You Will Die in Your Sins, May 20, 2014.

This is the gospel you’ll hear from Christianity. The problem is they will tell you that order to be saved you must accept Jesus and they will tell you Jesus is in their church. Jesus said otherwise. Jesus said, “if they say he is in the temple, do not believe them”. Because they teach a different Jesus. They teach a dead Jesus a plastic Jesus on a cross. A painting of somebody who they’ve never seen before, but they claim is Jesus. They never seen Jesus before, because they don’t know Jesus. They accepted a false Jesus. The false Jesus is the antichrist. Once they accept the false Jesus they can no longer seek after the real one because just about everything they were taught about Christ, is wrong. Even his name. The penalty for sin is death, even the Christians who excepted the false Jesus, believe that.

What are the seven deadly sins? Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Wrath and Sloth. These are America’s sins. Wrath because we are always going to war. Lust because we have legalized porn and used sex to sell all our product. Sloth because we are living in a pushbutton society where we higher slaves to do all our work and we think forging for food is just too much work. Capitalism would never work without greed. Gluttony, Americans are the fattest people in the world. Pride, if you’re proud to be an American, you will die in your sins. The only thing Americans don’t Envy is a righteous man’s way of life.

We spend millions looking for a cure for cancer. Spend billions on the Manhattan Project to kill and destroy. Spend billions sending spaceships to Mars. But we don’t spend any money trying to find out why we are all going to die in our sins.

Immortality is not only a possibility, it’s a reality. There are so many references in the Bible and the holy books about immortality that it can’t be possible that someone fabricated its possibility. In the book of Genesis God put two trees, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. We were not supposed to take from the tree of knowledge and when we did it lead to our downfall. We were supposed to take from the tree of life, but God had put two angels to guard the three to prevent anyone who is unworthy to eat from it. God even calls mortals foolish, because they die from generation to generation, without anyone even questioning it. In the Gospel of Thomas Christ said, “if you will follow the sayings of mine, you will never taste death”. I have found literally hundreds of references to immortality and the secrets of immortality but I don’t believe anyone’s worthy to hear them. I don’t think there is an American that is worthy to hear what I said already.

Even if I knew the secret of immortality, I couldn’t tell you because some of you might not be worthy of it. There’s people on earth I would not want to spend more than a day with, let alone spend eternity with them. No greedy people are going to have immortality. No one who is proud to be an American is going to have immortality. No one who eats more than their daily bread, is going to have immortality. No one who believes porn should be legal or even that women models should be used in commercials to sell product is going to have immortality. If you’re too lazy to go out and forage for food, you’re probably going to die in your sins like grandma and grandpa and great grandpa 1000 generations previous.

Theirs is a person who has reached immortality from the epoch of Gilgamesh. But even he was not allowed or able to teach what he had done to become immortal, because no one else was worthy of it.

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