Young Girls Are Being Forced to Kill Their Own Kids, April 12, 2017.

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Abortion is not choice. If you believe it is, you have been brainwashed. The only thing worse than young women choosing to kill their own kids, is young girls being forced to murder their own children. Most women who get abortions are girls under the age of 18. Most of them are not old enough to give legal consent to having sex, let alone old enough to give legal consent to an abortion. Women who did not know they could get pregnant from having sex are not ďmentally competentĒ to be able to have ďlegal consentĒ to sign abortion papers. This is what healthcare reform is all about. Doctors who support abortion are genocidal narcissistic psychopaths who use criminally insane rationalization, to justify abortion, by claiming these babies arenít human or alive. When these women become conscious of the fact that they were forced to murder their own children. They turn into serial killers like Aleen Wuornos. Aleen Wuornos was not crazy or insane. When women wake up to the fact that they were being forced to murder their own children by criminally insane genocidal narcissistic psychopaths, then murder becomes justifiable homicide. The only reason why abortion is legal is so doctors and hospitals can sell the fetal tissue. The only reason why people support abortion, is the fetal tissue is used in a form of vampirism, to extend peopleís life. Fetal tissue is injected to old people and people with sports injuries to extend their life and heal their injuries. People are being paid money for fetal tissue. Itís all about the money. Of the women I talked to they did not choose to have an abortion, they were forced to have an abortion by their parents, husbands, boyfriends, and their financial situation. The only good news is, that in this just country of ours. If you were forced to have an abortion by circumstances you can sue Planned Parenthood, the hospital and the state that legalized forced abortions for the mentally incompetent. Furthermore, any womanís right group, that does not teach women their right to sue these institutions, needs to be sued and shut down. These women were lied to, to force them into getting abortions and they need to be compensated. A woman sued Bill OíReilly for 60,000,000 because he asked her a question. Women who were forced to murder their own children by abortion should be able to sue for 1,000,000,000,000 dollars for each abortion. That money needs to come out of the pockets of those who support abortion. This is why we need to find out which politicians support abortion and need to pay up. They knew parents were forcing the children to murder their own grandbabies because they didnít want to pay to raise them. They knew women who didnít know they can get pregnant from having sex were mentally incompetent to sign abortion papers. They knew husbands and boyfriends were forcing their partners to get abortions. They knew abortion wasnít a choice. Itís not about putting women in prison for murdering their own children. These women were not even old enough to give consent to having sex. These women were not mentally competent enough to know you can get pregnant from having sex. The genocidal criminally insane narcissistic psychopath doctors, have no excuse for their actions of forcing these young girls to murder their own children. They tell these young girls that they need an abortion for their health, which is the biggest lie ever told. No woman needs an abortion for the health no matter how young they are. No woman needs a job to have a baby. No Woman even needs a doctor to have a baby, as pregnant women are not sick.

This is why people are crying out for medical reform. Narcissistic doctors, who use criminally insane rationalization, to justify forcing young girls to murder over 60,000,000 of their own American babies, cannot possibly make a sick person well. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. If this were happening in any other country. It would be a justifiable cause to use nuclear weapons to exterminate them all. After going to hundreds of doctors for a shoulder injury, I realized it should be considered a mental illness to even go to a capitalist doctor. Capitalist doctors are not there to help anybody but their own pocketbooks. We have an all volunteer army and the medical system should be all volunteers. If theyíre not willing to work for free, their probably not willing to help anybody but themselves.


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There was a twitter hashtag #ThingsMoreTrustedThanTrump And hundreds of women were posting ďthe pull out methodĒ. Any woman who got pregnant, because she was using the pull out method, as a form of birth control, is not mentally competent to sign papers for abortion. Other post under that hashtag were, "drinks made by Bill Cosby" and my post of Michael Jacksonís, "Jesus juice".

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