It seems like my house has every moister problem that a house could have. My legs get very dry and itchy, if I don't keep the humidity up in the house. I have two humidifiers going. If humidity gets below 40 percent rash develops on my legs. I think the mold has attacked my skin and is asorbing all the moisture. The houses is old and has no insulation, so that when heat hits cold in Michigan winter, condensation builds on the inside walls. The basement floor seems to have a moister problem. Someone told me to put plastic on the floor under the carpeting, to keep the carpet dry. I think this has caused more moisture under the plastic and a mold problem. The hot water tank did have a leak and for about six months and the basement was flooded with sewage twice from a clog sewer pipe. I live in Warren which has a sewer backup problem. The city is trying to get permission to dump raw sewage into the river during heavy rain days, to prevent it from backing up in people's basements, but the state is not given them the permission to dump the raw sewage. The house has several layers of shingles the first layer is wood shingle. The house has old iron pipes in which I was replacing. When I take the old pipes apart, I can see black mold in the water pipe itself. I've been drinking bottle water ever sense. The houses paid for. I wish I had payments, I would refuse to pay and let the bank repossess the home. I removed the floor under the kitchen sink and I don't know if it's a black mold or if it is simply black tar, that they use to use to lay the floor tile. I seen a little bit of black mold on a piece of carpeting that was under the stairs in the basement, but there's plenty of gray mold.

After my second job injury, I seen a psychiatrist who asked me what this saying means "a Rolling Stone gathers no moss ". At that time I said it doesn't make sense as stones don't roll, unless somebody rolls them. Now I understand, that moss is mold and if you live in a house that does not move, it will get moldy. The Indians thought the white man was crazy, because he lived in a house that did not move, to follow the Buffalo. Capitalism is evil and it is destroying the entire earth. No one seems to be care, because everyone is out to make a dollar to survive. We created a society that you cannot live without money. On a late-night comedy show they did a bit about a nuclear weapon going off and the bears becoming civilized. The bear started mowing their lawns, driving automobiles and getting jobs. The started cutting down the forest and building homes. No doubt that these homes started to become contaminated with toxic mold, as nature is fighting back at the people who are going against it. We are just learning about toxic mold and we just learned about lead paint, asbestos and the toxins in plastic. The newer homes are worse than the old, as they are made out of particleboard from rain forest in South America and contain newer chemicals that will bring Mankind back to the Stone Age, before Adam and Eve took from the tree of knowledge and learned how to make clothing and fire. That's right, the only reason why we are wearing clothing, is because it's a $32 billion a year busness. Quite ironic, that you would claim, someone who walks around nude as being immoral. When in fact, those who are wearing clothing are evil, because clothing is manufactured by slave children in Third World countries. They have to deal with the machinery of manufacturing clothing, not to mention the slaves who had to pick the cotton. The toxics in fabrics and the injuries these people are suffering from manufacturing clothing, is one million times more evil then walking around naked. Don't let tinfoil hat University, brainwash you. The church is another tinfoil hat University, they have been going to Third World countries, convincing natives, that they should purchase clothing in the $32 billion a year clothing industry. This is how the Churches get their money. Where do you think the church is get all the money to build those edifices, it's by clothing manufacturers, tobacco companies and other industry. They are not getting the money, from that dollar you stuck in the collection plate. Thank you very much. Reed more at http:\\www.Timothean.org

The people who knew my house contained toxic mold to cause me this sicknes, but sold it to me anyway are evil. However, if I sell my house and tell people that has toxic mold, nobody's going to purchase it. So if I fail to mention the mold, am I evil? I mean, I have to survive and I have to get another house, and the only way to do that, is to sell this one. If I sell the house now, before I get it tested for toxic mold, I can claim I didn't know for sure it had toxic mold. Once I get it tested, then I can never sell it, as it will be well-documented that I know it's toxic. I got a toxic mold test kit. They want me to send the mold to an address which keeps a database on all the houses and all the address's of those who have been tested and the results. This is good if your house was contaminated before you purchased it and someone else had it tested and it was proven to have toxic mold. All you have to do is contact the mold testing companies and asked them if they ever tested your address in the past. That way you can find out if the former owners knew that it had toxic mold. Right now I can get a $65,000 equity loan on the house or I can sell the house as it is paid for. I can get a loan, buy another house default on the loan and let the bank get stuck with the house. The city inspectors do not inspect for toxic mold on a house inspection when you sell it. But once I have it tested for toxic mold, they might tell me get the house needs to be demolished and is worthless or that it needs major reconstruction. It will be documented that has toxic mold and will be almost impossible to sell. Does anyone want to give me legal help on this?

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