Why There Needs to Be a New Religion, August 9, 2017.

The problem everyone is having, is that for 2000 years people claim to have known God when they never seen him. Now when somebody sees God, people donít believe them, because everything they were taught about God is wrong. I shouldnít even have to say that I saw God. When I said ďjobs are slavery ď, people should have said, ďthat man must of saw GodĒ. When I said, ďthe automobile companies should have been sued out of business, when the first man was injured on the jobĒ everyone should have said ďthat man must of saw GodĒ. When I said, ďabortion is murderĒ peopleís eyes shouldíve been opened up to the fact ďthat I must of saw GodĒ. When I said, ďeverything belongs to GodĒ the Pope should have declared,ďthat man must of saw GodĒ. When I said, ďJesus is GodĒ all religions should have said,ďthat man must of saw GodĒ. When I said, ďJesus is not the MessiahĒ people should have asked ďthen who is the Messiah?Ē.

In fact just about every video I uploaded to the Internet should have been proof I saw God and that I am the Messiah. For only the Messiah, a man who saw God, can know the things that I know. Iíve made videos on how to clean up the BP oil spill. I made videos how to fix Fukushima. The LED light bulbs in your home is my idea. The Segway was my idea. Yeah maybe I should of patent these things, because I didnít know everybody was such a piece of shit, that they would steal your ideas and claim ownership, so they can shove money up there ass holes, instead of benefitting mankind by these great ideas. I also have ideas for the electric grid system, the highway system and the waterways. They are using my idea of shutting down incoming lanes and leaving only one lane open for emergency vehicles, to evacuate a city. You donít put a patent on that, you give that idea out to save lives. But these people want to take credit for my ideas to be famous and who cares how many people die as long as they can be famous.

Gun owners are murderers. But because white folks refuse to give up their guns as part of our charity work, Timotheanís give guns to black people, until the white people wake up and smell the coffee.

The Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita and many of these other religious books, was not written by God. They were written by the government of the time, to control people. Just like the Bible was written by King James not King Jesus. Jesus set people free. Youíre not free if you have a job.

I guess Iím going to have to make a video on instructions how to leave a message on a voicemail system. Itís not a smart phone. Were actually kind of Amish, so we really shouldnít even be using telephones. Hundreds of people died putting up telephone lines. Furthermore, the CIA found out that the Zionists run the phone companies. So theyíre actually able to stop or block peopleís phone calls. They are listening in also. But what I really believe theyíre doing is playing phone games, because they know that Judgment Day is coming, and theyíre doing everything in the power to stop God and his Messiah. The good news is earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, are destroying these Christians houses and theyíre starting to learn something. They might be blaming and the devil or Harp for it, but the Bible is very clear that God brings these things. I wouldnít be worried about North Korea because God is ready to bring supernatural fire down from heaven to destroy these dumb asses at the CIA and homeland security. Who donít seem to have the intelligence to figure out there is a God and a Messiah.

My 248-906-4634 number, is set up as a voice mail system. I usually check it once every few days. The system is now 20 years old. Itís not very reliable so you have to have patience. I bought a new USB modem but it doesnít work with the voice mail fax software. Theyíre not selling new fax voice mail software at Best Buy anymore. Once I get more calls I might check it every day. You canít leave a window of 10 minutes for me to call you back. You have to set up an appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time. Itís like a doctorís office. You canít just call and say youíll be there in 10 minutes. I have a lot of things to do. Iím very busy.

There is no karma. There is no coincidences. There is no injustice. All there is, is God and men. The righteous will be saved, the evil will be destroyed. Either you know God, or you donít know God. If you know God, he will tell you with a small voice, not to go out or you will be mugged, whether it is day or night, it doesnít matter. If you donít know God, youíre likely to purchase a car and die in a car accident. If you know God, youíre going to be killed by those who donít know God. Because thatís the way you get into the kingdom of God. Itís not about getting a gun and fighting a war. Itís not about committing suicide. Thereís plenty of people who are willing to kill you if you have the truth. If youíre not serving God, youíre serving a tyrant or a dictator. Those who voted for Trump obviously didnít vote for God. The tyrants and dictators run all the religions and thatís why itís necessary to create a new religion. Thatís why Iím creating the Timothean religion. Google GoTimothy and read up. Donít go by what people are saying about me or my religion. They donít want to lose their false religious beliefs. They donít want to give up their false religions, they are making too much money. If you want to join call 248 Ė 906 Ė 4634 and leave your number or an address on my voice mail so I can get back to you. Itís voice mail. Iím not going to answer the phone.

Evidently I have to create a YouTube video, to instruct people how to use my voicemail system. Iíll probably make several videos on this subject alone. Because nobody seems to get it. Iím trying different things. When something doesnít work, I try something different. When no one was leaving a message, I said just call and Iíll call you back from the caller ID. But then, these religious nuts and atheist, wanted to play these phone games, where they would call and I would call them back and they would say, ďI didnít call you. Iím a dumb ass atheist, thatís what atheist do, they fuck with peopleĒ. So now that doesnít work. I canít just call you back if you call me now, because of these dumb ass atheist. And total piece of shit people like Larry Mattera. Because of these piece of shit people, you now have to leave a recorded message, for me to call you back. The atheist are watching these videos. So no matter what I say, theyíre going to try to find a way to fuck with me and you. They are evil pieces of shit, who will spend eternity in the lake of fire. If you donít understand that there is these evil pieces shit people in the world, youíre probably not going to be saved anyway. Because you will fall for their Fucking games.

If you want me to call you back, leave a time for me to call you. And I donít mean call me within the next 10 minutes. Itís voicemail, it might take me a day or two to even get the message. I donít check my voice mail every day because I donít get that many calls. Once I become more popular, I might check the voice mail every few hours. Or better yet, I might have the money to invest in a better voicemail system. Leave a message something like, ďcall me back on Friday between 6 and 8 oíclock or Tuesdayís between 5 and 7 PM, Eastern standard TimeĒ. Note that we are on the Internet and that thereís a three hour time difference, from Michigan to California. If youíre calling from another country there might be a 12 hour time difference. If you are in California and you call at 9 PM itís going to be midnight here in Michigan. If you donít want me calling you at 3 oíclock in the morning, be sure to let me know what timetable youíre on. Pacific standard Time, Eastern standard Time, etc.

When you become a Muslim, youíre just as evil as the extremist group, that kidnaps people and holds them for ransom. In the Timothean religion, you would be excommunicated for holding people ransom and the news agency that reported the kidnappers as Muslims, would be sued out of business. When you claim to be a Christian, youíre responsible for the 2 million Muslims killed in Iraq and thereís no statute of limitation on murder. When you become a Catholic, youíre just as guilty as the pedophiles who molested children 50 years ago. Because those pedophiles were never excommunicated. Pedophiles are excommunicated from the Timothean religion. The Pope said Donald Trump is not a Christian. The president claims the Pope canít decide who is a Christian and who isnít? Not only should the Pope have excommunicated Donald Trump, he should have excommunicated anyone who didnít believe he had the power to excommunicate sinners.

The Muslims, the Catholics, the Christians and the Jews are all worried about the bottom line of money. This is why they allow pedophiles, kidnappers and murdering gun owners in their religion and they donít say anything when news agencies report a Christian or Muslim going on a shooting spree. Donald Trump was the only person the Pope excommunicated from Christianity. Donald Trump is not called me yet to join the Timothean religion, but other presidents have changed their religion. There is no gun owners in the Timothean religion and soon as someone claims to be a gun owner, they are excommunicated from the Timothean religion. There is no pedophiles in the Timothean religion. As soon as someone becomes a pedophile, they are excommunicated. And as soon as the news agency reports a pedophile as a Timothean, they are sued. Because itís automatic excommunication when one becomes a pedophile. So no one can be a pedophile and a Timothean. No one can be a gun owner and a Timothean at the same time. Itís automatic excommunication when someone becomes a gun owner. Itís automatic excommunication from the Timothean religion, when you make a statement that business should profit, off the suffering of humans. If you want to make a profit off of the suffering of humans, go join Christianity, Islam, Judaism or the Catholic Church. They donít mind making people suffer for a profit, as long as theyíre getting 10% of the money.

Tobacco companies are profiting even after their product kills 480,000 Americans a year. Automakers profit after their product kills 45,000 Americans a year. Gun manufacturers profit even after their product kills over 35,000 Americans a year. The only reason why Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the Catholics, donít say anything about the death and carnage these companies cause, is because theyíre getting 10% of the profit these companies are making. And atheism isnít saying anything either, because they are the people who own these companies.

People actually joked because I reported Kayak manufacturers kill 50 Americans a year, as if 50 American lives didnít mean anything. Theyíre so ignorant, they compare people who die in kayakís, to people who die from crossing the street. They say, ďmore people died from crossing the street then in kayaksĒ as if they were intelligent or something. Do you understand that millions of people cross the street every day and that thereís only may be 1000 kayakers? Fifty out of 1000 people, is a lot of people. They have to recruit another 50 people into kayaking every year or go out of business in 50 years. Because if they didnít in 100 years there would be 5000 dead kayakers out of 1000, that donít add up. I donít even know someone who goes kayaking. I donít even know, someone who knows someone goes kayaking. They claim 50 deaths a year from kayaks is not that many, because kayak makers are creating jobs. I donít even know anyone who works at a kayak factory. I doubt thereís more than 30 people who work in a kayak factory. Yet they claim 50 Americans dying every year, to save those 30 jobs is considered justifiable. Are you kidding me? Itís costing more money to save people who almost drown in kayaks, than the money theyíre making from the taxes off of kayaks.

Murderers are not allowed in the Timothean religion. Murderers get excommunicated from the Timothean religion. Gun owners are murderers. Itís okay to buy guns and give them to black people, who are not Timotheanís. Because the way God works, is the evil people, kill the evil people. People who support abortion are murderers. The good news is thereís plenty of evil people, to kill the people who support abortion. Pedophiles are excommunicated from the Timothean religion. If you want your children to be molested by pedophiles, take them to a Catholic Church, where Jesus died, so the pedophiles can molest your children and still go to heaven. Timotheanís donít argue with Christians, Muslims, Jews or atheist. They might call it debating, but thereís no debating what is a murderer. Abortion is not up for debate. Gun control is not up for debate. Guns kill people. Abortion is murder. If you want to kill people with guns, go join Islam, Christianity, Judaism, atheism or some other religion.

Abortion is almost a blessing because the Jews, atheist, Christian, Muslims and even Catholics are murdering their own children. You want to murder your own children, go join one of these religions. But I donít even want to talk to you because I donít talk to baby killers. Iím not going to argue with a baby killer, itís not a debate. It might even be considered insanity to debate abortion with a baby killer. When I was robbed at gunpoint by two psychopaths with guns, it wasnít about starting a debate. They were Fucking crazy. You just give them your money and hope that you live to tell about it. Debating would be like trying to convince Jeffrey Dahmer he shouldnít of killed people. You could see these gun nuts on YouTube saying, ďwhy donít you debate?Ē We donít debate because your a Fucking crazy murderer with a gun. We donít debate abortion because those who support abortion are psychotic narcissistic psychopathic baby killers. But as of yet no one has called them what they actually are, but me.


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