The Gospel of Timothy

This Book is by a man who saw God and claims to be the messiah. Before you laugh and choke on your coffee realize this. The Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist and Atheist do not believe Jesus is the messiah. The Christians demote Jesus to messiah, when Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh. They Make Jesus both God and the messiah. Messiah means anointed by God. Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, Arjuna and Joseph Smith, started all the religions of the world. None of them were the messiah. A man in Russia and David Koresh claimed to be messiah. However, when asked, what was their plan of salvation, they had none.

The Christian plan of salvation is insanity.

1. Forgive Hitler and let Philip Morris and Henry Ford laugh their way to the bank, as they kill 450,000 Americans a year.

2. Give 10% to the church Priest, including 10% from tobacco and automobiles.

3. Believe God is dead and nailed to a cross.

4. Postpone seeking the true God until your dead, then you will be saved.

5. Hitler and Charles Manson both believe God died on a cross, so Christians will be going to the same place they are. You can shoot everyone in Church. As long as you confess Jesus died for your sins and you paid your 10% to the Priest, your in heaven my man.

The Timothean Plan of Salvation.

1. Seek God's will, while your alive, if you wait until your dead it will be too late.

2. Realize original sin came from taking Knowledge, making ourselves god's and cutting ourselves off from God's presence.

3. Learn how money is the cause of evil.

4. Sue industry out of business to guarantee no one is ever injured again.

5. learn that pain drives us to immortality. When injured, teach others that they should not do what you did, to get the injury.

6. Restore the earth back to the Garden of Eden, so God can return. © Copyright 1996-2007 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634