Venlafaxine the Zombie Drug November 5, 2010.

Wednesday, November 3 I went to see Dr. Young. I was having chronic back pain over the last several years that was slowly getting worse to the point where I could not stand for more than a few minutes and I had to sit or lay down. Iíve had this sinus infection that I have not been able to fight off for more than a year. Iíve had insomnia and havenít been able to sleep for the last several weeks. Then I had a panic attack last Friday with feelings of doom, heart fibrillation, sweety hands and I thought was going to die. I didnít know if I was having a heart attack or going into a Anaphylactic shock from a allergic reaction.

I really didnít want to go to the doctor but I figure Dr. Young could give me some antibiotics and a back x-ray. On my wish list was some sleeping pills and Xanax for anxiety in case I have another panic attack. Dr. Young did not want to give me any Xanax because he said it was addicting. He gave me Xanax five years ago and I still have some left but theyíre too old to take.

I am not a drug abuser but he gave me Venlafaxine instead. This is why people become drug addicts, their doctors donít trust them. If people know Xanax will make them feel better, but the doctor will not give them to them, they will have no choice but to go to an illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin or crack. Alcohol is a drug that will make me feel better but I donít want to go that route, when I already tried Xanax and it seemed to work. I decided to try Venlafaxine.

I didnít want to mix the pills until I seen how Iíve felt by each one. I took the first Venlafaxine at 5 PM Wednesday night. By 6 PM I was sleeping on the couch and didnít wake up until 10 PM. I felt kind of Zombietized, so decided to go to the bar and sing karaoke to see how my new drug was working. It worked pretty good I was able to sing a few crappy songs without caring what the audience thought of me. The drug made me feel like a zombie, I didnít socialize at all, not even go up and say hi to a few people I knew at the bar.

The good thing about it was I felt comfortable sitting in a bar for four hours sipping on one Coke. Another bad part was when I sang a good song and everyone clapped it didnít make me feel any different then the song I sang without applause. I can see why people commit suicide on this drug, itís very depressing. I slept for four hours before I went to the Bar, so was it likely I was going to be able to go to sleep right away so I watched TV until 5 AM and took another Venlafaxine as prescribed.

I didnít have any beer at the bar but after taking this pill I felt like I was overdosing. Like when you drink too much and you close your eyes in the room starts spinning. Then I started having uncontrollable muscle spasms. It was like terete syndrome. Good thing I didnít take a sleeping pill too, or I probably wouldíve died. I was sleeping and semi-conscious at the same time. I was having a dream and knew I was having a dream, but my arm would move like in the dream. This was like a bad LSD trip. Needless to say I have not taken another Venlafaxine.

Thursday I spent most the day in bed nursing my back pain and recovering from Venlafaxine. I didnít take a sleeping pill Thursday night because Iím still recovering from the Venlafaxine. It made me lose my appetite and I had to force myself to eat.

Itís Friday and I still feel lightheaded and jittery and no appetite from the Venlafaxine. I have been taking the antibiotic but now I have a new symptom. I havenít coughed up mucus in over a year and now I coughed up some yellow stuff. I donít know if I got a virus from visiting the doctorís office or if the antibiotic is helping my immune system clean out my lungs.

I took one Venlafaxine 12 hours apart for 24 hours and these things cost $135. There should be a drug trial so that you donít have to spend $135 on a bottle of pills that you know donít work after two. If not a full refund because the drugs did not work as expected, they should at least buy back the drugs I did not use. This would help the war on drugs. Because I am sure that there are many people who would want to purchase the drugs that I did not use and I am sure people who purchase prescription drugs for a high price and cannot use them for one reason or other, try to regroup some of their expense by selling them. © Copyright 1996-2010 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.