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Florida Liable For 500 Million George Zimmerman, May 1, 2012.

This is a press release, that you can publish in your newspapers, with my permission.

The state of Florida has open themselves up for a $500 million lawsuit, by admittedly giving a gun permit to the “Depraved Mind” George Zimmerman.

When the state of Florida only charged George Zimmerman with second-degree murder, they admitted, they gave a gun permit to a person with a “Depraved Mind”.

At around 10 AM this morning, I called Duval County Courthouse in Florida and left a message at Prosecutor Angela B. Corey’s office, covering the Trayvon Martin case, that if they don’t charge George Zimmerman with first-degree murder, they are liable to be sued for giving a gun permit, to a individual, they admittedly had a “Depraved Mind”. Either they should NOT have given him a gun permit, or they should have charged him with first-degree murder. When they charged him with second-degree murder, they were admitting they were giving a “Depraved Mind” individual a lethal weapon. Which is against the law.

George Zimmerman claims he purchased a lethal weapon because of a vicious dog. George Zimmerman was not dog hunting on the day of the shooting. George Zimmerman was not attacked by a dog on the day of the shooting. George Zimmerman did not pull out his gun because of a dog. George Zimmerman did not aim his weapon at a dog. When George Zimmerman pulled the trigger on his gun, he knew it was pointed at a human being. That is Aforethought to kill, which is premeditated first-degree murder. George Zimmerman had a gun permit and was trained how to kill with it. He knew the gun was loaded with lethal bullets. This is not like hitting someone in the head with a baseball bat and then claiming, “Gee I didn’t know that was going to kill them”. Or Charles Manson’s claim that he sticks people with knives, not to kill them, but to show them that he could. George Zimmerman did not purchase a stun gun. He did not buy rubber or less than lethal bullets. He did not buy a bulletproof vest for protection. He did not buy a 22 caliber to shoot a dog. He purchased a weapon that he knew would kill with one shot. People who sell guns, tell the purchaser that if they shoot a intruder and they live, they are liable to be sued by that intruder for injuries and if that person lives they have a live witness to testify against them in a court of law. Gun dealers teach people to purchase a weapon that will kill with one shot to prevent lawsuits and quiet potential witnesses if they have to use the weapon. George Zimmerman did not purchase a 22 caliber weapon, because it’s hard to kill someone with a 22 caliber. He purchased the weapon that was almost guaranteed to kill. He did not try to stop Trayvon by punching him. He did not try to stop Trayvon by kicking or kneeing him. George did not even try to stop Trayvon by hitting him with the gun. Which would’ve have been assault, but possibly not murder if he didn’t beat him to death with the gun. He didn’t even try to stop Trayvon by shooting him in the leg or arm. George Zimmerman had gun training and knew how to shoot to kill and that is exactly what he did. George Zimmerman shot to kill Trayvon Martin. He did not shoot a warning shot, he didn’t say, “stop beating my head against the concrete or I will shoot you”. George Zimmerman just pulled out his gun, without any warning and killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood. That is cold-blooded 1st-degree murder.

I believe they reduce the charge to second-degree murder because George Zimmerman’s father was a judge and has connections in the Florida justice system. While that’s fine but now the state of Florida has open themselves up to a $500 million lawsuit for admittedly giving a gun permit to a person who they claim has a “Depraved Mind”. I don’t even have to prove in a court of law that they gave a gun permit to a person with a “Depraved Mind” because they are admitting it.

If anyone wants to get in on this lawsuit let me know. It seems like a very easy case to win before 12 jurors. They will have to prove they didn’t give a gun permit or that Zimmerman doesn’t have a “depraved mind” like they are admitting to.

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