Detroit to Be Sued for Flint Water Poisoning, January 26, 2016.

Detroit is responsible for the Flint water poisoning. Lawsuits should be piling up against the city of Detroit and Mayor Mike Duggan should get a jail cell next to Kwama Kilpatrick. Detroit violated a legal contract to deliver water. In 1965 we were promised a water and sewer system that would cost less than two dollars a month. People were against switching from well water and septic tanks because of the cost. People knew that after they switched over Detroit would raise the water rates. But we were promised they would never do that. So people gave up their septic tanks and their wells, that they paid thousands of dollars for and got pure mineral water, to switch over to chlorinated and fluoridated city poison water. No one even considered at the time that they would be using lead and copper pipes. Even though everyone knew lead and copper and other heavy metals were toxic. Detroit cut off Flint because they could not pay their water bill. Detroit was illegally charging Flint $12 million a year for water. I remember last year, where Detroit was cutting off the water to residents, because they did not pay their water bills. At first I couldn’t figure out why people couldn’t pay their five dollar month water bill. But I didn’t realize Detroit was charging people $6O to $100 a month for water, that should be free and a God-given right. You don’t have a right to own a gun, but use sure as hell have a right under God’s law, and the Constitution, to have water. This is why we are getting the snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and every plague God can deliver without completely destroying the earth.

The devil creates cities of delusion out of men’s blood. The cities are not working they are dying. This thug Mike Duggan was trying to revitalize Detroit by robbing other cities by illegally charging them enormous prices for water making them liable for billions of dollars in lawsuits. I am not a lawyer. You should try calling lawyers, but if you can’t find one, , I’m going to start answering the phone at 248-906-4634 to teach people how to file a lawsuit against the city of Detroit. They will probably throw the lawsuit out of court like they threw my $300 million lawsuit out against the city of Warren for selling me a toxic HUD home. People say I say things without showing them proof but I’m going to start posting all the documents that I sent to lawyers and the city to proved to them that they sold me a toxic mold house with lead paint and led waterlines that destroyed my health when they not only knew I was a first-time homebuyer they only sold the first time home buyers, so they can fool them. They are evil pieces of shit that need to be sued. The cities are not working. We need to return to the Garden of Eden.

There is some evidence that they purposely put salt in Flint water. They know salt is a corrosive agent. We need to find out who put the salt in the water. There’s no reason whatsoever to put salt in water. Salt is used in well water to soften it. I’m not a chemist or a water expert but there’s no reason to put salt in city water, we have to find out why they did it. Maybe they did it to change the taste. It doesn’t really matter the lawsuits against Detroit are for breaking the contract and overcharging people for water. They actually called it a cash cow because they knew they were robbing people. They are using the money from selling water to pay policemen, firemen etc. We are really living in a mafia run police state. It is unbelievable they are getting poorer people and middle-class people to donate water and they are paying state troopers policemen $26 million to deliver it. Flint is a city of unemployment where thousands of people would have taken the job of delivering water for minimum wage or even free as voluntary work. But they are paying these policemen $26 million to deliver the water that people donated for free. These state troopers are working overtime making time and a half, about $45 an hour or more to do charity work. This is both to make them look like good people? We need to sue to get the 26 million back and give it to Flint, so they can hire people to deliver water to the residence that need it. This whole thing is one big mafia scam to rob the people. It’s time to take them to court or start a revolution. If someone gets a $12 million life insurance policy on their wife and their wife dies mysteriously, that’s pretty good evidence that person murdered their wife. When Detroit was charging Flint $12 million a year for water and Flint decided to build their own water system that ended up being poison, that’s pretty good circumstantial evidence that Detroit did it. This is not like a murder case however. You don’t have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Detroit poisoned Flint water to get $12 million a year. All you really have to do is prove they profited from flints water poisoning.


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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan should be charged with racketeering for charging low income people $100 a month for water that should be free. maybe they both can share a jail cell so we can save money. © Copyright ©1996-2016 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.