What Border Agents Should Have Done, ABC2020, August 1, 2017.

Now wonder were losing the war on drugs. Nobody is fighting. When these two border control agents were suspicious about the contents of those bottles, they shouldíve called over a more experienced investigator. Itís very hard to get good help now days. Canít expect every border agent to be an expert. The protocol should be. that when a border agent find something suspicious, they call someone who has more intelligence, more wisdom, more experience, someone with more training in investigation. Someone with training in chemistry. Someone with training in how the Mafia cartels gangs work. How they use mules. How they threaten family members to get people to work for them. How some of them are actually family members of the drug dealers. How they are blackmailed into smuggling. Basically what the border agents are looking for is illegal drugs, guns or explosives. But there also is hundreds of chemicals used to make these drugs. Once you find someone or something suspicious you need to call in an expert. They shouldíve brought the kid into an interrogation room, while they tested the contents of the bottle. When they found out it was crystal meth, they should have indeed asked the kid to take a drink, but not let him drink it. Just see his reaction and read his body language, to see if he was going to take a drink. This is to try to find out if the mule knew that it was highly concentrated crystal meth. When this kid took a drink, that only proved he didnít know what it was. He was not suicidal. He was not a CIA agent taking his cyanide tablet when caught. He probably thought it was moonshine or illegal gasoline. With gas prices so high the criminals are actually smuggling gasoline. You can buy stolen gasoline for $.50 a gallon and most of the poor people in Mexico, thatís all they can afford. In fact gasoline prices are artificially high at two dollars a gallon. The prices are controlled by OPEC and someone who owns an oil well could actually make their own gasoline and become rich by selling it for $.50 a gallon. So itís not even stolen gasoline, itís just a oil company that is not following the laws of OPEC. So most people believe it shouldnít really be illegal.

Most likely the kid didnít know that it was highly concentrated crystal meth. So when border agents tested it and the mule was willing to drink it, he might be really surprised to find out itís crystal meth. Now the mule might actually become angry at the drug cartels who lied to him and might become willing to testify against them in a court of law and tell law enforcement who he got the crystal meth from and where the crystal meth was going to, so that the FBI could bust the drug dealers in America. There was two ways they could have done this. They could have told the mule that they knew it was crystal meth and he was going to jail if he didnít rat on the drug cartels. Which never seems to work, unless he gets angry at them for lying. They could have put a GPS in the bag or simply put a tail on the mule to find out where the drugs were going to be delivered. Because the people receiving those drugs are the ones we want in prison. We donít want the mules in prison. We want the drug manufacturers and dealers in prison.

You really have to find out if the mule is smuggling for money, smuggling because of intimidation, or smuggling for his family who are cartel or gang members. If the mule is smuggling for cartel family or gang members heís not likely to turn on his family or gang. If heís smuggling because of intimidation, he will cooperate if he and his family is offered protection. If itís just for the money, then he can be a paid informant. But the best way to fight the war on crime is to win the people over to your side. Every case is going to be different and thatís why itís difficult to train someone. You need someone who is an expert. Someone with logical critical thinking. First I wouldíve found out what kind of smuggler he was.

If he smuggled because of intimidation, threats made to his family etc. I wouldíve taken the kid in the interrogation room and told him itís his lucky day. Youíre just the man were looking for to destroy the drug cartels. Tell him how his life is going to change for the better. How is family is going to be saved and possibly given a new life, possibly new names in the witness protection program. How we know how the drug cartels work by intimidation, murder, blackmail and extortion and they might even have some new tricks we donít know about. But youíre just the man to teach us. Tell us the truth and we will protect you and your family because thatís our job to serve and protect. You could go to prison for 20 years or you can work for us, save your family and put away the drug cartels.

If he smuggled because heís related to the cartel families or a gang member. You can usually tell by tattoos and clothing. I would never have told him we found crystal meth in the bottle. I wouldíve put some kind of GPS tracking device on the bag, if I could do it without it being discovered, or I would get the FBI to tail him, to find out where the drugs are going. Then I wouldíve busted all the drug dealers in the United States that were receiving those drugs.

If he smuggled because of the money. Then he has to be paid more money to work for law enforcement. This is why so many law enforcement are corrupt. Itís better money working for the criminals. Theyíre making more money dealing the drugs, then they are making at busting the drug dealers. Itís really all about bringing the prices of illegal drugs down and raising the reward money for busting the drug dealers. If you can make $100 selling a bag of drugs and $200 busting someone who sells a bag of drugs, then youíre going to stop selling drugs and get a job busting drug dealers.

This is why I donít get why people commit suicide. If you donít want to live, you can go to any bar and introduce yourself to everyone. Tell them your job is to bust drug dealers, ask them if they know any. Make sure youíre wearing a hidden camera, so you can upload the video to YouTube or so the cops can use the video to find the person who killed you.

For you people who see nothing wrong with marijuana or drugs, you better wake up to the fact that they are using these drugs to control and enslave you. I see nothing wrong with someone growing marijuana in the backyard and smoking it. But as soon as someone tries to make a profit off of what God had provided for free, they had committed a sin punishable by death. Thatís in the Bible.

A cop almost got me killed a couple weeks ago. Were in a bar and this cop is telling everyone that Iím one of Jesusís disciples. He thinks Iím crazy, but he also thinks the women are crazy because they always want to hear more. Heís doing it because itís a good conversation starter with the women to get laid. When they ask the cop, ďhow do you know who he is?Ē The cop says, ďIím the cop who was hired to protect himĒ. They say, ďyouíre a copĒ the cop says, ďShhh donít tell anyone Iím a cop, you could get me killedĒ. The cop doesnít mind telling everyone in the bar who I am, to get me killed, but he doesnít want anyone knowing heís a cop, because he could get killed. Were in a bar full of alcoholics, criminals, ex-cons, gang members, mafia thugs. I think the Sicilian Mafia actually owns the bar, the guy doesnít even speak English. Itís run by the family and they refuse to even higher experienced waitresses. Theyíre not family members. We are living in a world that was created by God, but was taken over by Satan. The devil is actually running the world. Thatís not God in the White House. Thatís not even one of Jesus Ďs disciples. He only thinks that he is God.


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