Zimmerman’s New Federal Trial, July 15, 2013.

P1o3 Well they say the jury has spoken and Zimmerman is innocent. No new trial, that would be double jeopardy. But there are several reasons why there should be a new trial in a federal court.

When racism is involved, is one reason. When a crime is committed during the trial to make the suspect look innocent. When evidence is fabricated or planted to make the suspect look innocent. When a conspiracy or organized crime is involved to make the suspect look innocent. When the police or law-enforcement are the suspects or friends of the suspect. When the suspect has relatives high in power, that can pull strings to stop an investigation, withhold evidence, or stop a suspect from even being charged, like a Judge, Lawyer, Senator, Governor or even a President as a father. Any one of these reasons should be justification for a new trial. All of these reasons were present in the Zimmerman case. His father was a judge. Law enforcement officers were friends of the suspect. Remember Mr. Zimmerman is the murder suspect, not Trayvon Martin. It was a mostly white community, all-white jury, white prosecutor, white judge, the only people that were black, was the victim and the security guard, don’t tell me this wasn’t about race. Perhaps it was a all-white jury because there was no blacks in the community to choose from. Mr. Zimmerman himself said four blacks tried to rob the community, there must have been some blacks around. Plus he said he wasn’t racist, he had plenty of black friends. If there wasn’t enough blacks to pull for the jury, why? Why was it a mostly white community, if it wasn’t about racism? Why was there no black people in the jury pool? Most importantly, why was the jury pool relatives of lawyers as if lawyers were controlling our justice system in some kind of conspiracy. Why was David Dershowitz, teacher of law at Harvard, even given his opinion on the case? Lawyers do not make up the laws, the jury’s decisions do, off of their instructions. When a lawyer teaches a law, it becomes the students truth, even if it isn’t the truth. A crime was committed during the trial, to make the jury believe Mr. Zimmerman was innocent. Mr. Zimmerman’s friends lied under oath to help Mr. Zimmerman get away with murder. That is a crime. The jury found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty, because the prosecutor said to those on the witness stand, that they are under oath to tell the truth and they could be convicted of a crime if they lie and they lied anyway. They not only broke the law for lying under oath, they helped a murderer get away with murder and that makes them murderers. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime and helping a murderer get away with murder, should be a 30 year prison sentence along with another charge, of lying under oath and the prosecutor should have explained that to the witnesses, before they testified that it was George Zimmerman’s voice on 911 tape crying for help. Another crime was committed and was entered into evidence. A fake bloody nose photo was entered into evidence to help the suspect get away with murder and whoever produced that fake photo needs to be charged with a crime, they need to be tried with murder also because they tried to help the murderer get away with murder. Digital photos should be easy to prove their fake. In fact, it’s so easy to fake digital photos, that they should not even be allowed to be entered in as evidence. Only film photos should be considered evidence. Anybody can fake a digital photo, stretch it, morph it, add blood to it, change its time and date, change its GPS locations. Any hacker or photo editor can alter it. It’s not evidence. Only film photos should be allowed as evidence in a murder trial. Police cameras should use film only, because we all know how easy it is to fake and fabricate digital photos. It is like creating a program to reenact what happened, like the one that they did not allow into evidence. To lie under oath, or produce a fabricated photo, is no different than your friend killing someone and your friend calls you up to help him, cut up the body, clean up the blood, hide the evidence, fabricate photos to make you look innocent and lie to police and under oath on the witness stand. Two people go in a bank one person has the gun the other puts the money in the bag, they are both bank robbers. If one of those bank robbers kill someone and they get away, they are both murderers. One person pulls the trigger, the other people lie under oath, hide evidence, fabricate evidence to help the murderer, they are all murderers. One person on twitter said, “but Mr. Zimmerman is innocent, a black man killed a child in the city”. That’s not proof Mr. Zimmerman is innocent, it’s proof Mr. Zimmerman had motive to kill a child. Mr. Zimmerman said the apartments have been robbed several times by black people, that’s a motive to kill, not a excuse for your actions. P2o3.

Geraldo Rivera got it right when he said the jury found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty because they would have done the same thing and shot a black man dead. I agree, because I would have done the same thing and I’m not a racist. That doesn’t make it right or legal and I should be in prison if I did. A similar thing happened to me. I was robbed at gunpoint by two blacks while walking home from the store. If I had a gun at home, I would have went home got my gun, stalked those two suspects down and just like Mr. Zimmerman, I would have shot them dead. But I would have went to prison for it because that’s illegal, that is vigilante justice, that is murder and it’s not how our justice system works. That’s why I don’t have a gun. Guns help us murder people. Guns don’t protect us. If I had a gun while being robbed at gunpoint, they would have taken my gun also. They had the drop on me. By time I realized I was being robbed, their loaded gun was pointed at me and my gun would’ve still been in the holster. There was two of them and only one of me. I don’t see any way carrying a gun would have stopped me from being robbed. If the robbers only had a knife, it would not have been worth me risking my life, for the petty cash I had in my pocket.

You cannot have small towns like this where racism is obvious, organized crime helping the suspect get away with murder. Policemen helping their friends, with no one policing the police. Prosecutor that admits Mr. Zimmerman’s friends were lying under oath to help him get away with murder and yet he refuses to prosecute those who lied under oath and broke the law. Mr. Zimmerman’s friends must be tried and convicted for lying under oath first, before the new Zimmerman Trial. The person who produced that digital photo should be charged with a crime. Digital’s photos that can be faked should not be allowed into evidence. I’m surprised the federal government doesn’t have a lab that can prove that is a fake digital photograph. There should be some kind away to prove a computer program altered it and that should be looked into. It’s very easy to change the date and time, GPS location stored on a digital photograph and it’s very easy to add blood, stretch the nose to make it look swollen etc. It is not evidence, but if you can prove it was altered, it is evidence to convict the person who produced it on a murder charge. He tried to help the murderer get away with murder, by fabricating evidence. P2o3.

Each one of Mr. Zimmerman friends must be tried separately for lying under oath. Ple bargain deals could be given to them, if they are willing to rat out their friends, for a lesser sentence. But if they refuse to talk all should be charged with accessory to murder to a racist hate crime along with lying under oath. That means you can threaten them with the death penalty if they don’t confess to a lesser charge. That’s how our justice system works. That’s how most people end up in prison by confessing to a lesser charge after being threatened with the death penalty. Making a mockery out of our justice system by lying under oath and fabricating evidence to help a racist child murderer get away with murder, has to be the worst crime of the century. The Hillside strangler raped and murdered. But he had to murder, he had no other choice, it was self defense those women were fighting back. We call that criminally insane rationalization. It’s the same criminally insane rationalization that George Zimmerman used when he murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood. He said he had to do it, he had no other choice and if it happened again he would do the exact same thing. Well that’s the reason why we have prisons. To take people like that off the streets before they do it again. This is why you can’t rehabilitate a murderer. They believe they didn’t do anything wrong. They were only defending themselves. The rapist pedophile killed the child, because the child fought back. Criminally insane rationalization. You can’t charge people for helping a murderer get away with murder, until the murderer gets away with murder. Now that George Zimmerman’s friends helped George Zimmerman get a way with murder, they can be charged with murder. They knew what the crime was, but they believed they could do the time. And to think they thought they could lie under oath and get away with helping a murderer get away with murder, because all their friends were cops, judges and lawyers. Shame on them.

For those of you people who know Mr. Zimmerman and feel that he is a good friend and a nice guy who just made a mistake, I don’t doubt you one minute. I’m sure if you get to know the people in prison that some of them are good people and just about every one of them simply made some mistakes. But they committed crimes and that’s why they’re in prison. Not because they’re a good friend or bad friend. What do we want to accomplish? Do we want racism to continue? Do we want a race war? Or do we want to end racism with a new trial? How can we end racism with a new trial? That will be answered in my upcoming videos. Stay tuned.

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