What Is Wrong with People? March 31, 2017.

Atheist are some of the greatest piece of shit people, I ever met on the planet. Iíve met rapist, pedophiles and murderers and their not as bad as atheist. I donít know why we are fighting Isis or any other terrorist, when we have atheist right here in the United States. The Constitution never gave anybody freedom from religion, thatís a lie perpetrated by atheist. The atheist are worse than the terrorist. Iíve been attacked by atheist on YouTube. Iíve been attacked by atheist on Bill Mahers website. Iíve been attacked by atheist on twitter. My Reddit account doesnít work anymore, because not only was I attacked by atheist, they hacked my Reddit account. So I canít post on it anymore. Thatís a 10 year felony.

Atheists are responsible for all the suffering in the world. Abortion is legal because of atheist. No man of God legalized abortion. The definition of a psychopath, is someone who consciously kills babies, without a conscience and uses criminally insane rationalization, that they werenít human beings. And the real psychopaths, are the ones who made it legal and called it abortion, instead of murder. The biggest deception pulled off on mankind, was not the fake moonwalk. It was convincing women that abortion was their right and a choice. Women get abortions because they have no other choice. They canít afford to raise the child, Then abortion is not a choice. All the wars are started by atheist, that run religion. Men of God, donít run religion, because if they did, they would be convincing people to go to war with atheist, not other believers like Muslims or Jews. Everything the preachers teach in church, is the exact opposite of the Bible. This is how you know that the church leaders are atheist, not believers. The Bible says to try the church leaders to see if they are men of God. There was a separation of church and state because the message was the complete opposite. But now religion teaches exactly what the state wants them to teach. Thereís no freedom of religion anymore. If men of God ran religion, they would be teaching of Godís Providence. They would be teaching that jobs are slavery. They would be teaching how God overthrew the Egyptians, because they enslaved the Hebrews with jobs. They would be teaching about the book of revelation, a time where the rich would be eaten by the poor. They would be teaching how food grows on trees. That God invented the Apple not Monsanto. They would be teaching how Psalms 127:1 says, everything man labor for is in vain. That money is the root of evil in the mark of the beast. The Bible says to try them and see if they are men of God. If there teaching what the Bible says, that jobs are slavery and Jesus set men free, then you know they are a man of God. If they want you to go get a job so you can give them 10 percent of your money, then you know that they are an atheist.

Atheists have been infiltrating the church to take money from believers and to turn believers against each other in wars. Itís time to kick the atheist out of the church. If the Pope wasnít an atheist, he would be teaching the things that I said. The Pope should be firing all the cardinals, who are not teaching that Jesus set men free. He should be firing all the cardinals who are not teaching that the automobile companies are responsible for all those killed in car accidents. Furthermore, he would be firing all the preachers who arenít teaching, that God isnít going to heal injuries, to save big business money. When in Rome do as the Romans or they will throw you in prison, for not paying taxes, If you donít get a job. But any extra money, should not go to the automobile companies. It should go to the preachers teaching truth. Not for them to buy luxuries homes and cars, but radio and TV time to spread the truth.

Car insurance should be illegal, people need refunds and speed limits less than 15 miles per hour. This is the letter Iím sending to President Trump, Mike Duggan mayor of Detroit and Rick Snyder the governor of Michigan.

Somebody on twitter, sent me a picture of a child in a wheelchair, from a car accident and wondered why God didnít heal the child, so that the automobile companies can make billions in profit and not have to pay for the suffering they caused. That child wasnít disabled from a drunk driver. Alcohol was here long before they invented the automobile. At one time, Alcohol was illegal, because people were being injured in car accidents and the alcohol companies still made alcohol even though it was illegal. To the point where people had no other choice but to legalize alcohol. Because the FBI wasnít powerful enough to stop the Mafia run alcohol industry. But it doesnít matter if the alcohol companies are partly responsible for traffic fatalities. Because the automobile manufacturers knew that if they made a car go faster than 15 miles per hour, People would be injured and killed by them. But they made them go faster anyway, because they were atheist murderers. No man of God desires people to be injured and killed in car crashes. Atheist seem to be very selective of science. When science tells atheist, people would be injured and killed in car accidents, if they make a car go faster and 15 miles an hour, they donít listen to those scientific facts.

The reason why the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms, is because itís a system of checks and balances. If the government is run by Mafia thugs, murderers and corrupt officials, you have the weapons to overthrow them. Thatís the purpose of the right to bear arms. Itís not inciting violence or advocating murder, when you teach people the facts. If it was, George Bush, Obama and John McCain would be arrested for even suggesting wars in the Middle East. The only reason why cars are designed to go over 10 miles per hour and speed limits are so high, is to sell people car insurance. Thereís no other reason for speed limits to be over 15 miles per hour. Furthermore, anybody who desires speed limits to be over 15 miles per hour, Knowing people will be injured and killed, are complete fucking psychopaths.

Nobody would need car insurance, if speed limits were 15 miles per hour. Nobody would be injured or killed in a car crash, If speed limits were 15 miles per hour. Even if everybody was drunk driving. The only reason why they are over 15 miles per hour, is to sell everybody car insurance and to make profit off of the people injured and killed by automobiles. Hospitals make billions of dollars by people injured in car accidents. Funeral homes make billions of dollars off of people killed in car accidents. Insurance companies are making trillions of dollars selling automobile insurance. This is why speed limits are more than 15 miles per hour. Not only would be saved billions in fossil fuel if we lowered the speed limit 15 miles per hour. We would cut down the carbon and global warming. You wouldnít worry about money for Obama care, if speed limits were 15 miles per hour. Just look at what caring for injured victims of the automobile industry is costing. It doesnít take a genius that insurance would be 1/10 the price it is now if speed limits were 15 miles per hour.

Were not just talking about lowering speed limits, were talking about getting refunds plus penalties and interest, for everybody who was tricked into buying automobile insurance because of high speed limits for the last 50 years. Were talking about charging insurance company CEOs with murder, because they are the responsible for people killed in car accidents, by keeping the speed limits high. Weíre talking about charging automobile manufacturers CEOs with murder, because they made cars go faster than 15 miles per hour. If you bought a toy car for your child and it went 50 miles per hour, you would sue the toy manufacturing for millions. Itís not safe for people or children to go over 15 miles per hour.

I donít believe itís people of God who want people to be injured and killed in car crashes. I believe itís atheist. Only an atheist would claim itís Godís job to heal those who are injured in car accidents. Only atheist would raise speed limits to unsafe level. Speed limits are unsafe when people are injured in killed in car accidents. You only need to look at automobile insurance statistics, to figure out what speed, A car needs to go, so that nobody is injured or killed by them.

Maybe thatís why people are atheist. I met a guy at the bar who said he was an atheist because this child was killed in a car accident. Most likely he was driving drunk and he killed his child and he figured heís never going to get to heaven so he might as well be an atheist. But even as he was driving drunk and killed his child in a car accident heís not responsible for his childís death. The alcohol companies, the bar that served him too much liquor, the automobile companies who manufacture the car and the politicians who pass the speed limit laws are responsible for his dead child. And if he wants to get to heaven and not spend eternity in hell, Then he better sue the hell out of all of them.

These atheists are like serial killers, who figure they already killed once, so theyíre going to hell. So they might as well kill 1000 people. But if youíd done wrong, The Bible says you need to do work for repentance. You need to sue the alcohol companies. You need to sue the car manufacturers. You need to sue the insurance companies. You need to sue the hospitals, because the hospitals are keeping the speed limits high so they can make profit. You need to sue the funeral homes, because theyíre keeping the speed limits high, so they can sell more caskets for 7000 dollars each.

Now maybe technology has advanced so that cars can go faster than that 15 miles per hour without anyone being injured or killed. The insurance companies know the statistics. They know how many people are killed at 50 miles per hour, 40 miles per hour, 30 miles per hour, 20 miles per hour, etc. But they also keep statistics on how many people purchase car insurance when speed limits are 55 miles per hour or 65 miles per hour. In this is why they keep lobbying to raise speed limits to sell more car insurance. When President Nixon lowered the speed limit to 55 miles per hour it save 10,000 lives in billions of barrels of oil. But thousands of people didnít feel I need to buy car insurance at those speeds, and this is why speed limits were raised back to 65 miles per hour. Even at 30 miles per hour. People would not need car insurance. A child car seat manufacturer said that itís impossible to make a child car seat safe over 30 miles per hour. The babies head would be ripped off at 35 miles per hour no matter how it was strapped in. So how is it possible that speed limits are over 30 miles per hour. If thereís not complete psychopaths making up the laws? Obama care video will have to come later.


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