Why Did the Ramseys, Dial 911?, September 19, 2016.

Why did the Ramseys call the police? If the Ramseys did it, why would they call the police? John Ramsey showed that he was able to pick up his daughter and carry her upstairs. Why wouldnít he destroy all the evidence, burn the garrotte, pick up his daughter, carry her upstairs, put her in the trunk, drive to the desert, bury her and we would still be looking for Jon Benetís body today? It doesnít make sense to call the cops, if you know thereís a dead body downstairs and that cops are going to blame you, your wife or your son. Jon Benet was so small they couldíve put her in a trash bin and let the garbage man pick her up. They wouldnít even of needed to cut up the body, like you would have to do to an adult, to get the garbage man to pick him up. Garbage men will not lift more than fifty pounds.

It doesnít even make sense for the Ramseys to call the cops, if they believe their daughter was kidnapped and her life in danger. I know, I used to believe if I was robbed at gunpoint I would not give the robbers my money. Because robbing people is a crime and I donít have to give them my money. But the fact of the matter is, once I was robbed at gunpoint, I realized my life was worth more money than I had. You may think that you would call the cops, instead of paying a ransom, for your daughter, but if they have your daughter and her life is in danger, why would you risk your daughterís life for a few bucks? The Ramseys were millionaires. Most of us donít have a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars, but thatís what John Ramsey got for a bonus. So he was not even willing to give up his Christmas bonus, to save his own daughterís life.

There are only four people who knows who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. But most people will only believe there is only three people, who know who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. So Iíll describe the fourth person later. Everybody knows that the killer knows who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. Everybody knows that Jon Benet Ramsey knows who killed her. And everybody knows that God knows who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. Even the atheist will claim, that if there is a God, he would know who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. So the fourth person who would know who killed Jon Benet Ramsey, is the person who knows God. That just shows you that everybody like Doctor Phil and the Pope, doesnít know God. Because they donít have a clue to who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. Itís not that youíre going to ask God who killed Jon Benet Ramsey and heís going to tell you. God doesnít work like that. God gives you wisdom, so you can figure out for yourself, who killed Jon Benet Ramsey and you donít have to bother asking him. If God has not given you wisdom, itís because you donít know God. And I should apologize for calling Doctor Phil an idiot, just because Iím a genius. But itís very frustrating listening to these people who do not know God and claim to know all the answers, like Doctor Phil.

Why are all these investigators able to profit by writing books? Itís almost as if the investigators have a motive for murdering children, so they can write a book. The investigators should be the prime suspect if he can write a book and make a profit. He has a motive. What motive with the Ramseys have for killing their daughter? Thereís two people who should not profit off of writing a book, one is the investigator hired to find the murderer and the other is the murderer.

The society is really going downhill because people are afraid to call the police for fear of getting blamed for the crime. The person who calls the police should be the last person as a suspect. The Ramseys didnít have to call the cops. They could have simply destroyed all the evidence and disposed of the body. My advice to people after watching this Doctor Phil show and dateline, is to never call the cops if you see a crime, because it puts you at the crime seen. Never call the cops if you find a body, because cops are not even going to bother investigating, their simply going to blame you and the proof of that is the Doctor Phil and dateline show about this investigation.

I was going to give some wisdom points, but all the good points I made, in my last video were pooh-poohed by idiots. The MO in this case also fits the MO in the Ira Einhorn murder case. Ira Einhorn was the environmentalist who was against deforestation. Cutting down trees is a multibillion-dollar business. One tree in South America will fetch seventy thousand cash. A tree in the national redwood forest would go for millions if someone could cut one down. Iraís girlfriend was murdered, put in a box and the box was put in his closet, just like the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Ira claimed that the CIA set him up. Unfortunately the CIA gets blamed for a lot of things. Because people donít know who did it, but they know that someone similar to the CIA. Maybe the KGB, Mossad, MI-5, some mafia cartel, some militia group or probably in the Jon Benet Ramsey case, the Philippines spy organization, a small foreign faction. Or like Hillary Clinton says, ďright wing conspiratorsĒ. If David Russell Williams killed Jon Benet Ramsey, then it would be the Canadian spy agency.

The ransom note look like it was written by a foreigner who knows English pretty well. And David Russell Williams was a Canadian who was born in Britain. He was British and the letter looked like it might have been written by a British person, with a British accent. Or it could have been written by a Filipino who knew English well. But I was surprised that the Boulder cops said it looked like someone who was trying to make the letter look foreign. Kind of like that joke where a under cover cop dresses like a biker and they say ďyou look like a cop dressed like a bikerĒ and the cop says, ďbut I am a cop dressed like a bikerĒ. I donít know how they could tell that it looked like a normal English person trying to disguise the letter as a foreigner. It looked like it was a letter from a foreigner. But even if the letter doesnít match the writing of David Russell Williams, it should be checked to his wifeís handwriting. Some say his wife knew about the rapes and murders of her husband and could have been in on it. In fact the letter looked dictated. Like the murderer was dictating what to say in the letter to a secretary or his wife. Thatís how I interpret the, ďlisten carefullyĒ at the beginning of the letter.

The CBS special on Jon Benet was a joke. Stretching out a few seconds of audio to make it sound like somebody is saying something reminds me of what they used to do to the Beatles records. If you play a Beatles record backwards, slowly, you can hear it say all kinds of weird stuff. This was a fad back in the seventies. To play records backwards to see if thereís any hidden messages. Patsy Ramsey did not hang up the phone. She probably set the phone down on the counter and went to open the door for police or to wake up her husband. I believe her husband was still sleeping when she found the note and called cops. I donít think her husband would have called the cops, he wouldíve thought about paying the ransom to get the daughter back. The kidnapper could have still been in the basement when she called 911, causing the killer to kill Jon Benet, rather than kidnapping her. The phone is either off-line or online. Itís a switch that is either on or off. Itís not on for thirty seconds and then automatically shuts itself off. Either she hung up the phone, or she didnít. I believe Patsy Ramsey set the phone on the counter and it was a 911 operator who hung up first. A phone doesnít hang itself up after staying connected for thirty seconds. These investigators seem to know nothing about switches or electronics. How does a phone stay connected for thirty seconds and then hang itself up? It doesnít.

Burke Ramsey did not know words like, ďhystericalĒ. Those were not words in a nine-year-old kids vocabulary. So when Burke said his mother was, ďgoing psychoĒ the psychiatrist acted like Burke had a PhD in psychology and was given a diagnosis of his mother. Instead of just a kid who did not know another word to describe hysterical.

It is scary the mental incompetence of the people investigating this case. People need to know God first, so they can ask him for wisdom. One of the first things God might say, is why are you investigating Jon Benet twenty years later, instead of finding out who legalized abortion, that killed sixty million babies. Or find out who dropped bombs on Iraq to cause the deaths of a million children by depleted uranium. Or find out why rich people donít think theyíre responsible for the twenty-five hundred children a day who die of starvation. No doubt they donít want to find out who killed Jon Benet, because if it was David Russell Williams, they let him get away with murdering possibly hundreds of women, by trying to blame the Ramseys and that would open Boulder police up to billions of dollars in lawsuits.

Whoever killed Jon Benet, it probably wasnít their first killing or their last. So instead of trying to get a confession out of the Ramses, they should be looking at similar MO murder cases like find out who killed Ira Einhornís girlfriend. No it wasnít the CIA, but it was some mafia cartel who was trying to stop tree huggers. It may have simply been a logger who was afraid of losing his job. One guy at the bar was talking about murdering his employees, because he was afraid if they didnít work harder, he might get fired from his supervisor job. Keywords.

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