Youtube Is in on the Flat Earth Hoax, June 8, 2017.

Atheist are really trying to prove God isnít real, by spreading these hoaxes. When people figured out a rocket hit the Pentagon, they started spreading hoaxes of UFOs hitting the Pentagon to make people look crazy. Now theyíre trying to make religious people look crazy by trying to convince them of the flat earth hoax. I guess theyíre doing what I did to them. When I told atheist that the witnesses who seen God are proof of Godís existence and they said all witnesses are crazy, then I sarcastically gave them the flat Earth conspiracy. That if everybody who believes in God is crazy, then it is possible that everyone who believes the world is round is crazy. But now they are taking it a step further by using YouTube to deceive people.

So they have hundreds of YouTube videos that claim to be proof that the earth is flat. Iím only getting a few views on my videos, but these videos are getting millions of views.

If you do a search for ďflat earth proofĒ you will see all these videos. But look at the view numbers.

Criminally insane rationalization to justify anything, even a flat earth.


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