Windows 10 Mail Ariana Grande, May 23, 2017 (12:12pm).

Windows 10 mail program is more unsecure than Windows live Mail 2012. With live mail you could see the IP address of people sending you spam, phishing mail or viruses. With live mail you could also block graphics that contain viruses. Windows 10 mail allows viruses to be in graphics and doesnít allow you to see who sending you viruses, phishing mail and spam. Itís even worse than that. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and as soon as I opened Windows 10 mail program, it sent out two emails. I didnít send these emails. Somehow someone hacked Windows 10 mail and was able to send out email in my name. So if you get email from me it probably wasnít from me. This might be some kind of conspiracy were Bill Gates is trying to control the world. He can take someone out by sending email in their name. He could have Donald Trump email ďFuck youĒ to some foreign leader and end up getting us into World War III. So hereís the emails that I didnít send out.

Iím going to have to undo Windows Mail app and change my AOL password. The way Windows Mail works, is it logs on to your email account and allows Bill Gates to send and receive email in your name. Itís like Bill Gates wants to control the world. Or whoever is running his company. Heís probably such an idiot probably doesnít even know how this Windows 10 Mail program can control the world and even end it.

Ariana Grande terrorist attack.

Lot of misinformation about false flags in this event. People are saying itís a false flag because there was people saying do not panic. You have to tell the people do not panic, walk slowly, etc.. Itís a concert, if the people panic 50 people could be trampled to death. In fact the explosion might have only been an M80 firecracker and because everyone panic, 29 people got trampled to death. It makes you wonder how many people died from the explosion and how many died from panic.

These false flags are not created by the government. Their created by the gun lobby to make you believe if you were armed you would be able to stop the guy. The statistically information is that 10% of the people were armed and those with guns were the first to run out the door and trample others under their feet. More guns are not going to stop these terrorist attacks. But they will sell more guns I bet all the gun stores are busy today. Idiots like Alex Jones, David Iche, and the head of the NRA are pushing people to believe that if they had guns they wouldíve been able to stop the terrorist. Selling more guns and driving up the stock they own in the gun lobby.

I do believe thereís going to be more bombings at rock concerts to control peopleís free speech. They are cracking down on YouTube channels and the only place people have free speech is concerts. Jim Morrison of the doors used to preach between songs that jobs were slavery and that the people were slaves. Thatís why they had him killed. A concert is the only place where you still have a soapbox to make more than a few people hear your voice. The rich people have to shut people up because they know they only have a short time left.

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