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Hypnotism, the Corrupt Court System, April 8, 2012.

If you read the whole article on how stuff Works on hypnotism, you’ll see that the US court system, is the worst offender of hypnotist, putting Americans conscious minds to sleep, while programming suggestions directly into their subconscious minds, without their conscious reasoning minds, filtering the Bullshit.

The first thing that happens in a courtroom is the bailiff comes in and says, “all rise” the bailiff is the hypnotist, that is testing the courtroom audience, to see if they are susceptible to hypnotic suggestions. If the court room audience, obey the voice of the bailiff, with no questions asked, they are ready to be put into a hypnotic trance, that allows the judges and lawyers access to their subconscious minds to implant suggestions of guilt or innocence. If the person doesn’t arise, that means they are a free thinker.

I am a free thinker. I cannot be hypnotized. My mind is conscious. When I am in a court room and the bailiff says, “all rise” I’m thinking, “why?”

If the bailiff said, “all jump in a lake” would all the sheep jump in the lake? If the bailiff said, “go kill the president” would the manchurian candidate courtroom audience, go kill the president?

Why do they obey the bailiff without thinking, without any questions asked? When I ask why, they say, “to show respect for the judge”.

I ask, “what happened to the Constitution, are we not all equal? Why didn’t the judge rise when I walked in the room?”

Respect for the judge, what about respect for the rape victim witness, who was almost beaten to death and had her husband killed, shouldn’t we all rise to show respect for her? Just because the judge sits on a high bench, high horse, looking down on us, does not mean he is better than us.

There’s only one reason for the bailiff to say, “all rise” and that is to make sure there are no freethinkers in the courtroom. Freethinkers are troublemakers to the tyrant in power. They don’t want people to think for themselves. They want highly suggestible people, that they can hypnotize, bypass their conscious minds and plant suggestions into their subconscious. This is what gives them power to make people like Charles Manson look guilty and people like George Zimmerman, look like a saint.

If I was the lawyer or prosecutor in the George Zimmerman trial, I would test the jury selection by having the bailiff say, “all rise” and any of the potential jurors that stood up, I would ask them to leave the courtroom. They are not freethinkers. They cannot think for themselves. They do what people tell them, without thought, without reason and without any questions asked.

Charlie Manson was a free thinker, who could think for himself. Freethinkers are troublemakers to the dictators in power. Therefore he was thought of being evil. The reason why Charlie Manson is in prison, is because all the psychiatrists say that he is normal. If he was not normal, he would be in a mental hospital. The beauty of his speech, is that he does not want to clone people. Everyone that hears him speak, here’s something a little different. Like a poem or lyrics to a song. Jesus also spoke that way.

The second amendment says, “well regulated”. Regulated means in every dictionary in the world, “to control by rule, law, methods etc.” Those who are susceptible to hypnotic suggestion were re-programed by a hypnotist, to believe they should only read the dictionary printed by green Martians on planet X, that says something different, by way of hypnotic suggestion.

I’m trying to figure out some way to end this evil holiday that claims Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus did not rise from the dead because he never died. Furthermore Easter has more to do with rabbits and eggs, then it has to do with Jesus. This holiday has a satanic message and it seems it’s purpose, is to give candy to children to rot their teeth. I just want to say Happy birthday Harvey. For those of you who don’t know Harvey, he is a Pooka, known by the gifted social drinker. So this holiday I celebrate Harvey’s birthday. Happy birthday Harvey.

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