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Blacks Force White Man to Ride in Front Seat of Bus, April 7, 2012.

The purpose is that this video is to open up the topic of racism. Ever since I was kid, I always liked riding in back of the bus. One Kidd said the reason why he liked riding in the back of the bus , is because when the bus goes over a bump, everyone in the back bounces up in the air like a carnival ride. I didn’t like riding in the front of the bus, because I knew if that bus hits a tree, telephone pole or smashes into another car, whose ever in the front of the bus, is going to go flying through the windshield.

I took a bus down to Detroit for a demonstration. On my way back from Detroit, I got on a bus and was ready to head to the back of it. The whole back of the bus was packed with black people. I had no choice but to sit in a seat in front of the bus. I remember sitting there thinking, why are all these black people siting the back of the bus? Didn’t they know they could sit in front seats of the bus?

I could not imagine black people being forced to sit in the back of the bus. It must have been some kind of propaganda. If I would’ve went to one of those black people and said I’m white let me sit here, they look like they would stab me. I just can’t imagine how it could’ve went down that white people would have told black people to do something and they did it. Is there any people that were alive that can tell me how they did it? I remember seeing the propaganda video of the news cameras and the police getting on the bus to tell Rosa Parks to move to the back seat. But that was crap.

In 1967 the people didn’t have cell phones. So you would’ve had to get on a bus, see a black person sitting in the front seat and tell the bus driver to pull over at the next phone booth, so you can call the police. I can’t imagine how that 911 phone call went. Some white guy telling the bus driver to pull over by a phone booth while he calls 911 and the operator says, “what’s the emergency?” And the white guy says, “there’s a black woman sitting in the front seat of the bus” and emergency operator says, “well all of our officers are busy, there is a shooting on the west side, a bank robbery on the Eastside, we’ll just have to call those officers back, because this black ladies sitting in the front seat, has to take top priority”. Someone commented on my video that they call the police, but they just don’t come. Instead of saying there’s been a shooting you should’ve said that the black ladies sitin the front seat and Detroit police would have been there in two minutes, if you believe this propaganda story. Now there’s probably some truth to the story. Some bullies might have told black people they had to sit in the back of the bus , but I doubt if anyone called the police to have them removed.

Racism is far worse today than it was in Rosa Parks Day. Back then black and white people were at least allowed to ride on the same bus. Nowadays they don’t allow blacks and whites to ride on the same bus. In 1977 I took a Greyhound bus to Las Vegas. The bus lines were forced by the government to segregate. The same bus was supposed to go through predominantly white areas and through predominantly black areas. We are all white people on this Greyhound and we are coming to the black area of Chicago. The Greyhound bus pulls over at a rest area and tells all the people, were going to change buses. Me this girl and this other guy, stuck together as we were all going to Vegas, but we didn’t know each other before we got on the bus . The white girl did not want to get on the other bus, she knew this bus was going to Las Vegas and her luggage was on this bus. The bus driver said you have to get off this bus and get on the other bus and when we get to the other side of Chicago, she will be able to get back on this bus, that has her luggage. She said no, I’m staying with my luggage. So the white guy asked me to stay with them, because he didn’t want her to ride alone. So the three of us white people stayed on the bus that went through this predominantly black city. I would actually have to call it an all-black city because not one white person got on that bus. The bus started filling up with blacks as we entered the city and all three of us white people squished into the very back seat of the bus, by the commode. There wasn’t any trouble, but we were scared shitless. We were young too, not even 20. We didn’t expect that many blacks to get on the bus.

Anyway when the bus came out of Chicago, all the blacks were off the bus except the bus driver that was black and he pulled into a rest area and he got off the bus and all the white people and the white bus driver got back on our bus. The government was trying to force segregation, but the Greyhound bus company, had found a loophole to remove the whites from the bus before it entered a black area. Anyway I don’t blame them, it was probably cheaper for them, than to higher security people on every bus. Nowadays though, they could put security cameras on every bus.

Now on the way back from Las Vegas, we go through Chicago again and there’s a layover in Chicago to Detroit. There are two buses going to Detroit one at 2 AM and another one at 4 AM. I tell the ticket agent I want to take the 2 AM bus. She says no you want to take the 4 AM bus. I had to argue with her for 20 minutes to take the 2 AM bus. They would not tell me that I didn’t want to take that bus, because that was the black bus, and the white bus was going to leave at 4 AM. Because that would be discrimination. They simply guided white people to the white bus and black people to the black bus. It’s not really racism, they just figure white people want to ride with white people and black people want to ride with black people. They were doing this in the real estate market. If a white person is looking for a house, they just assume you want a house in a white-area and vice versa. Barber shops do this with the comb-over. When they cut your hair and your going bald, they automatically comb the hair over the bald spot and you have to tell them not to do it. In fact you have to demand they don’t do it, just like you have to demand to take the black bus or a room in the black hotel.

So I take the 2 AM bus to Detroit and I’m the only white guy on the bus. The bus is fully loaded and I even have to sit next to a black person. I been on the bus for two days and I’m dead tired so I fall asleep. When I wake up I have no idea what time it is and I have no watch. So I asked the black people three times, “does anybody know what time it is?” Nobody answers me. So I looked behind me and ask again, nobody answers. So I see a guy with a watch and ask right to his face, “Sir can you tell me what time it is?” The black guy is afraid to tell me what time it is. He wants to tell me, but is afraid of what the black people will say to him if he tells a white guy what time it is. So he lips the time, twice and I have to read his lips. So that none of the other blacks know, who told the white guy what time it was.

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