San Bernardino Obama Zionist Hoax, December 23, 2015.

I knew the San Bernardino shooting was another false flag from day one, but I wasn’t sure if it was a Zionist hoax or Muslim one. I wasn’t sure if the Pentagon was in on it or rogue agents from a private military like Blackwater or craft international. After President Obama visited the Pentagon and then supposedly visited the families of victims, I knew, that not only was the Pentagon in on it, but so was Zionist president Obama. First of all Obama claims to have visited the family members of victims, but there is no news video footage of it. No doubt he could not visit the victims families, because they all knew three tall, muscular white men, dressed in military uniform did it. These family members who lost relatives are going to seek for the truth and not just believe everything they hear on TV. They are probably the first ones to know that this was a false flag event and would never meet with the president that killed their relatives.

The world is run by insane atheist, who pose as Christians, Jews and Muslims. These people do not believe in God. They are so sure that there is no God, that they are willing to kill innocent people. The Zionists are so desperate to prove their fake religion is real, they are willing to bomb countries and kill millions of people, to make people believe their false prophets, are real prophets. A part of the Bible says Babylon will be destroyed and it has been destroyed several times, but they will bomb it again to make people believe their religion is true. This is why they bombed Damascus, a false prophet in the Bible, that has been dead for thousands of years, told them to do it. Damascus has probably been bombed or destroyed a dozen times since it was written in the Bible. The Bible is a book, just like the Quran. It was not written by God and the people who think it was, are completely insane. So the reason why they bombed Damascus and killed thousands of people, is because of something some false prophet wrote, more than 2000 years ago. You can’t cure that kind of insanity.

The Zionists have been running the world since the time of Moses. There is an atheist state, which is the United States, a Jewish state in Israel and a Christian state, called the Vatican. There’s over 3 billion Muslims, and not only is there not an Islamic state, there’s not even an Islamic city or an Islamic island. This means the Zionists have been running the world, since the time of Moses. You would think the leader of Iran or the leader of Syria, who are Muslims, if they were really dictators, like the United States says, you would think they would turn Iran or Syria into an Islamic state. Why would they have an atheist state, like the United States? The United States took out Saddam Hussein and let the people fight for their own freedom. The people who are fighting for an Islamic state in Iraq are not terrorists, they are freedom fighters, they are people fighting for what they believe, just like Americans fought against the British for freedom against the Imperial forces.

They let the people vote in Egypt and the people voted for in an Islamic state, but the atheist Zionists United States, didn’t like that so they had to overthrow the government. Yes I did say atheist Zionist, because they do not believe in God. The Zionists believe the Jewish leaders are God. They don’t serve Christ the Lord. They are serving the antichrist. The antichrist is ruling the world and has been since the time of Moses.

At first Alex Jones seem to be a truther, when he heard three white men did the San Bernardino shooting. But it seems like the Zionist God, Donald Trump, had convinced him that three white men shooting innocent people and blaming the Muslims was good for Christianity and his radio show. People like Alex Jones, Donald Trump and President Obama don’t mind innocent people being murdered if it means you don’t have to convert to Islam. This is what they are afraid of. This is why they kill innocent people and blame it on the Muslims. I don’t want to be a Muslim but I’m not going to kill anybody, because they would have to kill me, before they convert me to a Muslim.

Christianity is a fake religion, because they believe Jesus died to pay for their sins. They also demoted Jesus to a Messiah, when he is in fact God incarnate. The Jewish religion is a fake religion, because they don’t believe God can live in the tabernacle of a man. Oh God can live in a wooden box, and he can create man in his own image, but they don’t believe God can create a tabernacle without Moses help and some shitim wood with gold overlay. The Muslim religion is a fake religion because they believe Mohammed is the last prophet. The reason why Islam made Mohammed the last prophet is because they rejected all the words from any of God’s true prophets. The only thing worse than these three religions is atheism. It’s not even about arguing or fighting with these religions and non-religions. The best thing to do is to start a new religion and draw people into the Timothean religion. These religions have been arguing for thousands of years, they’re not going to change. In the Timothean religion, we let these religions fight each other, until they kill each other off. Sooner or later they will realize atheist are taken over the world and they’ll kill off the atheist. Timothean’s do not fight, they don’t even believe in guns. Timothean’s trusting God to bring earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and even let God turn these religions against each other. The Zionists are going to find out what blowback is from killing all these innocent people. They really believe that after they destroy Syria and Iran that they’re going to rule the world. These Christians really believe they are the saints of God. The Jews have been ruling the world since the time of Moses and so they believe God is on their side. However, God is about to destroy them with the Muslims and the atheist and some Christians might even fight against them. The Jews are so insane they think God is going to protect them.

In the Old Testament the Jews would keep the spoils of war and when Donald Trump heard this, he thought, “well then why can’t we be crooks and take Iraq’s oil?” God says, “do not steal” and “do not kill” and the people who are stealing and killing are not the people of God. They are the antichrist. So Donald Trump made himself the antichrist. The Bible said the Jews would pull off these false flag events, but just because they did it, doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t mean God approves. It simply means God is going to destroy them for it. The Christians, the Jews, the Muslims and the atheist are all breaking the 10 Commandments. And not just one of them. God is not going to save the murderers who kill and claim God told them to do it. Do not kill, means do not kill. There’s not a soldier or gun owner on earth, that’s going to be saved.


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