Woman Equality, Truth about, ďTo The ContraryĒ, April 29, 2016.

Iím not going to allow comments on my videos because YouTube allows these fucking ass hole trolls to comment and you canít do anything about it except block all comments. If anyone has a comment call the number at the end of the video. Caller ID will identify the caller and if itís a good question, I might use the audio in my video to answer it. Iím not going to waste anymore time on idiots who have no chance in hell of being saved. This is the end times and millions of people are going to be killed as the antichrist builds cities of delusion out of manís blood. They are putting anti-corrosive agents in the drinking water that is ten times worse than the lead or copper thatís in the pipes. Satan is going to destroy his own kingdom by his own stupidity.

The PBS TV show titled, ďTo The ContraryĒ had six women talk about equal pay for women. And now the truth comes out why they are trying to make women equal with men. They want to be able to draft women into the military. Men are starting to wise up to the fact that the military is simply a Mafia gang, to rob the riches of Third World countries and they do nothing to serve and protect our country. They only serve and protect the rich and their profits. Now they are trying to draft women to get them to fight their wars for oil and Godís resources. And unfortunately women are more easily brainwashed into fighting wars for the rich.

If you Google, ďdeath by kayaksĒ you will find that thousands of people are dying by kayaks. The manufacturers who are making millions of dollars are simply blaming the victims just like the automobile and gun manufacturers. Another six-year-old child drowned in a swimming pool in Beverly Hills at a birthday party and theyíre claiming itís an accident. But it was no accident because every senator, judge, lawyer and governor, knows that over a thousand children a year drown in swimming pools because swimming pool manufacturers want to make six billion in profit and it provides slave jobs for people. Just like on twenty twenty where they tried to point the blame on the victims to save corporate profits they are going to do the same with this first-degree premeditated murder of a six-year-old that every law enforcement officer, FBI and Homeland security agent knew, the swimming pool manufacturers were one hundred percent responsible for not only this six-year-old child death, but every child who drowns in a swimming pool since the time swimming pools were invented. But the way God looks at it is that everyone in the United States that knows the swimming pool manufacturers are to blame for this childís death, is also guilty of being a premeditated first-degree child murderer.

Several children were killed by guns in Detroit recently and every gun owner is just as responsible for those childís deaths as the person who shot them. Because these gun owners knew guns kill people and they would rather have their guns, then save a childís life. So there will be hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hailstorms, wars, pestilence disease and death to those gunowners and the people who refused to charge the swimming pool, kayak, gun and automobile companies with one account a premeditated first-degree murder for every person killed by their product. They knew people would die but they sold their product anyway because profits was more important than human lives. They are charging people for crimes in Flint for the water when not even one person died from drinking flints water. This is a smokescreen to take peoples attention off of the real murderers and criminals who enslave us with jobs. Itís bad enough were enslaved with a job, but we are forced to build products that kill people. We might as well be in Hitlerís concentration camps, building bombs that kill innocent people.

My parents were killed by the tobacco companies and not one person in my family wanted to sue the tobacco companies. Because they all feared blowback by the tobacco companies. They were afraid the tobacco companies were going to kill them if they sued. This would be like having Charles Manson killing your parents and youíve not calling the police, because youíre afraid Charles Manson might kill you.

Kelly Rippa had revealed a little truth after she missed a couple days from her TV show. She said she was afraid of saying something that her producers did not approve of, that they have snipers waiting to shoot her if she speaks any truth on TV. The death of Prince seems as suspicious as the death of Whitney Houston and her daughter, but kid rocks living companion, Iím guessing heís gay, is even more suspicious. Sounds like Kid Rock killed him. That 911 call demanding an ambulance for his dead house companion. If he thought the guy was dead why was he so demanding an ambulance? If he wasnít dead, 911 was trying to find out what was going on to try to save him. 911 shouldíve said, ďan ambulance is on the way, but until they get there someone has to perform life saving maneuvers.Ē Kid Rock takes eight hours to call an ambulance and then complains they took three minutes to get there.

Kid Rock is a racist gun nut. The racist whites are worried blacks are taken over and thatís why the rich blacks are being killed and itís made to look like drug overdoses. Prince was a health nut vegan, who didnít drink or take drugs. The truth about prescription medications is also coming out. They are giving these women unnecessary cesarean sections and prescription medication that is so strong, these women are turning into heroin addicts afterwards. I thought women who had cesarean sections should be able to sue their doctors for a trillion dollars. because these operations are not unnecessary but now that I find out these women who have cesarean sections are systematically becoming heroin addicts will have to multiply the lawsuit by ten. Women being addicted to heroin makes cesarean sections totally unnecessary. It seems these doctors are performing the surgery just to get women addicted to heroin. But now that women are going to be drafted into the military perhaps they will start killing their doctors for performing cesarean sections on them. The cesarean sections must be driving women crazy. I seen one woman attack her boyfriend at the bar the other day, she jumped on his truck and rode it like it was a mechanical bull. I thought that she was going to be killed. She probably was as he jumped in her car to chase after him after he got away and pulled out in front of another car who had to slam on his brakes and beep his horn. Peter Popoff had a ministry that use a radio earpiece to deceive people into giving up their prescription medications. They used this famous atheist magician to figure this out. I forget his name. But they had to figure out the con by discovering the radio frequency not by the people who were dying when they gave up the prescription medications they were taking because their doctors said they would die if they didnít take them. So people were taken cancer treatments because their doctors told him they would die if they did and Peter Popoff deceived them into giving up their medications but not only did they die, they were miraculously healed. None of those people needed that prescription medication and there was no proof anyone was harmed when they stopped all prescription medication because of Peter Popoff con. This woman I knew was taking prescription medication for her headaches and she complained the medication wasnít working so good. So I said, ďwhat you got to lose, stop taking the prescription headache medicine thatís probably whatís causing your headachesĒ. She stopped taking her headache medicine and her headaches went away.

The practice of medicine is a criminal enterprise. It was started by Mafia thugs who dug up the corpses of your loved ones to experiment on them to find out the secrets of God. Even if a doctor was able to help you, you should not go to one just for the fact that they stole God secrets. Many things learned by the practice of medicine was learned by experimenting on prison inmates or animals. Iíd rather die than receive any kind of benefit from these stealing, torturing, murdering animal killing psychopaths.


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