Where Is the Checks and Balances Darlie Routier’s Sock, July 25, 2017.

Where is the people with the common sense, the critical thinking, the brain cells, that checks and balances the police department and the prosecutors? The Routier’s live in what looks to be a million-dollar house. They’re driving a brand-new Jagwire. They got a successful computer component business. The taxes are showing their bringing in over 100,000 a year. And some cop says they murdered their kids for the $5000 insurance policy. And no one slaps the dumb ass cop and says, “are you crazy, they paid more than $8000 for the funeral for the kids”. This is not crazy McDonald’s math, where you pay more money for a happy meal, then you pay for the items separate, à la cart. These people are business people, that were able to start a successful business, where they were able to buy or rent a million-dollar house and a Jagwire. I’m sure they had the business sense to know, that wouldn’t be a good idea, to try to collect $5000 on a life insurance policy, when it would cost $8000 for the funeral.

Someone claimed that Darlie’s DNA was found inside the sock, proving she was the murderer. How do they know the DNA was inside the sock and not outside the sock? If you use a pair of socks as gloves, so you don’t leave fingerprints, you’re probably not going to check to see if the stock is inside out. It’s dark outside, the burglar is probably not checking to see if the sock is inside-out. One of these socks is inside-out the other one isn’t. But even if the sock is not inside out, when you remove the sock, it’s going to be inside out. So now which is the inside and which is the outside? If the killer had socks on his hands when he was attacking Darlie, punching her in the face, grabbing her arm, etc. Then Darlie’s DNA is going to be on the outside of the sock. But when the killer removes the sock, then the killers DNA is going to be inside the sock. The killer is in a hurry, he’s running away from the crime scene. He’s not going to take his time, to make sure he doesn’t turn the sock inside out, when he takes it off.

So it doesn’t matter if Darlie’s DNA was inside the sock or outside the sock. Her DNA should be on the sock, if the killer was wearing the socks on his hands, as he was attacking her. The only thing Darlie’s DNA on the socks proves, is if the killer was wearing the socks on his sands inside-out or right side out. Whatever side the DNA was found on, that’s the side the killer was wearing the socks on the outside.

I believe these murderers were probably an IBM hit. How can this big company have stayed in business when they made such overpriced outdated pieces of junk, if they were not murdering their competition. The Routier’s had a computer parts business, that was growing pulling in over 100,000 a year. After these murders they were bankrupt and someone else was getting that hundred thousand a year. Find out who that competition was because that hundred thousand dollars a year was the motive. The way the computer industry was growing back in 1996, if his kids weren’t murdered that probably would have been $100 million company and I think the people who killed those kids knew it. In fact if you asked Darlie’s husband, who their competition was back in 1996 and if they’re still in business today, how much money is that company worth then and now, you would probably be surprised. In 1995 I bought a $2000 Packard Bell computer and that was when the price of gold was $200 or $300 an ounce. I could have bought 10 ounces of pure gold.


If Darlie Routier was wearing socks, so that she wouldn’t leave fingerprints, why would she be worried about leaving fingerprints on the knife in the 911 call? Why don’t the cops just admit that they are the people who killed the two kids, that way they can get their 15 minutes of fame? Keywords.

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