We Are Controlled by People Worse than Russell Williams, June 29, 2017.

The people in power are more evil than Russell Williams. Thereís no doubt Russell William killed JonBenet back in 1996. His MO was that he crawled into peopleís basement windows, struck his victims on the head with a flashlight, fed the young victims fruit, tied them up, taped their mouth, tortured them with a stun gun, raped or masturbated on them, choked them to death with a garrotte, hung around the house for hours even after he killed them, left notes and tried to frame the crime on someone else. Furthermore, he stole womenís underwear and the Ramseys said someone took JonBenetís underwear and replace them with an older pair.

Let me tell you some underwear facts that I learned from watching family feud. In a survey on family feud of 100 people, they were asked how many bras do women own. The most popular answer was two. Which surprised me, because I thought Amanda Marcos owning 3000 pairs of shoes, women must own at least a few dozen bras, but women are different than men. First of all, in another study of 100 people surveyed, women donít wash their bras after every use, they donít wash them until they start to smell. Furthermore, women donít wait a month to do the laundry like men do. They do the laundry every day or every other day or at least once a week. So they donít need 60 pair of underwear, to last them to the next laundry cycle. Men tend to keep their old underwear and just add the new underwear they purchased, to them. So men have more underwear than women. Women when they purchase new underwear, they throw the old underwear out. Generally. In another survey on family feud, out of 100 people surveyed, the most popular answer when asked how long do you keep your underwear, was one or two years. People buy new underwear every year and throw the old ones out. The Ramseys were wealthy and they were the type of people that purchased new underwear every year and Mrs. Ramsey said JonBenet was wearing a brand-new pair of underwear, but when they found her she had a worn peer of underwear on. Somebody had changed JonBenetís underwear and stolen the new pair. The cops refuse to believe this, because what kind of Yahoo would do that? That was before they knew David Russell Williams. Thatís why cops thought it was the Ramseys who murdered JonBenet. Nothing in their story made sense. Someone stole your daughters underwear you must be some kind of paranoid schizophrenic.

Generally before and after the crime, he would attend a charity event on the same day. The police and FBI are covering for David Russell Williams, because he was NSA. He was one of them. Even the cops tried to make it look like someone else did it. Nowhere in history has a serial killer started out so late in life. Usually they start killing people earlier like in their 20s.

I have no doubt that David Russell Williams started killing people in his 20s, he just never got caught, because the cops were on his side. Even his reason for killing people is proof he started killing people earlier in life. Most murderers have what they consider a good reason to kill someone. The person cheated on them, the person robbed them, they hated the person. David Russell Williams gives his reason for raping, torturing and murdering women as, ďhe didnít know themĒ. That was his reason for killing people. If you didnít know them, it was okay for him to kill them. This is the guy who wrote the thesis on the preemptive strike in Iraq. This is why we went to Iraq and killed 2 Ĺ million Muslims. Because the serial killer who killed JonBenet Ramsey, David Russell Williams had said it was the right thing to do.

This is more than just an international incident. It is embarrassment for the FBI and the NSA. Because it says that with all their background checks, they still let someone who murdered JonBenet Ramsey join the NSA. David Russell Williams killed JonBenet Ramsey before his background checks. All these doctors and psychiatrists examined David Russell Williams and said he was perfectly normal to join the NSA. I guess nobody asked him, on any of those psychological exams, if it was okay to torture and kill people, if you didnít know them. Every one of these NSA, CIA, American sniper zombies, fit the profile of a serial killer. They choose to serve the government, that they know killed over 60 million babies out by abortion. They canít be complete idiots, they gotta know jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. What seems to be even worse, is they are the lowest slaves on the totem pole. Risking their lives for the rich for only a couple hundred bucks a month. Being brainwashed into believing they are serving the people, when they are doing nothing but serving the pedophiles, rapist and murderers in power. Enslaving everybody with jobs.

Even the Beatles are trying to claim they were slaves to the rich. The Beatles are poor, somebody else made the money. The only rock stars that are making any money are the ones who know something and theyíre being paid off to keep their mouth shut. You can learn a lot by watching the FBI files on escape TV. Itís all about money laundering. The nightclubs, stadiums and concert halls owned by mafia thugs, launder money, by claiming they are paying the Beatles $25,000 a show on their tax form, but their really only paying the Beatles $2500 a show. And theyíre doing this with all the bands. So the Beatles only making a few million dollars for working 25 years six days a week owe more money in taxes, than they made. So if they ever offer you what $10 million music contract, tell them to stick it up their ass. Theyíre only going to use you, to launder money.

The world is so corrupt it has to be destroyed. So I make a video with a little bit of copyrighted content and the people who own the copyrighted content, get 100% of the money. I would delete the video but itís the only video I have on YouTube that theyíre actually letting people watch. The only reason why theyíre letting people watch it. Is because they own a small part of the copyrighted material and their getting 100% of the money. I was the guy who solved the JonBenet Ramsey murder case and these people are collecting the money. The only thing that gives me any happiness is the knowledge that God created a lake of fire for these people. Because 100 years in prison is not enough time for them to pay for their crimes.

Even a bar I go to, that is supposed to be owned by a couple who got a slice of the American pie, are slaves. These people own the bar for over 30 years. Itís a successful bar but theyíre still poor. Sure they have a fairly decent house and automobile but they are slaves who have to go to work every day or lose their business. Their faces are full of pain. They look like the most miserable people on earth and people even comment about it on yelp. Who in the hell is making all the money? You canít even make money by copyrighting something because they have thieves that the copyright office who will read your book, rewrite it and because they have all the connections, they can become rich off of what you wrote. Writers in Hollywood even admit to this. They have no original ideas. Theyíre not creative. They are simply editors. Thereís no writers in Hollywood. They have these poetry contest and people send in their poetry to see if they can win a prize. Those poems are put in a book that they sell to you. The rich people read the books and if there is a poem minute they like they buy it for 50 bucks and claim it as their own. Then they look like some kind of genius writer, when they couldnít even write a single line. Bob Hope was no funny comedian he did nothing but purchase jokes from poor people for couple bucks apiece.

There might be some people who were actually brainwashed and indoctrinated with 20 years of schooling into believing abortion isnít murder. But most of these people in power, know abortion is murder and education is indoctrination, to make people believe it isnít. They just believe, because they got the guns, the military and ability to brainwash zombie cops and FBI, that they can get away with murdering 60 million infants and enslaving the rest of mankind with jobs. I wrote them letters. They know scientists told them if they make a car go faster than 10 miles per hour people would be injured and killed by them, but they made them go faster anyway because there is so much profit in human suffering. If you can make someone paralyzed in a car accident, you can make $2 million off a lawsuit. If you can cause someone serious injury you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in your hospitalís. This is why all the cops, FBI and NSA want to keep speed limits high, because they are getting a percentage of the profits off of human suffering. If there were no automobiles, the medical industry would go bankrupt. Not only would there be no one injured in a car accident, there would be no one injured at the factories building them.

Your automobile is killing you. On the FBI files they said, ď1 teaspoon of radiator fluid a day, for 10 days will kill someoneĒ. This is how they caught a murderer. This guy kept telling his friends that 1 teaspoon of radiator fluid (antifreeze) a day could kill someone. Did you know that when your car gets hot, it releases radiator fluid? This is why you have to keep refilling your radiator reservoir. When the radiator gets hot, there is a release valve on the radiator cap that releases toxic radiator fluid. It is so toxic, only 1 teaspoon the day for 10 days can kill you. The older your car is, the worse it gets. These radiator release valves are not supposed to open until the engine gets to a high temperature. But as the radiator gets old, so does the spring on the release valve. As the release valve gets older it opens up more often releasing toxic radiator fluid as a form of a gas or steam. Youíre in that car breathing in toxic radiator gas and only a teaspoon a day for 10 days will kill you. Whatís worse is many people die and nobody ever finds out it was from their cars radiator. Every one of us has been breathing in the toxic steam from car radiators. They produce millions of gallons of this radiator fluid every day that is released into the atmosphere by automobiles. This radiator fluid accumulates in your body over the years and crystallizes in all your cellís.

One episode of the FBI files solved a murder case by testing a tree. They found out that when you burn fossil fuels, it kills trees. A man murdered someone and burn their body in a barrel by a tree. The man used fossil fuels to burn the body and they were able to test the tree to prove that was the tree he burned the body by. Because the tree branches by the barrel, had stopped growing, when fossil fuels were burned by it. This not only proves that this guy murdered someone and burned their body, this is the only way were going to get any proof, that burning fossil fuels, kills trees. Because the automobile companies are going to cover up any evidence that fossil fuels kills trees. Were only going to find out the truth when someone murders someone and uses fossil fuel to burn the body. Thatís the only way the FBI is going to tell us fossil fuels kills trees. I would post a small clip from that FBI files, but then they would claim 100% of the credit on this YouTube video and get all the money, just because I posted a small clip.

Pizza gate, It gets worse. Back in July 2016, I tweeted about justice for Annie McCann. A story that was on 20/20. Annie was a 15-year-old runaway girl who was raped and murdered and the cops tried to cover it up by claiming it was a suicide. Even the funeral home director said it was a murder not a suicide. Annieís rectum was torn open the size of a baseball. There were cigarette burns on her face proving that she was tortured. The cops tried to cover up, by claiming it was suicide. When I made comments I was attacked on Twitter by pedophiles, porn stars and the police state. One of the woman attacking me look like the woman who was last seen with Annie at a restaurant. That woman looked like Donald Trumpís wife with the bags under her eyes. Donald Trump ran beauty contest. This proves he is a pervert. Thereís no reason for a married man to run beauty contests unless he is trying to get laid. These beauty contest are generally run to recruit women into the porn industry. Every woman who wins a beauty contest ends up in pornography and prostitution. Itís so much worse, I hate to even say, because you wouldnít believe me. I feel like Iím that Abigail, who is afraid to tell her followers because she knows even her followers wonít believe her. Thereís a very good chance that Donald Trumpís wife is the woman they are looking for in connection to Annieís McCannís murder. In autopsy photos, Annie had letters on her feet and there was a anal porn site, that made these young women wear these socks with toes and letters on them. I believe the letters were from the Sox and from the porn site name Try Teens. Iíll put a link below to Annie McCain story.

http://abcnews.go.com/US/mysterious-death-annie-mccann-parents-ongoing-fight-prove/story?id=40559022 In another episode and I forget if it was the FBI files or the forensic files, a beautiful young blonde woman was kidnapped. Then I seen her working at a local bar. It was as if she was kidnapped by this biker gang and forced to work at a bar. These pretty young women are forced to work at bars because it brings in business. However, right after that show aired, the woman no longer worked at the bar and the people donít know where she went. Society is so corrupt that they can kidnap a woman, force her to work for them at a public bar and even the cops are in on it. So itís not like thereís anyone who can rescue her. Iíve seen women working prostitution on the street, who said they were forced to work in prostitution and the cops did nothing to help them. Not only did they did nothing to help them they judged them as evil prostitutes. Oh youíre forced to work as a prostitute at gunpoint, boy your evil a woman, Jesus hates you. I seen these religious groups on 8 mile attacking the prostitutes who were forced to be prostitutes. Instead of trying to rescue them or help them, they were attacking them as if they were sinners. These women who work at strip clubs or in the porn industry are mostly forced to do that kind of work. Theyíre not evil women. Some of them are like Madonna, but most of these women are forced into prostitution and the porn industry and the cops do nothing to help them. In fact itís generally the cops that are forcing them to do it. I met a woman at a strip club and her boyfriend was a cop who was forcing her to work there. I met a woman on the Internet who was into pornography and her boyfriend was forcing her to do it and he was NSA. You can see why God created a lake of fire for people, who donít believe how evil the people in power are. These Christians who judge women who work in the porn industry are going to spend the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, because they didnít know these women are forced into it.


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Annie McCain story.

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