My email letter to MDOT, February 5, 2016.

This is my email letter to Michigan Department of Transportation concerning the speed limits. These people are planning on raising the speed limit to 80 mph. And itís all because they want to raise insurance rates and get more people to purchase automobile insurance. Everybody should be writing to them. Because if only one person writes to them, they think that one person is crazy and they think everybody else wants to drive dangerous speeds and pay high car insurance rates. When thereís plenty of people who would be willing to lower the speed limits to 25 mph, so that they donít even need to purchase car insurance. Furthermore, everybody deserves a refund for paying car insurance. Because itís the insurance companies who got the state to raise the speed limits, so that they can sell car insurance in the first place. Theyíve known this since 1910. So this is the email.

Scientist told automakers, if they make the car go faster than 10 mph, people would be killed and injured by them. They made them go faster anyway. President Reagan lowered the speed limit to 55 miles an hour and save 10,000 lives a year. Trauma centers were losing money from accident victims, so they raise the speed to 70 mph. They now want to raise the speed to 80 mph, because the faster the speed limit, the more people purchase automobile insurance. At a speed of 25 mph, nobody would need automobile insurance. The only reason why speed is faster than 25 mph, is to get people to purchase automobile insurance.

The people who work at MDOT should be charged with one account of premeditated first-degree murder for every person who is killed in a car accident and sued for 10 million for every person injured. They also should be sued for everyone, who was forced to purchase automobile insurance, because the speed limits were faster than 25 mph. I am writing you this letter because it is required before I file a $200 trillion lawsuit against MDOT for all the automobile deaths, automobile injuries and refunds for everyone who purchased automobile insurance. Plus interest. I will also be asking the courts to make sure people at MDOT go to prison for premeditated first-degree murder, for knowing that speed limits is what causes traffic fatalities, not drunk or distracted drivers. Alcohol was here thousands of years before the automobile.

Timothy Allen Campbell.

Thatís the end of the email. People who join the Timothean religion will be sharing in the $2 trillion lawsuit when we win. The Timothean religion will be the fastest growing religion because I have plenty of other lawsuits. If any homeless person dies because of the Ronnie Dahl story, of all homeless people being scammers, because she was fooled by this crisis actor, the Timothean religion is planning on suing them for one billion dollars for every homeless person who dies. Iíve never asked anyone for money before, but we will be taking collections for these lawsuits, so if anyone wants to participate let me know. Also if anyone knows of any homeless person who has died after the airing of the Ronnie Dahl story let me know the personís name so we can add them to the lawsuit against channel 7 action news. These news stations are still in business because they hire Mafia thug insurance companies to protect them. But once the insurance companies have to refund everybody for all the car insurance that they paid in the last 75 years, the insurance companies will no longer be able to protect these big business propaganda news channels that are obviously more evil than Isis. Keywords. . Insurance companies, car insurance, traffic fatalities, speed limits, Michigan Department of transportation, lawsuit, lawyers, legal advice, © Copyright ©1996-2016 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.