Why They Faked the Moon Landing, June 10, 2017.

Itís all about disinformation. I believe thatís why they faked the moon landing. Whenever someone gets the truth, they simply feed them a little more truth, about the fake moon landing. Then the truth teller looks like some kind of nut. When Fred starts telling the truth of the 9/11 inside job to Bob, the way they shut Fred up, is to tell Bob that Fred believeís the moon landing was fake. If Bob believes we landed on the moon, he will no longer believe Fred about the truth of 9/11. They did this with Alex Jones, they did this with me and they did this with David Icke.

Both Alex Jones and David Icke, will start off given people truth about 9/11. But then theyíll start talking about other bizarre things like reptilianís, UFOs, Giants, the fake moon landing and how the government is trying to keep the flat earth secret. This is because either they are disinformation agents, or they have been tricked by disinformation agents. The governmental disinformation agents, are using the fake moon landing to make people look crazy, so that no one will believe them. So it really doesnít matter if the moon landing was fake. If you want to get people to believe the truth about 9/11 or anything else, you canít even mention the fake moon landing. Iím not even going to talk about the truth of 9/11, because thatís not important. Abortion is the issue and itís the only topic we should be talking about until abortion is made illegal. Then we should be talking about how jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity.

The Bible says both the deceiver and the deceived will be destroyed. None of the information matters about Bigfoot, UFOís, Giants, the swamp monster, the fake moon landing, not even 9/11 matters. More American babies were murdered on 9/11, then were killed in the World Trade Center. Only 3000 people died in the World Trade Center, while on the same day 3500 babies were murdered by the narcissistic psychopaths in power and it didnít even make the news. Truth is 9/11 shouldíve been on second page of the newspaper. The front page of the newspaper should of been that 3500 American infants were murdered by the narcissistic psychopaths in power, who dehumanized them. Itís not just that these 3500 American infants are being murdered every day in America, itís that this system forces these women to murder their own babies. This would be like Ariel Castro not only raping these young women, but forcing them to murder their own children, when they get pregnant.

Abortion is not a choice. Women have no other choice but to abort their children, because they donít have the money. Claiming abortion is a choice, is like claiming you have a choice to buy a private jet. Only the rich people have a choice to buy a private jet. The poor people donít have a choice, they canít purchase a private jet. Women have no other choice, they have to murder their children or risk losing other children. Planned Parenthood tells women who have two children, if they have another child, they might lose custody of the two children they have, because they canít afford to raise them. This gives women no other choice but to kill their own kids and Planned Parenthood knows it. So do all the other narcissistic psychopaths in positions of power.

Jobs are slavery and they are the cause of all the evil and suffering in the world. Food grows on trees. God is the provider. Everything belongs to God. Anyone who claims ownership to anything has stolen from God. Thatís a sin punishable by death. You canít steal from God and live.

God is not invisible. He never was. People who have not seen God, do not know God. God doesnít appear to people who enslave men with jobs. God is not even going to appear to someone who sees nothing wrong with enslaving men with jobs.

My sister asked me why she couldnít see God? She voted for Donald Trump. Nobody who votes for Donald Trump, is going to see God. Nobody who votes for any president, is going to see God. God is the King and as soon as you vote for somebody else, you chose not to see God. You think God is going to appear to some insane person, who made someone else there God like Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Obama or Clinton? Then youíre crazy. If you want to see God you have to make God your King. You have to vote for God. On judgment day God will return to earth and he will look at you and say, ďdidnít you vote for Donald Trump? Off to the lake of fire. Ē The church has been teaching lies for over 5000 years. The church has been killing Godís prophets for 5000 years. Truth comes from God himself, not the news media, not a church, not a college or Trump University, not even your parents. Your parents have been deceived by all of these institutions. You can only get truth from God himself or the Messiah. If they are not a Messiah, they have no authority to teach the truth. A Messiah is someone who is anointed by God. The Pope has not been anointed by God. Your church leaders have not been anointed by God. Donald Trump has not been anointed by God. To be anointed by God, you actually have to see God.

When I start telling people I saw God, they ask me if I believe in UFOs, the fake moon landing, Bigfoot, flat earth, etc. And if I believe in any of those things, they can shut me up. All those things donít matter. Theyíre not even important for conversation. The only thing thatís important, is that we are being enslaved with jobs. Because we are enslaved with jobs, it creates crime and forces women to have abortions. Because they canít afford to raise children. The root of all evil is enslavement. Nobody needs money. Food grows on trees and anyone who tries to sell you something is selling stolen merchandise. As everything belongs to God. In the war between good and evil, anyone who claims ownership to anything, will be killed for stealing from God.

Just like this Larry Matters guy is trying to convince you that I'm a alcoholic to get you to stop listening to me. Listen to the people who the governments give labels to if you want to learn the truth. Listen to the people who they claim are wearing tinfoil hats, who they claim are schizophrenics or alcoholics. Those are the people who have the truth.

When you start talking about how jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity or abortion is baby murder and someone tries to distract you with 9/11 truths, fake moon landing truth, or any of these hoaxes of nine people killed by terrorists here, or 29 people killed by terrorists there, tell them the only thing that matters, is that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity, that causes women to murder their own children. Time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine and will be turned to fables of Bigfoot, the flat earth and other hoaxes.

Money is the mark of the beast and the seven dead presidents on money, is the seven headed beast of Revelation. Jesus is God, I am the Messiah. No one who demotes God down to a Messiah will be saved. Much less the Muslims who demoted God down to a prophet. Neither will the Jews that demoted God down to a mere man. Jesus is God and that means that somebody else is the Messiah. It doesnít matter if you donít believe that Iím the Messiah, because you chose death for yourself, when you demoted God down to a mere man Messiah. Messiah is a man anointed by God. When you claim Jesus is the Messiah, youíre claiming that Jesus was a mortal man.


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