When You Did it to Charlie Manson, You Did it to Jesus, August 6, 2017.

Jesus said, ďI was hungry and you fed me not, I was in prison and you visited me notĒ. The scribes and Pharisees asked, ďwhen were you hungry and when were you in prison?Ē. And Jesus said, ďwhen you did it to the least of these my brethren, you did it to meĒ. When you didnít visit Charles Manson in prison, you didnít visit Jesus. I know it seems as if Iím not practicing what Iím preaching, because I never visited Charles Manson either. Iím not even sure what prison heís in. But Iím trying to teach something here. And if you canít visit him in prison, the least you can do, is support him where youíre at. Charles Manson never killed anyone. He was arrested for murder, because he said the rich people should be killed and people agreed with him. But he wasnít teaching nothing that wasnít right out of the Bible. One manís terrorist is another manís hero.

We were all taught of the Bible heroes. Sampson filled with the Holy Spirit of God, killed 50 people, with the skull of an ass. It wasnít 50 rapist or prison inmates Sampson killed. Sampson killed 50 businessmen. The Roman Empire tried to claim that they were civilized and that all the indigenous people were barbarians. We can look at the images of the Roman soldiers, how they were killing the indigenous people and we know that the Roman soldiers were the barbarians. And the indigenous people were the people of God.

One of the YouTube channels I watch is 108Morris108. I really donít like what he says, but heís in Cambodia and he showing us whatís going on in Cambodia. You have the indigenous people that live in villages and then you have these merchants, that come in with their wagons full of product to sell their product to the villagers. Those merchants, are like the ones Sampson killed. Sampson and his people, were like the Indians that were hiding out in the mountains from the white man and they made a living off of killing and robbing the merchants. Sampson was like a Robin Hood that stole from the rich and gave to the poor. In a unjust world, the only place for righteous men, is in prison.

Some people were expecting a complete overthrow of the Roman Empire. The 12 apostles tried to show us that it should be more of a conversion process, then an outright war. People get killed in wars.

I also like to watch 48 hours, Dateline NBC and ABC 20/20. This weekend ABC 2020 did the story of the girl, that they tried to charge for murder, for what she said. You can read up on twitter about the story, under the hashtag #DeathByText. I believe the whole story is a made up false flag. So they can pass some laws restricting free speech. While they put Charles Manson in prison for life for what he said, so I donít see any difference here. First of all Charles Manson didnít have a religious cult. He just had a bunch of friends. But Charlie said the rich should die and his friends agreed with him and they killed some rich people. This girl said this kid should commit suicide and he agreed and committed suicide. When the Supreme Court justices said it was legal to kill babies by abortion, that made them guilty of 60 million accounts of premeditated first-degree baby murder. It doesnít matter if they claim the women chose to kill their babies by abortion. When the Supreme Court legalized it, that made them guilty of murder. They should be held accountable for what they said and the Supreme Court decisions they made. That is what caused the death of over 60 million babies since Roe versus Wade.

The two border patrol agents told some kid to drink a poison liquid, he drank it and he died. This girl didnít do anything any different than they did. The only differences, when a cop tells you to do something, like the border patrol agents told this kid to drink poison, he had no other choice but to do it. Some people are claiming the kid didnít have to do it, but they were border patrol. He had no other choice. If he had a gun and the cop said to drop the gun, he would have to do it, or be killed. If the cops tell you to drink poison at the border, you better drink it, or they will shoot you and call it self defense.

Dateline did another story about Charles Manson and theyíre still putting out one-sided stories to make Manson look evil and the cops and the elite look like saints. They tried to accuse Alice Cooper of killing chickens. Alice Cooper said that Colonel Sanders killed more chickens than he did. The Supreme Court justices killed more people, than Charles Manson. Charles Manson was pretty smart, probably filled with Godís spirit. If Manson killed someone, he would admit to it. Just like me, you donít have to worry, if I kill someone, I will admit to it. Charles Manson was pretty close to the truth, when he said there was going to be a race war. The Black Panthers were getting guns and they were starting militia groups like the white Christians and the Ku Klux Klan was doing. If anything Charles Manson stopped the race war.

When you see something on the news, itís probably not truth and in fact, it might be the exact opposite. Quite possibly the Black Panthers did some killings, that were blamed on the Manson family. I find it very hard to believe the Black Panthers didnít kill anyone. When they were running around with all them guns. Iíve seen videos of them. They were some bad ass dudes. Far worse than the Ku Klux Klan. And we know the Ku Klux Klan had killed a lot of people. They just were never caught. What Charles Manson did was raise the suspicion among the FBI, so that they crackdown on the Black Panthers. If the Manson family never killed anyone. The Black Panthers would probably still be gaining members and guns. Hundreds of Black Panthers were arrested and hundreds of them fled to South America.

This is why the CIA killed all the people at Jonestown. Yeah go ahead with the tinfoil hat comments. My brother said abortion needs to be legal, because white girls are getting pregnant by black men and everyone claims Im wearing a tinfoil hat, because of what my brother said. Next time I go to a family reunion Iíll try to get him to repeat that comment on video. Because I donít think he changed his view. Most of my family are racist. But believe me, my brother is not the only person who thinks like that. Most of the people at Jonestown were Black Panthers. Jim Jones was actually doing good, until the Black Panthers were looking for a place of refuge. There was only 300 people at Jonestown before the FBI cracked down on the Black Panthers. Jim Jones offered them refuge in South America. I believe the Black Panthers might have taken over Jonestown. It was the same time period. The Black Panthers had machine guns. The people at Jonestown had machine guns.

Five years ago I started the YouTube channel called ďguns for black peopleĒ and in three days I had over 10,000 followers. Then YouTube closed down that channel before I even had a chance to post anything. I donít know why they closed it down, they simply deleted the account. No explanation given. It might not of been YouTube, it mightíve been the government or some hacker. But I think other people should open guns for black people accounts on YouTube and Twitter. They canít shut everyone down. The Bible says youíre not supposed to mix the races. That doesnít mean that the Bible is racist or that Iím a racist for teaching it. Itís the Christian religion, that is trying to mix the races or at least a part of it. Another part of the Christian religion, is the Ku Klux Klan. This is why I am starting a new religion. Not a religion where some people believe the exact opposite, of other people who belong to it.

The YouTube trolls and the insane people I meet at bars are pushing my buttons. So sometimes I say things out of anger and have to recant. Most of my videos are rant videos. So most of them can be edited. Nothing is in stone. Government officials and even Christians and atheists are trying to infiltrate my religion, like they did to Charles Manson. I believe Ted infiltrated the Manson family to kill some people and get the Manson family blamed for it. This is how these narcissistic psychopaths work. They want to stay in control and if they have to infiltrate your religious group and kill someone. So the whole group gets blamed, they will do it. This is another reason why a new religion has to be started. Christians have killed people and there is no statute of limitation on murder. If you join the Christian religion that makes you guilty of murder also.

So someone claimed they wanted to join my religion, sent me a text message. Then they called me up, left their number, I called them back, they didnít answer, they called me back, I didnít answer. Were playing phone tag. I donít have call screening, I have voice mail. If you call, leave a time that you want me to call you back, where youíre going to be there, to answer the phone. I got a computer answering the phone and the fax answering software doesnít work too good. I went to Best Buy to upgrade but they donít even sell fax software anymore. Itís 20-year-old fax voice machine software. But who knows if they only wanted to join so they can kill someone and blame the Timothean religion for it. I havenít really established the Timothean religion dogma. The religion of the indigenous people in Cambodia is animism. Itís the same religion the American Indians were. Itís a belief that a supernatural power that animates and organizes the universe. A great spirit. This is also what I believe.

I have read a lot of books. On how they control people, buy putting fluoride and other chemicals in the water. But ancient books talked about how they control people by putting drugs in the food. Even a college professor told me they put chemicals in the food to control people. I overheard two people in the bar talking about putting drugs in somebodyís drink. Just like the girl that talk that boy into suicide and he was hesitant to do it. There was a guy at the bar talking some girl into putting a drug in someoneís drink and she was hesitant to do it and he kept Talking her into doing it. If doctors donít like you, they will do all kinds of shit to you. And I know that restaurants and bar workers will do the same. When Bill Hicks did his comedy about dumb waitresses at bars, I wouldnít be surprised if he got cancer from one of the drinks the waitressís were serving him. This is why I had made the dogma not to eat at restaurants or drink in bars. Itís dangerous. But after a person asked about this dogma I posted in a rant because the restaurant tried to poison me, I realized it was a little unreasonable about asking people to unsubscribe if they go to a restaurant or bar. Because even I will take the risk and go to a bar restaurant for a drink or food. So Iím stuck with the dilemma of how do you teach people that they shouldnít go to restaurants or drink at bars without making it a dogma of the Timothean religion. It kind of looks like hypocrisy, but it isnít. Itís not like Christianity that tries to mix the races in some of their churches and has the Ku Klux Klan in another branch of Christianity.

Itís not even as if the people at restaurants and bars are trying to kill you, theyíre just trying to make a living selling you toxic food. One cook at a restaurant actually told me they do put poison in foods and I donít know why he was telling me that. He said he was ordered to put certain things in certain peopleís foods. I guess if you owned a restaurant and you didnít like someone, you would tell the cook to put some laxative in that personís food. Most people are like that. Even evil Knievel said he would never eat at a restaurant, because of what the workers do to the food if they donít like you. Itís not even if they donít like you, if you are on welfare or disability. They think that your welfare or disability check is coming right out of their paychecks. Not out of the rich peopleís paychecks, but right out of the waitresses two dollars an hour paycheck. The waitresses only get two dollars an hour. The rest of their wages comes in tips. But out of the two dollar an hour paycheck, comes a few cents in taxes, that pays peopleís disability and welfare checks. Then the waitresses donít even claim their tips to the government. Itís really crazy.

I went to Hooters for the first time Friday night. I just had to check it out to see what it was like. The place stunk literally. At first I thought it was just some old person who didnít take a shower. But after I sat in the restaurant a few minutes and ordered a hamburger and fries, I realized it was the restaurant that stunk. The French fries were cold and soggy. The cheese wasnít just melted on the hamburger it was almost disintegrated on the hamburger. The lettuce was rotten. It stunk worse than the restaurant. I watch Doctor G and it reminded me of the D comp room. Thereís a decompensation room at the morgue, when bodies really stink, they do the autopsies in the D comp room. This is what the lettuce reminded me of. D comp lettuce. It reminded me of the trash can at the bagel factory I used to work at. Where all the bagels that fell on the floor and the dough were thrown in the trash to rot and decomposed. Thatís what the lettuce smelled like. They told me I didnít have to pay for the food. It wasnít the waitresses fault so I gave her a five dollar tip anyways. Then the manager gave me a $10 gift certificate if I come back. The only way I will ever go back is if they get new management.

So I was still hungry when I left and I went to a Chinese restaurant. I thought I would try something knew. I tried the hot mustard and almost died. Whatever is in the horseradish got into my lungs and I couldnít breathe. Itís two days later and I think it still lowered my lungs capacity. I got to figure out whatís in that hot mustard.

I donít think it will even be safe eating at a church. Some guy put some poison in the coffee at a church. People infiltrate these churches. Muslims, atheist, psychopaths etc. With the possibility of someone poisoning the food, it is probably not worth eating there. When in Rome you gotta do as the Romans. But you donít have to do it as often as the Romans and that will lower your risk of being poisoned. Nowadays thereís just too many things they can put in food that acts as a slow poison.

I created two Instagram accounts, one for me personally and one for my religion account. Someone had already taken the name GoTimothy on Instagram and really pissed me off, because Iíve had that name for 20 years. So I had to create GoTimothy1 and the religion Account Iím Timothean. So you can follow me on Instagram now. Follow GoTimothy1 or Timothean on Instagram.


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