Why Capitalism Does Not Work, March 22, 2016.

There is a bar down the street from me that has a sewer problem. This bars had this sewer problem for at least a year. It canít get the sewer problem fixed because Joe the plumber is a capitalist. He doesnít make money by fixing sewers, he makes money by pretending to fix plumbing problems. He only applies temporary fixes, because heís a capitalist. He wants to apply a temporary fix to the sewer, so he can return to the bar next week and apply another temporary fix, to make another five hundred bucks. The way Joe the plumber feels about it, is the bar is making plenty of money, they can afford to pay him every week for temporary fixes. Besides that, Joe the plumberís brother, friend, or fellow gang member, owns a bar down the street and heís making a few extra bucks ,to try to put this bar, out of business. So it looks like this bar will never get the sewer problem fixed.

Down the street at another bar, the owner put in the latest technology of a Bluetooth sign. He put the Bluetooth antenna, a class one device, inside the bar, so that he can change his sign wirelessly. Wireless Bluetooth technology is big business and thatís why they donít tell anyone how dangerous it is. Their capitalist. Itís all about making money and who in the hell cares how dangerous it is. The bar owner bragged about how powerful his Bluetooth antenna was. He said the radio frequency could reach a mile away. Itís so powerful it could fry a chicken in twenty minutes. The waitresses and bartenders are forgetful, because the frequency of the radiation is frying their brains. Two Warren police officers happened to be in the bar, but you must be wearing a tinfoil hat, if you think this Wi-Fi Bluetooth radiation is harmful. They have been thoroughly brainwashed by the big business of Bluetooth technology industry. The Warren police are government officials, but they think the FCC is a joke with their rules and laws about antenna placement. Their ignorance is so severe, they will sit next to the Bluetooth antenna and fry their own brains and tell anyone they need to wear a tinfoil hat, if they think Bluetooth radiation is dangerous.

Out the front of the bar are smokers. But you canít tell them smoking will kill them, because they have been thoroughly brainwashed by the profits and propaganda of the tobacco companies. They will take a drag off a cigarette and then cough immediately afterwards and claim itís not from smoking. How can you tell the bar owner, that is neck pain, back pain, headaches, and itching skin, is from the class one Bluetooth antenna, he has inside of his bar when the Bluetooth industry is making billions of dollars and spending millions on propaganda, to say itís perfectly safe. Besides that, the Bluetooth industry must be getting kickbacks from the medical industry, that is making millions from people, like this bar owner going to their doctors looking for a cure thatís caused by Bluetooth technology.

The bar owner is sitting next to a class One Bluetooth antenna, that he himself claims to have more than a mile range and heís complaining of neck and back pain, while heís scratching his knee, because it itches from the rash caused by this Bluetooth technology. The signs of being exposed to high levels of Bluetooth radiation, is neck and back pain, rashes, hair loss, memory loss and a few others signs that havenít been discovered yet, because the technology is too new. But you canít say anything to him, because he will call you a nut, that needs to wear a tinfoil hat and probably kick you out of the bar. If you call the FCC to report they have a class one Bluetooth antenna inside the bar, less then two feet away from peopleís heads, they will put you on some kind of black ball list of complainers. I lived across the street from a guy who had a CB antenna that broadcast at a hundred watts. The FCC rules puts the max at five watts for residential antennas because it not only disrupts peopleís TV and radio signals, itís harmful to your health. My complaints of the hundreds of Wi-Fi connections have fallen on deaf ears in the five hundred unit townhouse as I live at. But sooner or later the people will start falling dead like dominoes, from cancer and the lawsuits will start to pile up. The money made on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, will cause them to put out a propaganda campaign to cover-up the health effects it causes. The money made in the pharmaceutical companies and medical system off the damage done to people by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, will also prevent any truth from coming out about the health hazards of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radiation. This is why capitalism doesnít work. Now I know I sound like a hypocrite, because I am trying to tell people they should not go to bars or restaurants. But I need to go to them, so I can find all the reasons why you shouldnít go to them. So I go to a bar and an old guy says, ďdonít talk about politicsĒ, before I even said anything. I didnít think anything about it, until I went into another bar and there was another old guy in the first thing he said was ďdonít talk about politicsĒ. I felt like saying back, ďif you want to be a communist, move to another country, I live in a free country, where I got free speech and Iíll talk about anything I want to talk about.Ē But itís nice to know that the Communist, that are against free speech and hanging out at bars are letting you know who they are. I just wish I would have enough courage to get up and go sit somewhere else, the second the Communist guy said, ďdonít talk about politics.Ē But this guy was far worse than a communist. After he told me I shouldnít talk about politics, he started gossiping about everybody in the bar and I should not have talked to him, because everything I said to him he twisted it and repeated it to everyone else. I told my only go to the bar to sing karaoke and hopefully Iíll get good enough, someday somebody will buy me a beer. This guy starts talk to all these other girls in the bar and I ask a girl what song sheís going to sing and she replies, ďbuy me a beerĒ with a nasty look on her face. I donít know what that guy said to these girls about me but obviously it wasnít good. He probably told them I was just in the bar to con beers off the people. Even the barmaid didnít treat me nice after she talk to this guy.

The barmaid said I could have a tab but after she talk to this guy she wanted a credit card or cash. Then she started serving me warm beers from the cooler rather than the beer they had on ice. Later after she heard me sing, open arms by journey, she started to be nicer to me and said she had some beer on ice but I asked for the check and left. I should not have tipped her but I left a four dollar tip to show her what she was losing. Because thatís be the last time I go in that bar. Iím running out of bars Time to move. Thereís just no fucken decent people in the state of Michigan.

Watching all the news, made me feel like going to the bar on Saint Pattyís day. Never and I mean never, ever go to a bar and Saint Pattyís day. It is a complete scam. Itís a Thursday night. Beer should be cheaper because itís a weekday and because of the competition they should be lowering their prices. The prices were higher. I complained that one bar at three dollars and fifty cents a beer on a weekday without any entertainment and went to another bar and they wanted three seventy-five a beer but at least they had entertainment. I left that bar because I didnít want to pay three seventy-five a beer and went to another one. This bar they hired a DJ that played nothing but Irish leprechaun music. It Saint Pattyís day I can see playing one Irish song but after hearing five ridiculous sounding Irish songs it reminded me of Christmas when they play nothing but Christmas music on the radio and I have to start listening to my CDs. I want to hear rock Ďn roll. I hate rap but after five Irish songs with leprechaun singing, I would have settled for rap music. The only thing good about Saint Pattyís day is you can wear all your ugly green shirts that your have in your closet. St. Patrickís Day is a scam to get people to go to bars to purchase overpriced green beer. Donít go.

The medical marijuana industry, is causing businesses to close. They have over two hundred thirty medical marijuana clinics in Detroit. They are making so much money on medical marijuana, that landlords are raising rents on buildings. Saw the restaurants and coffee houses are closing down because of the high rents and their renting to marijuana clinics. Some guy wrote a song about Starbucks. He was mad that all the mom-and-pop restaurants were closing down and being taken over by Starbucks. This is whatís happening with the medical marijuana industry. All the businesses are closing down, so they can open up another medical marijuana clinic. They said on the news that this was going to be the biggest moneymaking industry thatís going to put everyone to work, but in fact itís going to put everybody out of work. Restaurants and coffee shops are closing down because medical marijuana clinics, is driving up the price of rents in Detroit. You can now make more money off a medical marijuana clinic then you can from a Starbucks coffee shop. They only look at the profit they make and from medical marijuana and not the cost of more policemen, more prisons, more crime, more disease thatís going to be caused by the medical marijuana. These people are penny wise and dollar foolish and thatís why capitalism will never work. There is not just one Mafia crime family. Every rich person becomes a Mafia crime family. Once a family has millions or billions of dollars, they are going to kill to keep their money. I donít know how the wrestler Hulk Hogan, won a hundred ten million dollars in a lawsuit against gawker. Because usually those businesses will hire a Mafia hit man, to kill someone before they pay out a hundred and ten million dollars in a lawsuit. Same with the woman who won fifty-five million suing a hotel. At least thatís how old money worked. Perhaps new money have not learned the tricks of the trade. But I believe these lawsuits against the hotel and gawker are old money Mafia crime families, taken money from new money, from the tech industry.


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