When Did Incest Become Immoral? Dr Phil, By Timothy Allen Campbell May 11, 2017.

We all read the Bible. We all know that Adam and Eveís grandchildren were born out of incest. There just wasnít anyone else on earth for them to mate with. In Sodom and Gomorrah, where God destroyed the city for their sins, the only person righteous enough to survive, was Lot who had sex with his daughters. With this story. It seems the sin that the city had committed, was making laws that were contradictory to Godís creation. If God seen nothing wrong with incest, who are you to say there is something wrong with it, if not the devil himself.

In the book of Genesis. Adam and Eve were naked, until they took from the tree of knowledge and decided they needed to wear clothing. God said, ďwho told you that you were naked?Ē. It was pretty obvious that the devil himself, told them that they were naked, and needed to purchase clothing. Now Christianity goes all around the world, forcing indigenous people to wear clothing. In which then they need to get slave jobs to purchase. Which causes their suffering and death. These people in Third World countries are making less than a dollar a day and they need to purchase clothing or go to prison. They donít have money for food because they have to purchase clothing. Instead of spending time foraging for food for their children, their spending all their time washing and ironing their clothing. Itís complete insanity caused by Christianity that wants to play God.

So what is the history of incest laws? The reason for this question, is a Doctor Phil show, that was on a couple days ago. Kelly had a relationship with her father and bore 2 children by him. Kelly thought this was normal. In her life, It was normal. Until her girlfriend called the cops. Her girlfriend noticed the relationship between her and her father was a little abnormal. They were always texting each other, as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Everything seemed to be somewhat normal, until the cops came in.

Not only does everybody know that Adam and Eveís grandchildren were the victims of incest, but everyone knows that child molesters are shot by vigilante cops. Child molesters generally donít even live in prison. The criminals in prison will kill a child molester. Ariel Castro was killed by the cops. And I have no doubt in my mind that Kellyís father was killed by the cops. He didnít commit suicide. The story sounds too fishy, that the daughter found her father shot dead in a white van. That he didnít even own. This sounds more like a CIA hit. This sounds like something the devil would do. Take the law into their own hands and kill the child molester and even forced the victim to see the dead abuser to brainwash their mind, into believing what he did was so evilly wrong. Child abuse is a mental illness. However, killing a child abuser like Ariel Castro or Kellyís father, is downright premeditated, first-degree murder. Thereís nobody more evil. Thereís no doubt about that. You donít kill the mentally ill. Only a complete narcissistic psychopath, kills the mentally ill. Especially without a jury, trial or judge. The suicide of Kellyís father needs to be investigated, because it wasnít a suicide. We all know vigilante cops, narcissistic gunowners, went out and purchased their guns for this very reason, to kill somebody like Kellyís father. We all know that the father wouldnít have lived very long in a prison, full of criminals. Prison inmates kill child molesters. And Kellyís father sure the hell canít live long on the streets with 140,000,000 gunowners and tens of thousands of narcissistic cops. This was a murder not a suicide, according to statistics. Everybody has been so deeply brainwashed by religion, that was infiltrated by atheist who want to make God look evil so that the devil can look like a saintly God.

I donít think the story on Doctor Phil is going to get more victims of child abuse to go to the police. I think this story is sending a message to never go to the police if youíre a victim of child abuse. Because the cops are only going to start killing people. Not only do they want to kill the abuser, they want to kill the children of the abuser. They want to kill Kellyís children. They think Kellyís children should have been aborted. These kids are alive. What the hell is wrong with them for even talking like that? This is a very deep racial conspiracy. Itís almost like the devil is trying to prove to the world that God is evil. If God told Adam and Eveís grandchildren to have sex with each other, thatís incest. And the devil has to make God look evil so that the devil can look like a saintly God. I think Kelly mustíve known, that not only would her father go to prison, but that he would be killed by the cops, these gun nuts or the prison inmates. This is why she never told anyone. This also means that thereís probably hundreds of thousands or even millions of incest victims, who will never tell their story.

Just like homosexuals were in the closet until the Internet proved there were millions of them, I believe they are probably millions of incest relationships. I remember when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, a schoolmate had told me he was having sex with his sister. At that time I was even too young to know what that meant. But to him that was normal. In fact, there were several children in school that were sexually active at a very young age. One kid told me that the 7th grade teacher was a homosexual and he knew, because he seen him at an orgy. I didnít even know what an orgy was so it just went over my head.

Yes, it is considered rape because these people were children. But they were not tied up and raped at gun or knife point. They were sexually groomed to the point where it just seems normal to them. Just like Kelly thought the relationship with her father was normal. But what is weird is Doctor Phil belongs to an organization of doctors who killed 60,000,000 babies by abortion and they think that their normal. Not only do the baby killers like Doctor Phil believe their normal, they believe people who accuse them of being baby killers, are tinfoil hat wearing crazy paranoid schizophrenics. So that thereís no cure for them. Thereís no mental hospital, they can go to, to get better. Because all the people who work in the medical profession are narcissistic psychopath baby killers. And the people who work in law enforcement, are narcissistic psychopaths, who kill the mentally ill and justify themselves as holier than thou soldiers for Satanís Christianity.

Then they try to justify Adam and Eveís grandchildren incest as being evil because they claim it causes birth defects. I donít believe it does cause birth defects. I believe itís the exact opposite. You canít get cancer or Alzheimerís, Unless you get the cancer or Alzheimerís gene. And the only way to get that gene is by mixing the races. By having sex with someone outside your race. When Blacks and whites mix, they get this skin disease of black and white patches. This is caused by mixing the races. Thereís a lot of things that cause birth defects like depleted uranium bombs, prescription drugs, alcohol, and industrial chemicals. But they donít want to ban any of those things. They only want to ban incest because it might cause birth defects. Whereas I donít believe thereís any proof of that. I think that itís a myth that incest causes birth defects. And I think it might be very well possible that disease is caused by mixing the races and the gene pool.

My brother used to breed rabbits. All you need is a male and female rabbit. It doesnít matter if their brothers and sisters or if their father in daughter rabbits. They breed and thereís no birth defects. It doesnít matter if itís a white and brown rabbit. It doesnít matter if itís a old and young rabbit. However, some rabbits will not breed with each other. There doesnít seem to be any rhyme or reason why certain male and female rabbits wonít breed. But now I have an opinion that it might be because the rabbits are not related. And thatís why they donít breed. If theyíre not related, their like strangers. My brother caught a wild rabbit and it didnít get along with the rabbits that were in captivity. They wouldnít breed.

So now Kellyís life and her childrenís life are completely destroyed because she went to the cops. I actually had a dream about this after watching the Doctor Phil show. In the dream Doctor Phil had a sewing machine and he was sewing up Kellyís Vagina, as she was screaming in pain. The meaning of the dream is that Kelly will not have any more children by her father. Kellyís children will not have any more brothers and sisters, because of the God playing cops. These cops shot her father dead and showed her his dead body, In the white van, to try to brainwash her into believing a loving relationship with her father was wrong. I think she knew her father didnít commit suicide, that the cops murdered him. Furthermore, if the cops did murder him it would be justification for God to bring down fire from heaven to destroy the United States, just like God brought fire down from heaven to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. So hopefully this message gets out to another country, so they know why the United States goes up in smoke.


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