Trade Center Bombing, New York

CIA, Giuiliani and Mafia hit the WTC. Engineers said the building would fall, it was too tall and caused "Wind Drift" and it was condemned. TLC had a special on it over Satellite TV on how WTC must come down years before it did.. If they waited for it to fall, it would have been a worse tragedy. The Government is run by the Mafia. They Crashed Planes into the WTC so they can Start a War With Muslims, take all their oil, and Make Christianity the New world religion and get financing to rebuild NY. Building inspectors Deemed the WTC as being defective years ago and claimed that it would fall down, if it were not torn down. NY had no money for demolition or reconstruction so the CIA planned this crash to created Jobs, start a war for oil and kill Muslims, rebuild New York with the 20 billion dollars payoff for cleanup, bribes and brainwashing Americans. And no one can talk against them or they will be labeled insane.

I have written letters to President Clinton and President George W. Bush concerning cameras on airplanes. Cameras could have been put on airplanes as investigative tools in plane crashes.

The pilots union was against this, but I explained to the president how cameras could be put in the passenger areas and on the exteriors of airplanes for plane crash investigation and the prevention of high jacking and disorderly contact of passengers.

I also explained how the new 2GHz cameras could beam the video back to earth as security guards watched the cameras while the planes fly. If they followed my proposal and inventions this tragedy would never have happened. Perhaps George W. Bush did not want to pay me for my invention as he is more concerned about money than Americans lives.

I have written to President's concerning the real threat to American citizens, the dictators R. J. Reynolds, and Philip Morris, of how they kill millions of Americans every year and use criminally insane rationalization to justify killing Americans for money and jobs.

George W. Bush does not care how many Americans die. George W. Bush only cares about how much bride money he can get from tobacco companies oil companies and industry.

If George W. Bush really cared about Americans he would of strapped R. J. Reynolds and Philip Morris to the electric Chair and fried them to death on national TV along with all the governors and senators that supported them, as they are equally responsible. But instead he let them go because of all the bride money they paid him.

When Firestone killed 188 Americans, did George W. Bush show any remorse? All he worried about was the jobs and the taxes he would not be able to collect.

Henry Ford kills 40,000 Americans a year and George W. Bush laughs all the way to the bank on the tax money made by the automobile industry.

When I told President Clinton how the tobacco companies murdered both of my parents and made them suffer, by having one of the lungs removed from my father, and both of my mother's breast removed, he showed a little compassion, but George W. Bush laughs all the way to the bank as he dropped the lawsuits against big tobacco. I wonder how George W. Bush would feel if his daughters had both of their breast removed and died a slow death like my parents and your parents did?

The Bible says "do unto others as they would do unto you, and an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth." Did Philip Morris have one of his lungs removed? Did R. J. rentals have both of his breast removed? As long as George W. Bush is an office there will be no justice.

If I was President, as soon as one man lost his life from a defective product, that company would have been sued out of business and if they even tried to hire a lawyer to use insane, psychotic, schizophrenic and delusional rationalization's to justify killing Americans in the name of "jobs" I would have these murderers on death row.

Do you really think that George W. Bush who does not care if tobacco companies kill millions of Americans, because he's getting laid, do you really think he even sheds a tear for the people in New York, who were killed so that oil companies can raise prices?

President George W. Bush figures those people who worked in the Twin Towers were paid to much money and now they can be replaced by minimum wage workers.

All the mayor of New York cares about is the new jobs that will be created by rebuilding the trade center and how he can replace all those highly paid firemen and policeman with lower paid ones.

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