Killing The Messenger

January 17th 2005

Protecting the President and Diplomats

It is the Job of Secrete Service to protect the President at all cost. However, because the right hand of Government does not know what the left hand is doing, if the President and congress goes against the FBI and the Militaries way of life, the FBI and the military thinks it is their Job, to kill the President and congressman. If the president and congress wants to save 45,000 Americans a year, by lowering the speed limit to 25mph on all roads, the FBI and the military, will have those killed, who are trying to change their way of life. They will kill presidents and Saints, it does not matter to them.

When President visited foreign countries they had mice test the food before the President ate it. They say Saddam Hussein was testing biological nerve gas, as other countries might also be testing it. Of course Saddam got his nerve gas from the United States. So if he is used it on his people, the United States must be using the same nerve gas on their people. Otherwise why does United States have nerve gas and why did the US sell it to Saddam? They say on a toxic mold web site that Saddam Hussein, used a strain of Aspergillus mold to kill the Kurds. Doctor Campbell of Texas, a mold expert, is treating Michelle Israel, for a toxic mold, that he says is a biological weapons grade of Aspergillus, see Michelle's ("Israel's") Symptoms at

In my book called, "the FBI Michael Jackson Conspiracy", I tell how Keldon Reilly head of the northern branch of the FBI, shunt poisonous gas up my sewer system. Keldon sent me a E-mail claiming he had the Authority and tools, to shut me and my new religion down. Keldon Riley also put a very negative review post on about the Gospel of Timothy you can read it there.

Subj: Hello

Date: 9/12/01 11:49:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: AntiGoTimothy

To: GoTimothy

Hello "Messiah." I am shutting you down. I have many tools at my disposal, and I know who the Timotheans are. You are not going to be a major internet presence. I have been instructed to go undercover and take care of the religion.

I would not harm anyone personally, merely eliminate their online presence and religious influence. You will not be permitted to harm any politicians, judges, lawyers, or workers compensation people. Make other career plans, because your role as Messiah is over.

Keldon >>>>

Here is the log of Cassie giving me warning of The FBI Plot. The chat is long, but just read what cassie has to say. Also read AntiGoTimotHy and Parenthesis Mine.

8.18 pm 9.26.01.log

Cassie Brendan: Tim. I should tell you everything I think

GoTimothy: ok

Timotheans 2: they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he

GoTimothy: tell

Cassie Brendan: I don't want you getting hurt on my account

TIMOTHEANS 2: [is] the God; the LORD, he [is] the God.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Jesus is not a spirit.

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GoTimothy: The FBI thinks I have a robot that reads peoples minds

GoTimothy: lol

TIMOTHEANS 2: Luke 24:39 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself:

Cassie Brendan: this winter they are talking about shunting poisonous gas into your home

GoTimothy: minds

TIMOTHEANS 2: handle me, and see;

Dog Evoba: Not likely.

Cassie Brendan: if you're there and not in jail or dead

Dog Evoba: They don't use poison gas.

TIMOTHEANS 2: for a spirit has not flesh and bones, as you see me have.

TIMOTHEANS 2: It is blasphemy to claim Christ died. that is why Christians cannot see God.

Dog Evoba: They're tear gas happy though

Cassie Brendan: I don't know if its carbon monoxide but I think so


TIMOTHEANS 2: Ten commandments says not to make images of anything in heaven.

GoTimothy: Cass, they tried that already

TIMOTHEANS 2: I have to go now, bye.

ConvertTOaThEiSm: what a nut

Cassie Brendan: they did??

TIMOTHEANS 2: John 14:21 He that has my commandments, and keeps them,

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Cassie Brendan: well they might be doing it again

TIMOTHEANS 2: he it is that loves me: and he that loves me shall be loved of my Father,

TIMOTHEANS 2: and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

Cassie Brendan: so get one of those CO detectors

TIMOTHEANS 2: There will be a nuclear war.

Cassie Brendan: and crack your windows

TIMOTHEANS 2: Zechariah 14:12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD


GoTimothy: they shot gas into David Koresh compound that's what burned them


GoTimothy: Cass, I was ready to die as a martyr 10 years ago

TIMOTHEANS 2: He made up the story that He killed God.

Cassie Brendan: also they are talking about spraying your mail with contact


GoTimothy: don't know why their waiting so long

GoTimothy: to kill me

TIMOTHEANS 2: You cannot kill God, and to claim so is Blasphemy.

TIMOTHEANS 2: John 12:34 The people answered him, "We have heard

TIMOTHEANS 2: out of the law that Christ abide for ever."

Cassie Brendan: well there is a reason Tim.

TIMOTHEANS 2: The preachers don't know God; they never asked the question,

TIMOTHEANS 2: "Where is the Lord?" Jeremiah. 2:8.

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TIMOTHEANS 2: They claimed, "Lord did we not heal in your name?"

Cassie Brendan: they were waiting for you to kill pres Clinton

OnlineHost: Dog Evoba has entered the room.

TIMOTHEANS 2: He will say, "I never knew you".

Dog Evoba: damn AOL

GoTimothy: Cass, the CIA payed 2 million to have me killed in 1988

TIMOTHEANS 2: Sins hide Gods face from them. Isa. 59:2.

Cassie Brendan: now that he is out of office there's no reason to wait


Cassie Says the FBI wanted me to Kill President Clinton Like they Killed Kennedy and tried to use a mental case to shoot Reagan.

Cassie Brendan: they thought you were going to kill Clinton

Cassie Brendan: so they let you live

Cassie Brendan: why didn't you kill Clinton?

TIMOTHEANS 2: Anti Christ claims no one can see God.

GoTimothy: Dog, the 2 million was for about 20 attempts

Cassie Brendan: they were sure you would

TIMOTHEANS 2: E-mail me to Join the Timotheans Religion.

Dog Evoba: That still doesn't add up

TIMOTHEANS 2: Click link on my page so I can invite you to join.

Dog Evoba: It would only be 1 million.

GoTimothy: Clinton is my friend

TIMOTHEANS 2: There is a link to it in my Profile.

Cassie Brendan: no he is not! He was scared of you!

Cassie Brendan: ok be careful and don't get too killed

GoTimothy: Dog, how do u know so much?

TIMOTHEANS 2: I avoid foolish questions.

Cassie Brendan: I will see you in the next life if there is one

Cassie Brendan: my bags are packed...Im ready top go

Keldon uses the Name AntiGoTimothy

AntiGoTimothy: Michael Robert

AntiGoTimothy: my names not Robert, its Keldon

Chat log AOL Religion ISAWGODINPERSON 7.45 pm9.8.01.log

Keldon Claims to be Mafia

GoTlmothy: Anti do you work for the mafia:

GoTlmothy: ?

GoTimothy: Timothy will be back, check times on Timotheans Religion Page

PERKY 26: nice to see everyone again

AntiGoTimothy: How did you guess

GoTimothy: Click the red heart and come back.

GoTlmothy: They've been trying to discredit me for years

AntiGoTimothy: you would not believe how much they pay me for this

GoTimothy: I have 2 shoulder injuries I can't type.

GoTlmothy: But I can still masturbate

AntiGoTimothy: $240 an hour

GoTimothy: I have a program that types for me if I stick to the script.

PERKY 26: wow

AntiGoTimothy: I have to log everything

GoTlmothy: I have a machine that masturbates for me too

PERKY 26: that's a lot of money!

GoTimothy: Please visit my web page for Frequently Asked Questions & a free


AntiGoTimothy: Yes.

PERKY 26: lol Tl


GoTimothy: It causes me severe pain to type

AntiGoTimothy: they want this guy down

GoTimothy: Do you like to cause me pain?

GoTlmothy: Don't answer that

AntiGoTimothy: I am gathering info for them to take him out

PERKY 26: they say he's coming down

GoTimothy: I don't come online to make friends I come to teach.

GoTlmothy: They'll have to come to my trailer to take me out

GoTlmothy: I never leave

GoTimothy: I come to teach the Gospel in season and out weather people will

hear it or not.

Keldon is trying to get me to go off on a Shooting Spree.

AntiGoTimothy: I am supposed to prod him into action

GoTimothy: Until the Nuclear War destroys all those who refused to listen.

AntiGoTimothy: They can then put him where he belongs.

GoTimothy: Why should I answer one who does not believe I saw God?

GoTimothy: Who was Caiaphas?

AntiGoTimothy: I have to go fax my timecard for the week.

AntiGoTimothy: a cat?

GoTimothy: He was the Jewish High priest who started the Christian religion.

PERKY 26: how many hours do you have anti?

AntiGoTimothy: this week??

GoTimothy: Because Jesus was getting people to follow him.

AntiGoTimothy: 58

GoTimothy: What does God look like?

GoTlmothy: There are 666 marks of the beast, count them.

GoTimothy: Like Jesus, long hair barefoot, but not a Christian.

GoTlmothy: Bald and missing teeth like me

PERKY 26:'ve spent a lot of time working on him

GoTimothy: Christmas was started when two of God prophets,

AntiGoTimothy: Yes.

GoTimothy: were murdered for trying to correct mankind.

GoTimothy: The Bible says "and they shall make merry and

AntiGoTimothy: Goodbye for now. By the way my name is Keldon. Nice being

acquainted with you.

GoTimothy: shall send gifts to one another,

PERKY 26: nice meeting you Keldon

9.22.01 Time 19.19.11.log

Cassie says Keldon is her FBI Boyfriend

Cassie Brendan: my bf is the investigator

Cassie Brendan: but it isn't on tv about Tim.

HolyChit4Tim: liar

Cassie Brendan: my bf is KELDON REILLY

Cassie Brendan: so shut up

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TJones4875: thought you said your bf was a pickle

Cassie Brendan: if Tim. was on tv I would know it first

11.30 pm9.22.01.log

Keldon Harasses My Followers

Cassie Brendan: I told you that, she was only held for a week or something

GoTimothy: Fire I am son of Joe

TIMOTHEAN13: Moses did not only see a burning Bush, he saw Gods hands

TIMOTHEAN13: and feet, 70 people saw God read Ex. 24:9-11

GoTimothy: nut house

Cassie Brendan: But they really pissed her off first taking her PC

TIMOTHEAN13: Exodus 33:11 And the LORD spoke unto Moses face to face,

TJones4875: Timmy .. what happened to Lyn?

PuringCat: wow.

GoTimothy: she is Cass

TIMOTHEAN13: E-mail me to Join the Timotheans Religion

Cassie Brendan: Puring she was in jail being interrogated

PuringCat: oh noooo

TIMOTHEAN13: Click link on my page so I can invite you to join.

PuringCat: why?

Cassie Brendan: they seized her PC

PuringCat: for being a Timotheans?

TIMOTHEAN13: There is a link to it in my Profile.

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Cassie Brendan: for conspiracy against the govt

TIMOTHEAN13: I saw God in Torrance California in 1985, my Story at;

GoTimothy: cool our first myter

Cassie Brendan: for her association with Tim.

TIMOTHEAN13: 14. But Moses was not righteous.

TIMOTHEAN13: Moses was the false prophet that deceived the Nations,

GoTimothy: they will be millions like her

Cassie Brendan: my bf is Keldon

TIMOTHEAN13: because he said no man could see God and live.

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TJones4875: lol

Cassie Brendan: she isn't dead u idiot, lol

TIMOTHEAN13: While Moses Himself saw God and thought he could

Cassie Brendan: she is just humiliated

TIMOTHEAN13: rule the world by keeping others from seeing God.

TIMOTHEAN13: Moses went as far as calling God Satan, right to Gods Face.

Book of Mormon.

GoTimothy: did ur bf bone her

PuringCat: Timmy, you should create a Timotheans dictionary.

Cassie Brendan: Kel said the strip search was the best part

TIMOTHEAN13: Yahweh is His name according to the J text.

Cassie Brendan: no he has me

TIMOTHEAN13: God's laws can only be kept by people who see God.

PuringCat: your own spellings and meaning for everything.

Cassie Brendan: but he said she has some big tits

TIMOTHEAN13: Jesus said if you knew Him, you would never die, believe this.

John 11:26

TIMOTHEAN13: Let me ask a Christian a question.

TIMOTHEAN13: Are you going to die in your sins, or are you immortal?

Cassie Brendan: they made her bend over and checked her orifices

Cassie Brendan: lol

Cassie Brendan: Kel said they had to force her, and they cut her hair

GoTimothy: cat, yes it is secrete code

Cassie Brendan: she had long brown hair, really pretty

PuringCat: oh nooo. Timmy, you should have protected her!

Cassie Brendan: now she looks like a butch

Cassie Brendan: lol

TIMOTHEAN13: Are you going to answer or not?

TIMOTHEAN13: You're going to die, and see there is a God.

TIMOTHEAN13: Then you are not Saved.

GoTimothy: Cass, in the Nuclear War you will be bald lol

TIMOTHEAN13: If you are a Mortal you are not saved. Satan has you deceived.

TIMOTHEAN13: Christianity is a Cult.

Cassie Brendan: to her credit she wouldn't say anything, she just kept saying

go to hell

Cassie Brendan: lol

TIMOTHEAN13: God's Church is in heaven waiting to return to earth. Rev.


TIMOTHEAN13: John 21:25 And there are many other things which Jesus did,

TIMOTHEAN13: if they should be written, even the

PuringCat: wow, so brave.

TIMOTHEAN13: world itself could not contain the books. Amen.

GoTimothy: the radiation will eat out your eyes

Cassie Brendan: they left her place a nice mess and her kid went to foster


GoTimothy: lol

Cassie Brendan: lol

TIMOTHEAN13: 2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God,

Cassie Brendan: you're next one of these days

PuringCat: Are you that brave when authorities interrogate you , Timmy?

TIMOTHEAN13: Both the faithful and faithless man will see God,

TIMOTHEAN13: if not by their faith then by mine.

Cassie Brendan: swat team scared the hell out of her kid

TIMOTHEAN13: I wrote a song want to hear it?

Cassie Brendan: I guess she cant get back online with no PC, lol

TIMOTHEAN13: You can hear my song on my web page in real audio.

GoTimothy: Prison is the safest place to be in Nuclear war

TIMOTHEAN13: Its on the Album "The Light of The World"

GoTimothy: cement walls

GoTimothy: not a target at all


PuringCat: but Timmy, wouldn't the other guys do... bad things to you in the


TIMOTHEAN13: Its called "The Return To The Visible God"

TIMOTHEAN13: The visible God said,

TIMOTHEAN13: "Let the invisible world become visible."

Cassie Brendan: did you know Kel has your lines bugged?


Keldon tells Cass he is going to wipe me out.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Cass, bf will have them taken down

Cassie Brendan: He might

TIMOTHEANS 2: he did

TIMOTHEANS 2: they were on Geocities

Cassie Brendan: He told me he was going to wipe you out, and move on

TJones4875: maybe you can pay for a site

TJones4875: then no one can tell you what to do

TIMOTHEANS 2: I have been praying for his plane crash

Cassie Brendan: He wants your books off the websites that sell it

TIMOTHEANS 2: thanks for letting me know he flies a lot

Cassie Brendan: He is flying back on Weds

Here is the AOL chat log Life-IamTheManThatSawJesus 11.04.01T23.51.14.log

Keldon's Buddy Parenthesis Mine says Keldon Killed Cassie

Parenthesis Mine: I understand there is s bounty on your head by the FBI


OLDGEZZA: may I have your autograph sir?

Parenthesis Mine: Is that true?

TIMOTHEANS 2: If you want to know how, read my book or stay and listen.

TIMOTHEANS 2: OK, hear my story.

GoTimothy: Par, used to be

Arch Anjel: Timmy is wanted for child rape I heard too


Parenthesis Mine: No longer?

TIMOTHEANS 2: I was at a Hotel in California.

GoTimothy: but God protects me

TIMOTHEANS 2: I was standing on the Balcony with a neighbor friend.

TIMOTHEANS 2: There were 5 of us there.

GoTimothy: Ar, that is a lie

Parenthesis Mine: One Kel Reilly, an acquaintance of mine, told me I might

want to make a few dollars with you.

Seckzie Angel: oh Gawd...

OLDGEZZA: I've been in a hotel in cal too

TIMOTHEANS 2: My friend recognized Him first.

TIMOTHEANS 2: My neighbor said, "Look!

TIMOTHEANS 2: that man looks like God."

GoTimothy: Par, he is suppose to be the one who wants to kill me

TIMOTHEANS 2: I said "no, those are just Jesus freaks,

OLDGEZZA: that was the yard boy Jesus hernandez Timmy

TIMOTHEANS 2: people trying to look like Jesus."

GoTimothy: par., is he FBI?

TIMOTHEANS 2: God was in the parking lot.

Parenthesis Mine: lol, oh, no, if he wanted someone to be killed, they would

not be taking one more breath.

TIMOTHEANS 2: When I saw his face I recognized him.

GoTimothy: Par., why is he?

TIMOTHEANS 2: I said, "That's him. Go down to see Him."

GoTimothy: who

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Parenthesis Mine: Yes, of course he is FBI

TIMOTHEANS 2: My neighbor said,

TIMOTHEANS 2: "I am going to get my Dad" and ran into His room.

Parenthesis Mine: He is well known. Haven't you heard of him?

GoTimothy: then he is a killer

GoTimothy: and he can not kill me

TIMOTHEANS 2: God was talking to these three girls.

GoTimothy: unless God let him

OnlineHost: Sportstermom1200 has left the room.

Parenthesis Mine: He does not want to kill you.

TIMOTHEANS 2: I saw His face appear in the back of His Head.

EvilBuddyG: Maybe he's a doctor, too!

OnlineHost: Arch Anjel has left the room.

Spongebob1234S: HOOKERS TIM.

Parenthesis Mine: He wants to drive you insane.

TIMOTHEANS 2: He read my thought and I could read his.

Parenthesis Mine: From what I understand he has done well so far!

OLDGEZZA: good dope Tim.

TIMOTHEANS 2: We spoke with our minds.

GoTimothy: Par., na

TIMOTHEANS 2: He told me of earthquakes, tornadoes

TIMOTHEANS 2: and the space shuttle blowing up in 86.


Spongebob1234S: LOL

TIMOTHEANS 2: God said there will be a Nuclear War.

TIMOTHEANS 2: That's pretty much it. I only saw Him for a few minutes.

OLDGEZZA: he told him in 89 though

Parenthesis Mine: Kel is the Chief Agent for the Northern US Branch of the


TIMOTHEANS 2: I feel He wanted me to write this book

OnlineHost: Seckzie Angel has left the room.

Parenthesis Mine: He has more power than the President.

GoTimothy: Kel, is a nut

TIMOTHEANS 2: and I wrote it. It's at my web site.

GoTimothy: and should be killed


Parenthesis Mine: lol, well, that he is

GoTimothy: for national Security sake

TIMOTHEANS 2: There is a link to it in my Profile.

TIMOTHEANS 2: When is the War? I don't know.

Parenthesis Mine: I have seen the man detonate explosives at very close


EvilBuddyG: Hmmm - Tim. is threatening lives again. Interesting.

Parenthesis Mine: He has no fear

TIMOTHEANS 2: I saw God's Face on my Dresser when I was younger,

TIMOTHEANS 2: I knew He existed and I searched until I saw His Face again.

Parenthesis Mine: Kel IS national security, don't you get it?

GoTimothy: shrapnel hit his head

TIMOTHEANS 2: Now Satan's Church is desperately trying to get me to tell them


TIMOTHEANS 2: God looks like so they can correct their painting, but I will

not tell.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Many have seen God only to be killed by the Church or medical


TIMOTHEANS 2: Satan is a slanderer.

GoTimothy: He will cause the death of all Americans

TIMOTHEANS 2: Slanderer = one who makes up lies about someone.

Parenthesis Mine: No. Only select ones. lol

Parenthesis Mine: you're so special.

TIMOTHEANS 2: They label people who have seen God as insane so no one will

listen to them.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Or, they get people from religious cults to drive them mad.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Most religions call it Blasphemy to Claim to have seen God.

TIMOTHEANS 2: They kill those who claim to have seen God

GoTimothy: Only the massagers of God

Parenthesis Mine: He wrote a few notes down here for me to tell you.

TIMOTHEANS 2: because the religions are false, in Satan's power.

GoTimothy: of

OnlineHost: Spongebob1234S has left the room.

Parenthesis Mine: Let's see.

OLDGEZZA: Tim. you are a piece of work lol

TIMOTHEANS 2: I do not answer questions for those who have no interest in

Joining my religion.

GoTimothy: Par., I have all his logs

TIMOTHEANS 2: Any questions, use the form on my web page.

Parenthesis Mine: He said, How is your sister?

TIMOTHEANS 2: There is a link to it in my Profile.

GoTimothy: your grandchildren can read them

Parenthesis Mine: lol


Parenthesis Mine: men like Keldon and I don't have children

GoTimothy: me either I don't have family

Parenthesis Mine: the government pays for us to have vasectomies before we

can be hired.

TIMOTHEANS 2: 1. Timotheans Religion

TIMOTHEANS 2: Time 12.43 am Date 11.5.01

Parenthesis Mine: How IS your sister Timothy?

Parenthesis Mine: What shall I tell Kel when I see him again?

GoTimothy: You are a sick individual

GoTimothy: to go after family

Parenthesis Mine: lol

Parenthesis Mine: and friends

Parenthesis Mine: oh, it wasn't me Timothy

OLDGEZZA: pot calling the kettle black Timmy??

EvilBuddyG: Tim., you go after people in here all the time

GoTimothy: My family knows the mystery of immortality

TIMOTHEANS 2: We believe it's a sin to work, and food grows on trees.

Parenthesis Mine: I am just a lowly slug in the service of my country

GoTimothy: they are martyrs like me

TIMOTHEANS 2: Working destroys Gods earth. Judgement days is where

Parenthesis Mine: Let's see there was something else too.

TIMOTHEANS 2: God destroys everyone who has a Job. Revelation 9:20.

GoTimothy: but they can not die

EvilBuddyG: Can they at least spell better?

Parenthesis Mine: Oh yes. Cassie.

GoTimothy: forever

OLDGEZZA: lol evil

Parenthesis Mine: She is watching over you from heaven now.

Parenthesis Mine: Or hell, depending on your view.

GoTimothy: good another martyr

TIMOTHEANS 2: The Bible says not to take from the tree of Knowledge.

TIMOTHEANS 2: It was the original sin. Gen 3:1-19

GoTimothy: when the last one dies the world ends

GoTimothy: lol

Parenthesis Mine: ha

TIMOTHEANS 2: God never went to School.

Parenthesis Mine: well you wont be the last one Timothy

TIMOTHEANS 2: Timotheans take survival courses to learn how to live off of

what God

TIMOTHEANS 2: provides.

Parenthesis Mine: we will be sure of that

OLDGEZZA: what's the martyr with you Timmy??

TIMOTHEANS 2: We believe if it was God's will to work or drive, not even one

would be

TIMOTHEANS 2: injured.

Parenthesis Mine: You realize you killed Cassie, don't you?

TIMOTHEANS 2: We believe Doctors deceive the world with their perverted

TIMOTHEANS 2: knowledge.

GoTimothy: then they lake of fire for u

Parenthesis Mine: Shame, such a pretty young thing...

TIMOTHEANS 2: All die in the hands of Doctors.

GoTimothy: naw

TIMOTHEANS 2: I am a Martyr for Jesus. They will kill me.

TIMOTHEANS 2: I saw God in Torrance, California in 1985.

Parenthesis Mine: but her feeble mind was easily twisted by the likes of you

GoTimothy: u did

OnlineHost: Justadude8062088 has entered the room.

TIMOTHEANS 2: My story at

Parenthesis Mine: me? no, I didn't even get to watch


Parenthesis Mine: just heard

TIMOTHEANS 2: There is a link to it in my Profile.

Parenthesis Mine: something about a phone cord? and a bathtub?

TIMOTHEANS 2: Also I have a new religion called Timotheans.

Parenthesis Mine: and a landfill?

Parenthesis Mine: lol

TIMOTHEANS 2: If they can't learn that it's not Gods will to work, after 4

are injured on the Job,

GoTimothy: Par., what is wrong with you

TIMOTHEANS 2: they have a learning disability.

Parenthesis Mine: Well, those are the things Kel asked me to mention

GoTimothy: were you tortured as a Child

GoTimothy: ?

TIMOTHEANS 2: If they can't learn after 5 people injured on the Job,

TIMOTHEANS 2: they have a mental illness.

TIMOTHEANS 2: A two year old knows that not even one should be injured.

GoTimothy: Kel will be charged with murder

TIMOTHEANS 2: Society is mentally ill, and like an Alcoholics they are in

denial of their

Parenthesis Mine: oh, and something about you going bald

TIMOTHEANS 2: illness.

OnlineHost: OLDGEZZA has left the room.

GoTimothy: like the SS

GoTimothy: were

TIMOTHEANS 2: Work is a sin; it destroys the earth.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Food grows on trees, but Satan is not happy with what God


Parenthesis Mine: talk to you later sir

Cassie Knows the FBI will kill her for knowing too much and she tries to leave Serial Killer Keldon

Cassie Brendan: they think you might be another koresh situation if let go

TIMOTHEANS 2: The Church has hidden many ancient books called Pseudepigrapha,

GoTimothy: those who have guns kill people

OnlineHost: Dog Evoba has entered the room.

TIMOTHEANS 2: but I have them.

GoTimothy: like ATF and FBI

Cassie Brendan: you have one though

OnlineHost: Swine59238 has entered the room.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Mormon is not truth because Mormons believe Moses did see


Dog Evoba: Hey Andrew

GoTimothy: hi Sw

GoTimothy: I don't need one

TIMOTHEANS 2: I saw Christ and He is God, that makes me King Messiah.

Swine59238: Hey parker...or Adam...whoever you are

Dog Evoba: lol

GoTimothy: hi Dog

Cassie Brendan: Kel says you have weapons

TIMOTHEANS 2: Christ is not the Messiah, He is God incarnate.

Dog Evoba: Parker's fine.

Dog Evoba: Hi GoTimothy!

TIMOTHEANS 2: Religion demoted God down to being a messiah.

Dog Evoba: excuse me while I click your bot...

GoTimothy: Kel is a liar

TIMOTHEANS 2: The messiah is the son of Joseph, Christ is the son of God.

Cassie Brendan: I was going to leave today but since he didn't come home I

didn't leave yet

TIMOTHEANS 2: Messiah would be born from the line of David.

TIMOTHEANS 2: David called Him Lord; how can Christ be David's son? Luke


GoTimothy: Where are you going?

Dog Evoba: Ok, all better

TIMOTHEANS 2: Whose Son is Christ? David's or God's?

GoTimothy: he will kill you u know

GoTimothy: they FBI are nuts

TIMOTHEANS 2: Was Mary a virgin or not?

Cassie Brendan: I hope he wont be able to find me

Dog Evoba: All of them?

TIMOTHEANS 2: Messiah is the Son of Joseph from the line of David.

Dog Evoba: Each and every agent?

GoTimothy: yes

Cassie Brendan: I am thinking about a big city with a lot of people

TIMOTHEANS 2: Jesus is God, but some will burn in hell for demoting Him.

Dog Evoba: I find that highly unlikely.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Jesus was the meek Lamb, and Messiah is the Roaring Lion.

GoTimothy: the ATF stands for Alcohol tobacco and guns

Dog Evoba: Cassie, why are you disappearing?

TIMOTHEANS 2: Micah 5:2 But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah.

Dog Evoba: I'm aware.

GoTimothy: they kill 300,000 Americans a year

Cassie Brendan: Dog I don't want to get killed for knowing too much

TIMOTHEANS 2: Messiah is born from a women named "Fruitful," not a city

Cassie Brendan: or maybe just for leaving him

Dog Evoba: That, too, cassie, is highly unlikely.

Swine59238: er...Alcohol Tobacco and FIREARMS...hence the f and not g...

Cassie Brendan: my bf is FBI

TIMOTHEANS 2: When I exalted Christ to being God, that made me King Messiah.

Dog Evoba: Cassie, I doubt he'll kill you.

Cassie Brendan: dog you have no idea

TIMOTHEANS 2: When I said the purpose of Life is to see God, that made me

King Messiah.

Cassie Brendan: a lot of people get killed for no good reason

TIMOTHEANS 2: Whether I live or die my words shall never die,

Dog Evoba: Is there ever a good reason?

TIMOTHEANS 2: and no one shall be saved without seeing God.

Cassie Brendan: yes

Dog Evoba: Well. Ok.

Cassie Brendan: defense

TIMOTHEANS 2: If you do not see God, you will die in your sins.

GoTimothy: FBI thinks they are above the law

Cassie Brendan: they ARE above the law

TIMOTHEANS 2: Satan will play God and say that God cannot make me the


GoTimothy: and ATF thinks they are above FBI

Cassie Brendan: he can park wherever he wants

TIMOTHEANS 2: I say If God made me King Messiah who are you to say He did


Cassie Brendan: he can speed

Cassie Brendan: he does not get tickets

TIMOTHEANS 2: God can do whatever He desires.

TIMOTHEANS 2: I appeared before you and said I was King messiah.

TIMOTHEANS 2: If you do not believe I am the Messiah,

GoTimothy: Cass, knows too much

TIMOTHEANS 2: how will you believe God is God when He appears?

Dog Evoba: It's not the FBI and the ATF you should worry about.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Messiah means anointed by God.

Dog Evoba: They're harmless, mostly.

Cassie Brendan: I think I will leave tomorrow

TIMOTHEANS 2: Jesus is God; I am King Messiah.

Dog Evoba: Just never let yourself be suspected of hacking.

Cassie Brendan: wish me luck

GoTimothy: FBI works for Mafia

TIMOTHEANS 2: I saw God, and my testimony destroys Satan.

Dog Evoba: ...

Dog Evoba: Uh.

TIMOTHEANS 2: I am looking for others who saw God.

Dog Evoba: Then why do they fight organized crime?

GoTimothy: they don't arrest Philip Morris or other serial killers

TIMOTHEANS 2: If there is a God, He can use His power to become visible.

Dog Evoba: Phillip Morris isn't a person.

TIMOTHEANS 2: No visible God, then no God at all.

Dog Evoba: If he was, he's dead.

TIMOTHEANS 2: If God showed you Steel turning into Gold

Swine59238: It's just a cover parker.

Dog Evoba: ...

Dog Evoba: Riiiiiiiiiight.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Doctors would claim you are having hallucinations as they are

cashing in your Gold.

Cassie Brendan: Tim., I want to warn you, I hope they don't send the swat team

in on you

Swine59238: If they didn't they you would know they are with the mob.

Swine59238: DUH

GoTimothy: Dog, the FBI is organized crime

TIMOTHEANS 2: If you have not seen God, you are the Anti Christ.

Dog Evoba: How do you figure, Go?

Cassie Brendan: I think they are planning to, to get you out of the way so

they can focus on the Arabs

TIMOTHEANS 2: The testimony of Seeing God destroys the Anti Christ,

TIMOTHEANS 2: Christ is God made visible.

Dog Evoba: Why? The arabs haven't done anything.

TIMOTHEANS 2: E-mail me to Join the Timotheans Religion.

Dog Evoba: You're thinking of Muslims.

Cassie Brendan: no, arabs

TIMOTHEANS 2: Click blue link on my page so I can invite you to join.

Dog Evoba: What've the arabs done?

TIMOTHEANS 2: There is a link to it in my Profile.

TIMOTHEANS 2: CIA, Giuliani and Mafia hit the WTC, so they could get 20

billion to rebuild,

TIMOTHEANS 2: 13. The spirit of Anti Christ lives in all mortals.

GoTimothy: Cass, they got me

TIMOTHEANS 2: You must be born again.

Dog Evoba: Why is the FBI after you, Tim.?

TIMOTHEANS 2: God has no name.

Cassie Brendan: they got you?

GoTimothy: Because I have the truth

TIMOTHEANS 2: In the beginning there was no one to name Him.

Dog Evoba: of course.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Men Give God His Names.

Dog Evoba: Buy a police scanner.

GoTimothy: they took down my web site

Cassie Brendan: if they had got you, you'd be in jail or dead

TIMOTHEANS 2: The one God has many names.

Dog Evoba: I think that was probably AOL.

Cassie Brendan: that is not enough Tim.

Dog Evoba: Try using angelfire.

GoTimothy: Cass, I am Dead

TIMOTHEANS 2: Timotheans call Him by His name, Atlas

Cassie Brendan: what do you mean you're dead?

TIMOTHEANS 2: Atlas holds up the universe.

Dog Evoba: AOL has a habit of taking down non Christian web pages.

GoTimothy: they gave me a heart condition

TIMOTHEANS 2: Timotheans are not forbidden to read books like Christians are.

Dog Evoba: They did it to some Satanist friends of mine.

Swine59238: Proverb for Paranoids #1: Everyone is together and against you.

GoTimothy: and lung cancer with their smokes

TIMOTHEANS 2: I read the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Book of Mormon,

Swine59238: AOL is with the Mafia/FBI

TIMOTHEANS 2: Pseudepigrapha, and Apocrypha and Buddhist writings.

TIMOTHEANS 2: These books were written by people who saw God in person.

Dog Evoba: Just bc you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you

TIMOTHEANS 2: The supreme personality Godhead appeared to Arjuna.

Dog Evoba: You don't have lung cancer from second hand smoke

TIMOTHEANS 2: Timotheans see God. If you have not seen God you, are not a


Dog Evoba: there are NO scientific reports to back that up.

GoTimothy: Dog, they took down my Angelfire

Cassie Brendan: they want you gone completely

GoTimothy: and yahoo pages

TIMOTHEANS 2: Why are you in a Timotheans room if you are not a Timotheans?

GoTimothy: and many others

Dog Evoba: Yahoo offers web hosting services?

Cassie Brendan: do you know you're being under surveillance?

Cassie Brendan: there are vans

OnlineHost: ConvertTOaThEiSm has entered the room.

TIMOTHEANS 2: If your into Science,

Swine59238: Geocities parker

TIMOTHEANS 2: What is matter?

Dog Evoba: I was actually under surveillance for awhile.

Dog Evoba: They don't use vans.

GoTimothy: Dog I smoked for 20 years

TIMOTHEANS 2: Define Matter.

Dog Evoba: Ah.

ConvertTOaThEiSm: Still going at it ehh Timothy

TIMOTHEANS 2: There is no Matter. All is spirit.

Cassie Brendan: they get your phone calls and your voice


TIMOTHEANS 2: Matter is made of Energy.

GoTimothy: Cass, they follow me

Dog Evoba: Andrew, if the police are ever watching you...

Swine59238: And you have lung cancer? ::shock::

Dog Evoba: Watch them.

GoTimothy: I see them

Dog Evoba: It's fun.

Cass also claims the follow and video me

Cassie Brendan: they video you if you go out

Dog Evoba: They get freaked out.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Matter is made of Waves.

GoTimothy: my phone is tapped

TIMOTHEANS 2: Matter is only Matter when it is Observed.

Swine59238: Why were they following you Parker?

Dog Evoba: So untap it.

TIMOTHEANS 2: Take some Physics classes.

Cassie Brendan: not tapped, it is taken by radio technology dishes

Dog Evoba: Andrew, I was suspected of being involved in something.

TIMOTHEANS 2: There are no Solids, not even evidence of a solid.

OnlineHost: Abercrombie 2980 has entered the room.

TIMOTHEANS 2: You are only seeing 0's and 1's on your computer screen.

Cassie Brendan: the ones they use for GPS

Dog Evoba: ...

Dog Evoba: Cassie...

TIMOTHEANS 2: How can you make sound and video out of 0's and 1's?

Cassie Brendan: I don't know what they're called

Dog Evoba: They can't tap your ground phone with a satellite.

TIMOTHEANS 2: In fact you have been talking to a robot.

Dog Evoba: A ground line is on the ground.

Cassie Brendan: they listen in, dog

Keldon's FBI friend claims Kel killed Cassie because she warned me.

Parenthesis Mine: I have a Birthday Wish for Timothy Campbell from Keldon


Parenthesis Mine: men like Keldon and I don't have children

Parenthesis Mine: Oh yes. Cassie.

GoTimothy: forever

OLDGEZZA: lol evil

Parenthesis Mine: She is watching over you from heaven now.

Parenthesis Mine: Shame, such a pretty young thing...

Parenthesis Mine: but her feeble mind was easily twisted by the likes of you

Parenthesis Mine: something about a phone cord? and a bathtub?

Parenthesis Mine: and a landfill?

Parenthesis Mine: lol

Parenthesis Mine: Well, those are the things Kel asked me to mention

Parenthesis Mine: You realize you killed Cassie, don't you?

Parenthesis Mine: Yes, of course he is FBI

TIMOTHEANS 2: My neighbor said,

TIMOTHEANS 2: "I am going to get my Dad" and ran into His room.

Parenthesis Mine: He is well known. Haven't you heard of him?

Parenthesis Mine: He wants to drive you insane.

Parenthesis Mine: Kel is the Chief Agent for the Northern US Branch of the


SopranoAmicaLFCx: The FBI could assinate u

TIMOTHEANS 2: "I am going to get my Dad" and ran into His room.

Parenthesis Mine: He is well known. Haven't you heard of him?

Parenthesis Mine: He wants to drive you insane.

Parenthesis Mine: Kel is the Chief Agent for the Northern US Branch of the


SopranoAmicaLFCx: The FBI could assinate u

In United States, the only freedom of religion you have, is to be a Christian, Catholic or other government approved religion, that teaches Jesus heals injuries, so industry can laugh their way to the bank as thousands of Americans are injured and killed.

After reading the web site and my book the Gospel of Timothy, of how God says its is sin to work, that everything belongs to God and only a tyrant government would collect rents and taxes on God's land, as everything belongs to God and no man can own anything, screen name Cassie, who claims to be Keldon Riley's girlfriend, converted to the Timotheans religion. She warned me of the plot to have me assassinated. She said in my ISAWGODINPERSON AOL chat room. A few days after the warning, there was a plumbers van at my neighbor Rafels house and his plumber knock on my door and asked if there was bubbles coming out of my basement sewer drain. He claims that my sewer line and neighbors sewer line are connected together. I figured that he was a nut and close the door without bothering checking the sewer, as our lines are not connected. However, all lines are connected to the Cities sewer system, in which anyone can walk into and see each houses sewer lines. One must spray air up the sewer lines to be sure they have the right house.

Several weeks later I heard the City water department man on the next Street. Supposedly they were cleaning the sewer systems with a bleach gas. I woke up to the smell of some gas in my house, but it was not bleach and I immediately evacuated leaving the doors open. Keldon Claims he Killed Cassie because she warned me. I also met Keldon's friend online and he said the government makes them get vasectomies, so they can serve their government like the Unix did in the ancient Roman empire. He said that Keldon was not trying to kill me, but drive me crazy so that I would lose all credibility. I have no way to prove these people are FBI, but one thing is certain, they are insane.

There was something funny about my house after that. All the neighbors complained of mice and rat infestation. However, as messy as I am, leaving food all over the house, I never seen a mouse or rat in my 1934 house. At first I attributed this to the bushes in the front of my house, that attracted cats. I figured with cats around, you will never see mice. However, two years ago I had the bushes removed and the cats left. However, I still never seen a mouse or rat in my house. In fact I never seen a Roach or any other animal. I seem to be the only thing that can survive, in my toxic biological warfare mold house.

There was several other strange incidents. The neighbor went on vacation and wanted me to baby sit his dog. When I let the dog in my house, it sniffed every room and then scratch on the door, because it wanted the hell out of there. I had a fish aquarium and most of the fish immediately died. My Cray fish and carp lived for couple years. One day I seen the Cray fish running back and forth climbing the walls trying to get out. I clean the fish think and put in a few new plants to change the environment. However, the cray fish continued to run back and forth trying to get out for the next two weeks, until it died. Several weeks later the five inch Carp displayed the same behavior. It would swim rapidly from one side of the fish thing to the other. I knew it would die if I did not set it free, so I let it go in Lake Michigan.

My house tested positive for Aspergillus mold in a mold test kit I got from Lowes Lumber. A strain of Aspergillus is what Saddam used to kill the Kurds. When miners wanted to test the mines for toxic gas, they would carry two birds into the mines. If the birds died or went crazy, they knew there was toxic gas. All presidents and diplomats should always carry two birds or mice everywhere they go. Along with that black box. If you are diplomat visiting the White House bring some birds or mice with you. If they die, have them autopsies and get the hell out of there. Those exposed to the toxic mold can smell it easily. A friend smell the mold in the White House guest rooms. I would suggest everyone get themselves some birds or mice and if anything happens to them, move out of the house and get two new birds or mice to see if they survive.

There was a special and PBS called "the which's curse", they believe that the people who were burned to death as witches were actually suffering from ergot poisoning. Ergot is a mold that grows on wheat. It seems the capitalist have found away to take peoples money. In the witch trials, if they can accuse you of being a witch, by poisoning you with ergot, they can take all of your property. I believe they have poisoned my house with this toxic mold so they can repossess my house. I am sure they know what the antidote is, and they surely will not be given it to me. The former owners of my house according to my neighbors, just up and moved out. The house was vacant for two years before going back to the state for back taxes. The owners own the house. They did not have to move out for two more years but they would rather pay rent somewhere else then live in that toxic house. My mother died at age 57 and we attributed to tobacco. This is before I knew about toxic mold. Mold causes symptoms that makes people appear to be paranoid schizophrenics. People become very sensitive to smells and perfumes and actually believe that people who are wearing perfume, are trying to kill them with the perfume. Of course I would not put it passed the FBI to douse themselves with a bottle of colon and come next to you, just to drive you insane. I remember going to a AA meeting and shared that smoke really bother me. Some of the people at the meeting actually blue smoke in my face and laughed.

We lived in a old house with no foundation and the pipes frozen every winter, filling the crawlspace with water. My mother hated living there, even though we owned the house and had no rent payments, she wanted out. I never understood why we moved out of a rent free house, and moved into a small apartment, that cost $400 a month. I/O my own home but now I pay $230 a week to stay in a clean hotel. I stayed in several lower-priced weekly rate hotel's, they were filled with mold mildew and decay. Mom had several health issues and had her gallstones removed. When we did move out she died within two years of what doctors call "cancer". I believe the cancer is caused by the toxic mold, as I seen the girl on TV named Samantha, who lived in a moldy house and died of cancer.

I believe the FBI is the organization that killed President Kennedy, because he was not doing, "their will". National security seems to be more important than the President's life. These people seem to think protecting their way of life is worth kill and people for even if their way of life will someday kill them. It seems that if a President wants to lower the speed limit down to 35 miles in our to save the lives of 45,000 Americans every year then these national security agents and military men will have that president killed, because he is affecting their way of life. Remember the psychopaths do not care if they die of tobacco, fast foods or automobile accident. They do not even get that job as a military man unless they are partially suicidal and care less about children, to get vasectomies.

I saw God in 1985 and those who see God are named "Israel". Israel means the man that sees God or the Nation that sees God. The Bible predicts that all the kingdoms of the earth will begin to Israel. Those who do not know Israel's God will be killed. The Bible predicts that God will restore all the kingdoms of the earth to Israel, the man that sees God. No more will tyrant of the earth collect taxes and rents on Gods land, neither will they cut down Gods trees or drill Gods oil out of his ground. No more free rides for workers compensation. When a man suffers $1 trillion worth of pain on the Job, he will be paid, or the workers compensation judge and lawyer will suffer one trillion worth of pain. Diamonds gold and precious gems will not be coveted. All their gold and all their silver will not deliver them says the Lord God.

Now I know that the poison gas that Cassie said her FBI boyfriend would shunt in my sewer system, is a toxic military grade of mold. Possibly the same mold they used to kill Yasser Arafat and the same mold Saddam Hussein used to kill the Kurds. Dr. Campbell says that this mold can kill people without being detected. The government propaganda, that I received from the environmental agency at public health, said that there is no test for toxic mold in humans. However, I have been coughing up phlem and saving the spittle. I save this phlem in a ziplock plastic bag. After about 72 hours, the phlem sprouts green mold. I believe this mold can be tested to see if it is military grade. If this mold was in the environment and not shunned into my house by the FBI, then it is probable that Saddam Hussein did not kill the Kurds. The gas was part of the environment and we went to war with them for nothing. However, once you have a chat log of someone saying the FBI will put poison gas into your house and then the toxic is discovered in your house, they know the FBI did it. Furthermore, you know that the same FBI would killed President if the President started to find out the truth and disrupted their way of life.

They do not care how many children drown in swimming pools, all they care about is the $5 billion swimming pool manufactures will make. They don't care if they have to blame the parents for not watching their kids to keep the swimming pool manufactures in business. They do not care if 40,000 Americans die a car crashes all the care about is how much money be a mobile manufactures will make. They do not here if children are forced into slavery to manufacture clothing in sweat shops, all the care about is the $32 billion the clothing manufacturers will make. It is not evil to walk around naked. It is evil to wear clothing, knowing that it is made by slave children and cotton pick by slave's. It is also evil to wear clothing when you know it's not Gods will. Naked you came into the world, naked you should be in the world and naked you will leave the world. The time will come when thousand will open up and everyone who wears clothing will be killed. For they know that wearing clothing is against Gods will, destroys the earth and forces millions of children into slavery.

God is not the author of death.

We die because the Tobacco companies want to make billions of dollars a year. We die because the Alcohol companies want to make billions of dollars. We die because of Fatty food industry, wants to make billions. We die because the logging industry wants us to live in houses made out of the corpses of trees. Trees are living and when you cut them down they are dead. When something is bad nature sends out the destroyers of mold and bacteria to break down the dead trees. You are living in a house of dead trees and the bacteria sent to destroy it, is also destroying you. It would be better to make your house out of human corpses and embalm them, then embalm the trees to make your house. If you did not die from Tobacco, Alcohol, Moldy house or fast foods, then Kramer from Seinfield would say that taking those hot showers will kill you. If you did not die from those hot showers, then eating cook foods would kill you according to a raw food expert. We are not suppose to cooker food or take hot showers. We are not Gods we are animals. We are not suppose to farm food we are supposed to eat what grows naturally and we are not suppose to store food, we are supposed to eat from the trees directly. The only way he to get a good apple is to get it right from the tree. Once an Apple is picked from the tree, rigamortis starts to set in. The fruit begins to rot, off of the tree. We don't see it, but it is dead, when it is picked from a tree. We are not supposed to build houses out of any organic matter that is living, whereas we have to kill it to build a house. Do not make houses out of wood, straw or grass. We can make their houses out of caves, mud or even snow as Igloos. You can build your house of stones as long as you do not used grass hate or wood in it. As God and Natures God will send out destroyers to make these dead plants and trees decompose. If you're living in them, you will decomposed. Doctors who graduated tin foil hat University, will claim that you are dying from old age, as they do not believe in immortality. We are not here to work and those who have jobs will surely die by fatigue. A nudist will say that wearing clothing washed in detergents, will be absorbed threw your skin and kill you. Not to mention the dies and chemicals used in the manufacturing of clothing. Because it's a 32 billion in dollar year business they don't care if it kills you. They will even claim you are evil if you walk around naked, when you can be putting children to force slavery to manufacture clothing.

If you do not die from tobacco, alcohol, fast food, work, wearing clothing, hot showers, cooked food, living in a decaying house, you will have nothing to die of. God is not the author of death, capitalism is. You die because someone, somewhere wants to make money and they really do not care, if it kills you.

Loggers have been making money from cutting down trees and building houses for thousands of years. They do not care if it kills you. They do not want you to make a house out of mud or cement. There's no profit in it for them.

Anyone who tries to profit from manufacturing clothing, knowing that this manufacturing causes injury see humans and nature must be killed. There is no way to save a person like that. It's not about going to war with Iraqis. Common sense says that if you make a house out of the corpses of trees, that when nature sends out the destroyer, it will destroy you, if you're living in that house. All pain and suffering is caused by capitalism. The tsunami is caused by global warming, a direct result of industry.

Would heaven opens up in the battle of the Armageddon and the soldiers of God march, everyone deceived by capitalism, by to foil hat University and by the tin foil had religions, where no one graduates from that Church or that University, unless they are wearing a tin foil hat, that tells them clothing manufacturers should be able to make 32 billion a year, no matter how many people it kills and injures, as long as they convince the world than nudity is evil, will be destroyed. Both the deceived and the deceiver will be destroyed.

January 17th 2005

Today I went to this center for occupational and environmental medicine, to see Michael R. Harbut at 118 North Washington Avenue Royal Oak Michigan. He was recommended by my sister who had a friend, that was diagnosed with toxic mold. I really wanted to see Dr. Campbell in Texas, who was a mold expert. My sister told me to asked for the mold blood test only. Dr. Harbut wanted to run me threw the money machine and have all these test done that would cost thousands of dollars. I have all the symptoms of mold sickness. Dr. Harbut wanted to treat the symptoms, instead of the disease. He recommended I go to a gastrula intestinal Dr. for a urine test, a ear nose throat specialist for my ear infection, and a psychiatrist for my moods swings. The only reason why I mentioned mood swings because it was a symptom of mold sickness, I don't want it cured, its just a symptom. When I refuse to take the $1500 lung test, Dr. Harbut had a mood swing and change from nice friendly Dr. who smiled and shook your hand, to a raving frocking lunatic. This frocking quack, needed to see a psychiatrist more than I did and my moods swings were not half was bad, as his were. He started raving that Dr Campbell was no expert.

Big corporations pay for what is taught at those universities. He got a degree at tinfoil hat university and he does not need to learn from his patients or by experience. As all of his knowledge comes from the bribes Big Business pays to Universities, to teach that anyone who wants more two cents for their injuries is a hypochondriac trying to get out of work. He should listen only listen to big corporations, who laugh their way to the bank as millions of Americans are injured and exposed to deadly chemicals on the Job. This quack actually tried to make me believe Dr Campbell was a quack. I told him my sister was a nurse she said just to get the mold test. He wanted to know my sister's name and where she worked at and he was raving. I did not tell him but what frocking nut.

I managed to get out of there with just the blood test, but I realized I made a mistake. I had coughed up phlem and save it, to have tested to see what bacteria or mold has infected my body. This would have been easy test to find out what it is. They teach at tinfoil hat University, not to test the phlem, because of doctors would find out that the FBI is using military grade biological weapons on Americans. The phlem has turned to green mold after 3 days. So they only do a blood test, and it is not to diagnosed your disease. It is to find out what kind of antibiotics God is providing you with, to fight off the disease, only so they can develop a stronger biological WEAPON to kill you. It will take 3 weeks to get the blood test back, I figure I will be dead or in prison before that as there is no free rides for the FBI, who shunts deadly gas into my house. All police and FBI are enemies of God and they serve the Mafia run Industrial complex. Now you know there is no Devil, but FBI people, who are even more evil. If you do kill a police man or FBI agent, just nail a copy of this document to their head and claim Timothy Allen Campbell, the man who saw God, brainwashed you into doing it. Like Patty

Hurst you will go free and they will put Charley Manson in prison for the crime. Because I will say Charley Manson made me do it.

Doctors are not trying to help you, if they were they would make sure you got your $450 billion for your job injury, and to guarantee, no one is ever injured on the job again. Doctors wanted to save lives they would force the automobile industry to lowers the speed a automobile can go to 25 mph. They would testify against the Tobacco companies so the thousands of people with cancer could sue them out of business and they would testify against the fast food and Alcohol industry, to sue them out of business and guarantee the saving of millions of Americans lives. The Bible says that one day all doctors will be killed by the people they allowed to suffer by going to tinfoil hat University. My mother died in age 57. I don't know if she died from the tobacco smoke, the toxic mold in our old house or a she was murdered by the doctors for the 70 thousand dollars they collected from Medicare, to try to cure her.

God said these sick focken FBI agents allowed the swimming pool manufactures to murder my niece, blame my sister and laugh their way to the bank will 5 billion in profits. They allowed the tobacco companies to murder 400,000 Americans, blame the people stupid enough to buy their products and laugh their way to the bank with billions in profits. They allowed the car manufacturers to kill 40,000 Americans a year and blame the drivers, when in fact it was the engineers who knew people would die, if the car went over 25mph. The FBI allowed Tyrants to collect rents and taxes off of Gods land, a penalty of Death according to God's law. They forced people to wear clothing made from slaves and children in sweat shops. If people thought nudity was evil, the FBI should have made these people pay for everyone clothing. For there is nothing more evil, then people who know other people will be injured, in the manufacturing of clothing and they would rather see people injured, then see them nude. They allowed industry to cause Global warming, melting the Ice caps, filling the Ocean, causing pressure on the ocean floor, causing the earthquake that killed 157,000 in the tsunami. If the FBI lets Industry to continue, tsunamis will be 100 times worse and the whole earth will be Destroyed. Ocean detectors will not save you. For I am the Messiah the savior of the earth. The FBI has chosen to kill the Messiah, SO THEY CAN CONTINUE THEIR WAY OF LIFE and it will surly CAUSE THE DEATH OF ALL MANKIND. Surely God will not do anything without telling his prophet, but now they have been warned and rejected it. The blood is on their hands.

When I told my brother I was starting my own religion, he said the Catholics would kill me, bury me, dig me up and kill me again. I found out its not the Catholics that will kill you, it is the FBI that will kill you, if you start a religion that is not Government approved. They will not only kill you, they will kill anyone who believes you. If you believe me, then you are a threat to their way of life, of laughing their way to the bank, while millions of Americans are suffering by their ignorance. This is where I come to a dilemma. If I tell you the truth, you will think I am insane, from what you were taught at tinfoil hat University. No one gets a diploma without wearing a tinfoil hat that says they accept everything taught. The medical profession and Christianity are just other branches of the military, that is used to control the masses and give power to a handful of people. If you believe me, then you are a threat, you know too much and they will kill you.

There is no laws, but Gods laws.

The law of God.

1. The penalty for forcing man to wear clothing is death. Naked man came in the world and naked shall he be. Anyone who would claim nudity is evil, without offering to purchase everyone's clothing or make it themselves, should be put to death. The wearing of clothing was original sin, taught by the serpent. God asked, who told you that you were naked? Eve said the Serpent? If you listen to the Serpent, you shall surly die. A death card shall be put on his corpse that says, "this man listened to the Serpent and forced man to wear clothing".

2. The penalty for collecting rents or taxes off of Gods land is death. For the Land belongs to God and those who claim ownership have stolen from God. Anyone who would try to collect rents and taxes off of Gods land, is a tyrant. All gold, silver and every precious metal, mineral and even the clay belongs to God, anyone trying to profit from something God owns, must be put to death. A death card shall be put on his corpse that says, "the penalty for stealing from God is death".

3. The penalty for forcing man to work is death. For they are more evil than the Devil, for God said man is free. You cannot save a person who thinks Lloyd's of London or workers compensation, has enough money to pay for man's injury. A death card shall be put on his corpse that says, "this man thought he could put man to forced labor, so that he would not have to forage for food Himself".

4. The penalty for building houses out of trees is death. For they are destroying the earth. It was the living trees that saved the tsunami victims and it was the dead trees made into houses, that killed other tsunami victims. A death card shall be put on his corpse that says, "this man went against Gods will and build houses out of the corpses of trees, he did not care if those decaying trees killed the owners, all he wanted was the money."

5. The penalty for selling swimming pools, knowing a child might drown in them, is death. For they are a child killer. You cannot save a person who makes 5 billion a year selling swimming pools and wants to blame the parents, if a child drowns, for not watching their kids. They knew children would drown, before they sold the swimming pool. However, they wanted to make $5 billion. A death card shall be put on his corpse that says, "this man was in a industry the made 5 billion a year and killed 350 children and he had the nerve to blame parents, so he could stay in business". Any individual who knows 350 children will drown next year but claims the $5 billion is more important then the childrens lives, as long as they can donate money to tinfoil hat University, to have them teach that it's the parents fault they drowned must be put to death for his criminal insanity.

6. The penalty for industry that destroys the earth and causes tsunamis is death. Anyone who does not believe that industry is directly responsible for the tsunami has to be put to death. You cannot save a person who claims God did it. A death card shall be put on his corpse that says, "this man would rather die, then believe that industry caused the tsunami".

7. No free rides for workers compensation. The penalty for being deceived into thinking there is, is death. Does not matter how much money Lloyd's of London or big business paid to tin foil hat University, to teach people, that when a man is injured on the job, he should simply go get another job so another 3 million Americans can be injured on the job next year, while industry is laughing their way to the bank. Those who are deceived by tin foil hat University will be put to death. Both the deceiver and the deceived. The bodies of the deceived lawyers, doctors and judges will be nailed to a cross like the Lord was, with arms and legs severed as a sign to others who might be deceived. A death card attached to their body will read, "this lawyer was paid in full for is injuries under workers compensation law and he thought it was just." A IOU for $1 trillion will be attached to his body, for anyone thinking that he was paid to much for is injuries.

Be a good soldier for Jesus Christ and obey the laws of God. Nail a copy of the seven laws to your front door. For when heaven opens up and the Army of God march's in, whoever does not have the laws nailed to their house will be put to death. For those who obey man's laws shall not see heaven. When this Gospel is preach to all Nations and translated into every language, then Gods kingdom will be established on earth. The Kingdom of Antichrist will come to an end. Copyright by Timothy Allen Campbell, the man who saw God, but you have permission to make as many copies as you will and send it to his many as you know. I hereby also give permission to translate this document into other languages for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of God. This is not the chain leather, but those who send out as many copies as they can, will receive the blessings of God in heaven, while they will receive persecutions and martyrs death on earth. The only promised Christ made to his followers is a martyrs death. This will not change until Gods kingdom is established on earth.

I have finished the Gospel. There's no more message from God.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, except brief quotations in a review, without permission in writing from the author. It is against Satan's law to make illegal copies of this book. However, we should serve God. To be honest you can make a copy for five dollars, send money to address below. I trust you. There is no free speech in America. The people in power will not publish or put it on the Internet. Please make copies, spread the good news. Either you're a man of God or a man of Religion. Written in English and translated by computer into other languages. Please refer to English translation for correct interpretation. Use the computer program to be a teacher, download it.

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