What Who Is a Jew? Salvation, September 21, 2015.

This is the speech I would’ve gave if I went to Jerusalem to this conference of religious people called“Reconciliation with Israel“ But I did not go because of passport issues.

Abraham was not Jewish. He didn’t belong to any religion. So what is a Jew? Who are the true Jews? The Bible talks about people who claim they are Jews, but they are not. So who are the fake Jews?

Abraham said, “if only God himself, could reveal himself” and God appeared to Abraham. Abraham’s God was a visible God and he was different from all the fake gods and religions of the day. When God appeared to Abraham, he told him he would give him all the land his eyes could see and that his seed would be as the sands of the sea. Meaning there would be billions and billions of children of Abraham. Not 6 million Jews or 10 million Jews or how many there claim to be but as the sand of the sea. God did not only give Abraham the land of the Middle East, God gave Abraham the whole earth. Just back in them days, they thought the world was flat and that the earth ended where the land met the sea. So the whole earth belongs to Abraham’s seed that numbers billions and billions of people. Not just a small spot of desert in the Middle East.

Who is Abraham’s seed or in other words who is a Jew? Some people think a Jew is someone from Judea. But some of the people who live in Judea are atheist and some of them are Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. A Jew is someone who believes in the God of Abraham. Those who believe in the God of Abraham are the children of Abraham. Who is Abraham’s God? Abraham’s God is the visible God that is different from all the other religious ideologies that were on earth. Because people who follow a religion, don’t know God by seeing God, they know God by reading a book. A book that should never been published.

Before Gutenberg there was the Bible library. The priest would go to the library and read these books and make a sermon out of them. When the Bible was compiled they edited these books to make them smaller and fit in a much smaller book. Some of the books were rejected because there wasn’t enough space to print the entire Bible library. It’s called the living Bible, because it keeps changing. All Scripture is inspired by God and is available for reproof and correction.

Salvation is of the Jews, meaning those who have seen God or those who know God can be seen. The land of Israel is the entire Earth, it doesn’t end at the sea or a border. The name Israel is not even a state, it is a man’s name. The name Israel means, “the man that sees God” and was later adopted to mean, “the nation that sees God”. But that was false because it should mean, “the planet that sees God”. Because everyone will see God. When everyone sees God there will be no borders and all people will be the children of Abraham. All people will become Jews. Not the fake Jews who claim they are Jews when they are not because they’re from Judea or because they can trace their linage back to someone who claims they were a Jew, but the true Jews who have seen God or who know the God of Timothy. That’s right, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the same God of Timothy.

Someone asked me when the last time I talked to God. God doesn’t talk to people in words unless he appears in person. Words are vibration of vocal cords that vibrate eardrums and are interpretative by the brain. God speaks in thought. God speaks in dreams and in thought. God declares the people what their thought is. God’s Spirit is inside every man. The mystery is the spirit of the antichrist. I get my thoughts from God, the antichrist seems to get his thoughts from books, religion, movies, public education and TV. Even if they are getting their thought from the Bible that was God’s word thousands of years ago, it becomes a lie when it is regurgitated or misinterpreted. 5000 years ago the Bible said Babylon would be destroyed. But that prophecy was fulfilled by thousand years ago and everyone time someone reads it in the Bible again they go off to destroyed Babylon to make God’s word good. So Babylon is been destroyed at least five times and it will probably be destroyed again in another 500 years if people keep reading the Bible and acting like it’s predicting future events. We are at war in the Middle East because people are trying to fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel to make Zionism look like the true religion. Ezekiel prophesied but none of his prophecies came true so either they have to admit he’s a false prophet and their religion fake, or they have to go to war to fulfill his prophecies.

Moses saw part of the Trinity in a burning bush and believed it was God. When God appeared in person to Moses, Moses believed God was Satan a man. This is in the assumption of Moses a book that was not included in the Bible but can be found in the book of Mormon. God was ready to destroy Moses, but the people thought Moses was their hero and if God destroyed him, what would people think of God? So God had to send more prophets. Isaiah saw God and said, “Moses claims no man can see God and I have seen God, let it be known that there are false prophets”. Of course that part of Isaiah was removed before it was inserted into the Bible but is it is in the original book of Isaiah before the Bible was printed by Gutenberg. Isaiah warns us of false prophets and so does Jeremiah, but no one seems to question Ezekiel. Once these prophets make it into the Bible, it is like they are God’s. When you really examine these books these prophets and religious leaders are closer to Keystone cops, they are only human and make mistakes. Mohammed saw God, but none of Mohammed’s followers believed he saw God because that was just too hard to believe. So they believe he only saw an angel of God.

If you believe Mohammed saw God, you are a Jew. If you believe Abraham saw God, you are a Jew. If you believe Jesus is God, you are a Jew. Salvation is of the Jews. If you believe I saw God, you are a true Jew and are called Israel. The scepter does not depart from Israel until he goes to Shiloh, to Shiloh is where the gathering of the people of God will be. Shiloh is the place where Jacob saw God. Shiloh is the place of Jacob’s ladder. Shiloh is the place where Jacob climbed into heaven. It is the portal to heaven. It is the door to the kingdom

To sum it up. Anyone who believes in the visible God is a Jew. Israel is not a state in the Middle East, it’s a man’s name and it is your name, if you saw God. The land God promised Abraham is the entire Earth, it doesn’t end at the sea, where the people who believe the earth was flat, believed it ended. The land of Abraham which is the whole earth, is never to be sold and whoever claims ownership, to any land on earth, is a thief who stole from God. The penalty for that sin is death. The Jews in Israel are fake Jews. They don’t believe in the God of Abraham, because they never seen the God of Abraham. If you believe Abraham, you would have seen God. The land of the people who see God, is the entire Earth. Abraham children are as the sand of the sea and not just a few million Jews. Very easy to try the Jews to see if they are Jews, you simply asked them if they saw God, if they say no, they are not true Jews. If they believe Jesus was God they would be Jews. If they believe Abraham saw God they would be Jews. If they believed Mohammed saw God, they would be Jews. But they are stuck in their fake religion because they do not believe the founders of their religions saw God.

Some guy said there was a rich person who is going to buy an island and put all the refugees on it and build a metropolis where all the refugees would be slaves to the factories he built on the island. The antichrist builds cities of delusion out of men’s blood. Metropolises fall and so do the people who live in them. The real kingdom of God is the Garden of Eden. Everybody wants to live like Robinson Crusoe. Everybody wants to live on Gilligan’s Island. This is why they are creating all these TV shows like survivor Island and why they are so popular. This rich man can buy an island, he should buy it under the condition that all the refugees live on it without any clothing that enslaves people to manufacture it, and uses the land to grow cotton instead of food, and he should teach them not to cut down any trees to build houses or use any man-made goods. God said, “For if thou has lifted your tool upon it, thou has polluted it.”

Everybody knows from the song Woodstock, that we are caught in the devil’s bargain, and we have to get back to the Garden of Eden. Where did this rich guy get all the money to buy an island? Did he work hard for it in a coal mine or did he enslave thousands of men in jobs?

Do you think Donald Trump built Trump Towers? He didn’t lift a finger to build Trump Towers he hired slaves to do it. When slaves were killed or injured, he did not give a shit. Then he advised China to build expensive housing units so they can become rich like him. There’s 3 billion people in China but they can’t afford $10,000 a month rent or even $1000 a month rent and that’s why all these apartments are empty. You have to use gradeschool math. If you have 3 billion people who can only afford $200 a month rent, then you have to build 3 billion apartments where the rent is only $200 a month. Or you have to raise the wages of the 3 billion people, so that they can afford the thousand dollar a month rent. Simple gradeschool math. Even Henry Ford realized the people had to make enough money to purchase his automobiles or there would be millions of cars with no buyers.

Gold prices, if God did not tell you where there is 1,000,000,000,000 tons of gold, then you don’t know God. Because God knows where there’s 1,000,000,000,000 tons of gold and it’s his gold. Maybe he didn’t tell you because you will claim it is your gold. This is how I know I am the Messiah because God told me where there is 1,000,000,000,000 tons of gold. He who has the gold makes the rules so they say. But that’s not true. Because you has the weapons steals the gold. So it’s the men with the guns that have been making the rules. It’s the men with the guns that are evil. And this is why knowing where there’s 1,000,000,000,000 tons of gold doesn’t do you any good. But it can crash the price of gold, by telling everyone where it is and letting everyone kill each other for it. The domination of Messiah has a mountain of copper, mountain of iron and a mountain of gold. But Messiah doesn’t have to stay in the United States. God can make a mountain of gold in any country. By faith. Gold can also be manufactured if you know God because he can tell you how to do it. Nobody knows because no one knows God. Muslims were killing people because they were not telling them where the priceless artifacts were in Iraq. Now they’ll be killing people who don’t tell them where the trillion tons of gold is. Because if you know God, like you claim you do, then you would know where there is 1,000,000,000,000 tons of gold. And if you don’t know, you will be proved to be a liar.


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