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Ear Hygiene, Cleaning, January 21, 2012.

Left Ear Left Ear

I was told my ears clean themselves. I had itchy ears for the last 15 years. I have seen several Doctors for what I thought were ear infections, the doctors kept claiming I was fine and labeled me as a Hypochondriac. I even asked them if I could get ear infections from living in a Moldy house as my house was infested with mold. They said no. They didn't even tell me a moldy house could be bad for my health. I moved out of the moldy house in 2005 as I found out from the internet, MOLD CAN KILL YOU. Seen several doctors since asking for antibiotics for infections. It got to the point doctors would not even look in my ears and told me they were fine.

Left Ear Well I finally bought a camera otoscope on Ebay to look in my own ears. They looked nasty. Black moldy wax filled both ears. I bought a ear cleaning kit with syringe and flushed out both ears, while checking with camera Otoscope. The scope camera came from Japan and even had a ear cleaning pic on it. I guess the Japanese know more about ear cleaning then Americans. I canceled my medicare health insurance as at this pont I would rather die then go to a doctor. They are insane.

Right Ear Right Ear

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