White House Email Website Has Been Hacked, January 27, 2017.

I tried to email the president on the White House website and couldnít. It has been hacked. Iím using Windows 7 with all the latest updates. I was able to use a different Internet browser to see that I can post a message to the president. I donít want to say which one because I donít want them to hack that also. I might have to update to Windows 10, but I donít trust that either.

I thought the government had closed down their email the president page. There was only links to Facebook and twitter and no place to email the president. Then I found out that either the website had been hacked, my computer had been hacked or Internet explorer had been hacked. Iím using Windows 7 with all the latest updates and Microsoft essentials VirusScan. No viruses were detected on my computer. So it must be Internet Explorer. I was able to see the form to contact the president by email with a different web browser on Windows 7. Might have to buy a new computer or upgrade to Windows 10. Because if you canít email the president, you probably canít do a lot of other things. They probably hacked it so you canít thumb up certain videos only thumb them down, vote yes on polls for abortion and not no, be able to vote for Hillary not for trump. Etc. Most of the people on Obama care or who could not afford Obama care, are not going to have a new computer with Windows 10. The poor people probably have old computers like me, running Windows 7 or even XP, so they canít email the president to tell him what a crappy healthcare system Obama care is.


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