Mr Trump If America Is Such a Great Country Why Build a Wall? January 26, 2017.

My second email to Donald Trump. Actually the White House had changed their website so you can no longer email the president. You have to post messages on the Facebook or YouTube page and those pages are controlled by big business. Email is now out of the governmentís hands. This is far worse than Hillary Clinton have in her own email server. Nobody can contact the president without going through Facebook or YouTube. So now Facebook and YouTube is now controlling the world. They are controlling what wisdom or knowledge Donald Trump is receiving. And heís not receiving any wisdom or knowledge from people of God or people with experience, heís only hearing from rich people, brainwashed religious people and special-interest groups who want to profit off of the suffering of the people. But if I can get through to President Trump this is the message.

If you are such a great president, that you can create all these high paying jobs and build all of these businesses, while providing healthcare for everyone, why not make Mexico the fifty first state of the United States? Obviously you never intended healthcare for everyone, if youíre trying to exclude Mexicans. I know you claim youíre not a racist and I donít believe that you are. Just because you would not rent out high-priced apartments to blacks, does not mean your racist. It means the people who live in your high-priced apartments, are racist, and they would move out if you let blacks move in. Even the blacks know that if they move into an expensive white area the prices of housing drops. They have a name for called, ďblock bustingĒ. Iím sure if Oprah Winfrey or Obama moved into your high-priced apartments, they might even cause the value to go up. But black rights groups, the Black Panthers etc., pay people from the ghetto to move into rich white neighborhoods to bust up the blocks. And that is what brings down the price of housing. The other day I seen some children playing on the fence. I was about to yell at them and say, ďthose arenít monkey barsĒ. But as I got closer to them I realized it was a black family. A black mom with her two kids and she said nothing to them about playing on the fence. The fence is not meant to be played on and they could of fell and got hurt. The fence is a protection to keep people from falling off the drop-off of six feet. They could have broke the bars off that fence and fell at least ten feet to the concrete crushing their skulls. But their mom was right there watching and so I said nothing, for fear of being called a racist. I was thinking about saying ďdonít play on that fence, itís not white monkey barsĒ. But I said nothing. We live in a co-op. Whenever someone breaks that fence, everybody has to pay for it and I said nothing out of fear of being called racist.

Making Mexico part of the United States will make it more secure. It will provide plenty of people and competition for rebuilding infrastructure. The people who think Mexicans are taking their jobs are lazy pieces of shit, who are afraid someone will do the same job for less pay. But that is what capitalism is. If you can find someone that will do the same job for less pay, then you hire them. If you donít want to live in a capitalist country move out. Capitalism is not about just giving the high paying jobs to white people or mentally ill Christians who got you elected.

The New World order, is Godís New World order. Itís where God rules over all people on earth, not just the people in America. Where all people on earth are created equal, not just the rich white Christians or Zionist. America didnít become great because it was smart. Became rich from stealing from God, oppression and slavery. Everything belongs to God even the land you signed Executive Order for the oil companies to drill and Frack on.

The United States belongs to Mexicans more than it belongs to Americans. Just because your forefathers murdered a bunch a Indians and Mexicans, doesnít mean itís your land. Itís not just the Mexicans that know that America belongs to them more than it belongs to rich white people. All the people of the world are watching and you are turning over six billion people against a lousy three hundred million Americans. Let me tell you God cares more about those six billion than the lousy three hundred million slanderers who claim to know Jesus, when they never seen him in America. Jesus is not the Messiah. He is God. That makes Christianity the most evil religion on earth. The Jews and the Muslims will accept Jesus as God and not demote him down to a Messiah before Christianity ever will. I saw God, and I am the son of Joseph, the Messiah. Keywords.

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