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False Flag Zimmermann - Trayvon Murder, April 14, 2012.

There is a mafia that is controlling the world. These false flags event’s are what they use to achieve their agendas. They want the Supreme Court to pass the “forced to pay for medical law”. People were protesting against being forced to pay for medical insurance. This mafia KKK NRA, planned murder on a black man, was to take all of our attention away from the Supreme Court passing this law. News media is too busy covering the Zimmermann case, to give any attention to the fact that the mafia KKK NRA, is going to pass a law forcing Americans to pay $500 a month for medical insurance or go to prison, where they will be forced into slavery making product for big companies at $.16 per hour.

The NRA is not fighting for people’s freedoms. It’s a big corporation that is fighting for their own profits and the profits of those who support them. The NRA is just another branch of the government that is brainwashing people into believing guns give them freedom. Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Ike, are not protesting the forced to pay medical insurance, because they can easily pay their $500 month premium. Also they know that most black people cannot afford to pay it and they will be going to prison to be slaves.

Jesse Ventura is just starting to wake up to the fact that the people with guns are preventing him from flying on an air plane, the people with guns are preventing him from traveling through the United States. When Jesse Ventura is not able to work, because the people with guns prevent him, Jesse Ventura will be forced to be homeless, to the point where he will have to break into Alex Jones’s house, to get something to eat. Where brainwashed Alex Jones has his gun, to protect him from people like Jesse Ventura. Alex Jones believes, that if the government prevents you from working, so that you have to break into houses or Rob people to survive, that he should use his gun against the victims of the evil government and he seems to have plenty of followers who feel the same.

Guns don’t make you free, they make you a slave. You can have all the guns you want, but the second you walk outside naked, because you don’t want to buy into the $32 billion a year clothing industry, you will be arrested and your gun will be taken away from you. You’re only allowed to have a gun, if you are supporting the agenda of evil government and the evil people running it.

The only thing your gun does for you is give you the illusion that you have freedom. Gun owners sit in their 12 x 12' studio apartments, thinking they are free and useing their gun to protect their property. When they run out of water, and they find out George Bush has purchased half of Texas and the underground aquifer, with all the water and he has his gun, to prevent you from getting a drink of water, the gun nuts will wish they never supported the gun lobby or the NRA.

I wrote to President Bush, when he first became president and told him about the underground aquifers. That they need to be regulated before they dry up. The aquifer under Texas has dropped over 140 feet and wells are running dry. Instead of regulating, he and his friends, decided to buy all the property with underground aquifers. Then he passed the law that said all wells must be drilled to the bottom of the aquifers. That way Americans would not be alarmed when Wells started running dry. When all the wells are drilled to the bottom of the aquifers, that means there will be no warning. One day, in one hour, all the wells will run dry. This means no more water, no more food, mass riots over what is on the shelves. Total tribulation, the end of the world. But Bush and all his buddies , bought up all the water supplies and he has his guns to protect what he thinks is his. You gun owners are going to wish you never supported lethal weapons, when you knew for a fact the Constitution never gave you a right to have a lethal weapon and you knew for a fact the NRA was a terrorist organization. Although you thought you were a terrorist and the other terrorist would take care of you, you’re going to find out that once the terrorists don’t need you anymore to achieve their agendas, then they will not need to take away your guns for you will die of thirst and starve to death. The NRA is part of the military-industrial complex. It is a government organization. That’s why it’s easier to get rid of the government than it is to get rid of the NRA.

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