Womenís March on Washington, Abortion, Bernie, January 23, 2017.

A lot of Brainwashed women. Abortion is premeditated first-degree murder and always will be. Abortion is not a choice, many women are forced to get abortions by circumstances. Many women under the age of eighteen, are forced to get abortion by their parents. Many young women are brainwashed by the military industrial complex medical system, into believing they need an abortion for their health. Nobody needs an abortion for their health and if anyone told you that you needed an abortion for your health, you have a right to sue them and you should. Thereís no statute of limitations for suing, when you had an abortion because your baby will always be dead. The only truth about abortion is, that if you had one at any time in your life, you can sue the medical system for a trillion dollars. Furthermore, you can sue anyone who believes in abortion. If you believe in peopleís rights, then you know that women who were brainwashed into heaven in abortion thinking it wasnít murder, have a right to sue those who believe in abortion. Men who had their children aborted by women, have a right to sue those women. If you donít believe in that right, then move the Fuck out of United States. Iím all for peopleís right to sue those who manipulated them into murdering their child by claiming it wasnít murder. If you had to get an abortion, it wasnít a choice. If you had to get an abortion because you could not afford another child, it was not a choice. If youíve got a abortion because your boyfriend, fiancť or husband wanted you to, it wasnít a womanís choice. If you got an abortion because you could not afford a hospital delivery, it was not a choice.

Alleen Wuornos was forced to get an abortion at the age of thirteen and she turned into a serial killer. This doesnít mean she was a psychopath, it is normal to turn into a serial killer, when you are forced to murder your own child and brainwashed into believing it wasnít premeditated first-degree murder. It takes two people to have a child. When a woman is pregnant, it is also the manís child. When a woman has an abortion, she murders the manís child. Thereís no statute of limitations on murder. Many of these women are at these protests because they know they will be charged with murdering menís children. DNA test are performed on all fetuses to find out who the fathers are. The fathers will be notified that their children were murdered by these women. If you are a white woman who was raped by a black man and then got an abortion it was because youíre a racist. If you are black woman and got an abortion because you were raped by a white man, it is because you are racist.

I will defend Madonnaís speech, because she never said she was going to blow up the White House. She said she wanted to blow up the White House and that is a expression of free speech, not a threat. When men want to kill women, because they aborted their babies, that is not a threat. They are simply telling women how they feel when women get abortions.

Many men want women to get abortions, because they donít want to pay for child support. Most of the men at this womanís march want abortion to be legal, because they donít want to pay child support. Other men that went to the woman March, were simply hoping to get laid. I donít see any other reason for a man to go to a womanís march.

These women are brainwashed into believing murdering children is a right. The same way Hitler brainwashed the Nazis into believing killing Jews was a right. They demonize children the same way they demonized the Jews to legally kill them. Calling the Jews fetuses. Calling the Jews goo. This is what Sarah Silverman does to demonize children so that it doesnít seem like murder to kill them. She calls them ďgooĒ Sarah Silverman is an atheist. She doesnít believe people have souls. She believes people are just goo. Just blood and guts and nerves and not murder to kill them. Same rationalization women use to kill developing children. Women who are pregnant or having a child. They are not having goo. They are not having a fetus. The baby is alive. It is a baby human being not a rat or goldfish. Pregnant women are not having goldfish.

What is scary is how many tens of thousands of brainwashed people there are. Who was organizing these marches on Washington? Who had the money and power to organize so many women? That is scary when you can brainwashed so many women. Make them believe itís their right to murder the manís child? As if the Virgin Mary wanted to murder Jesus, it wouldíve been legal. Abortion is atheist ideology. If any woman learned about abortion in church, it was a Satanic religion. These women are Satanists.

This womanís march is no different then Bernie Sanders get together and mocha home County community college to support poor people being forced to pay for Obama care. How did Bernie Sanders get five thousand people to show up at Macomb County community college? Who were these five thousand people? I really doubt any of the five thousand people that showed at Macomb County community college to support Obama care with Bernie Sanders are actually people who were being forced to pay for Obama care. The people showed up to support Obama care because they were profiting off of Obama care. The people showed up at that rally because they own stock in pharmaceutical drugs and insurance companies. The people showed up at that rally to support Obama care because they worked in the medical profession and they were profiting the most from it. Nobody who was being forced to pay the fines for Obama care were showing up at the Bernie Sanders rally. Over ten million people owe fines for not paying for Obama care. Where was the rally for those ten million people? I guess there was no rally because the same ten million people who could not afford to sign up for Obama care, could NOT afford the bus fare to go to a rally, opposing Obama care. This Bernie Sanders has got to be the biggest idiot since George W. Bush. In this dumb ass hole is even still in my idea about free college tuition for all. I came up with the idea because Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries give free college tuition to all their people. Iraq has free college tuition to all citizens and we were calling Saddam Hussein a dictator.

When abortion is again made illegal, there must be other changes also. Forcing people to pay for Obama care is almost as bad as forcing people to pay for child support. God is the provider, food grows on trees, jobs are slavery. My dad had ten kids and two jobs to support us. We wouldíve been better off living in the woods. The only reason why he had two jobs is because this country is run by Rich dictators. Jobs are slavery. My dad did not even need one job because God makes food grow on trees. Our family wouldíve been better off living out in the woods, eating what God provides that the way we lived where he was never home as he worked two jobs and bought toxic food from rich billionaires at the grocery store. Everything belongs to God. You cannot buy or sell Godís apples. You cannot buy or sell Godís land. The Indians lived here for thousands of years and never had jobs. They didnít have to worry about jobs, abortions or child support and they didnít destroy the land like the oil companies and automobile industry is doing. There was a story and twenty twenty the other day. A fifteen-year-old girl lied to her boyfriend and told him she was pregnant to try to get him to marry her. He did not want to marry her, or pay child support so he murdered her. This quite a few cases on the FBI files, where men who do not want to be forced to pay child support, end up murdering their pregnant girlfriends or wives. People are being murdered, because the system forces people to pay child support or go to prison. The men feel like, the going to go to prison anyway for not paying child support so whatís the difference if they murder the women. The system has to change. Jobs are slavery. Forcing people to pay for Obama care or child support causes people to murder. These women are being forced to murder their children. So itís not just about making abortion illegal, itís about giving them other choices. Abortion is no choice for the child, for the father of the child and in most cases not even for the young women who are only getting abortions because they donít have a job or the money to afford to have a child or pay for its medical care.

If you are against pizza gate, you should be against abortion. The only thing worse than molesting children, is killing children highway of abortion. I have more empathy for the pedophiles, than the baby murderers.

I wish there was a way to get the names and addresses of every person who was at that womanís march so they can be sued. Thatís right in the United States you got a right to sue people. If these people did not want to be sued they would not have marched on Washington to support child murder. If you had an abortion or someone aborted your child, the women who marched on Washington are liable. They are responsible for abortion being legal and they also responsible for the damages done. I hope they donít throw Madonna in jail because everybody man who had a woman aboard his child has a right to sue her. Thatís right, abortion may be legal, but that doesnít mean you canít be sued if you will abort a manís child. Abortion might be legal, but that doesnít mean you canít be sued if you work in the medical industry and you told someone they need an abortion for their health.

If you women believe in womenís rights, then you better be educating them to the fact that if their boyfriend, husband or fiancť, made them get an abortion, they have a right to sue them. If your parents made you get an abortion, it might have been legal, but you have a right to sue them. If a woman has aborted your child, you have a right to sue her. Why isnít Madonna teaching men and women their rights? Keywords.

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