False Flag Vendetta Shooter December 18, 2010.

This shooting propaganda, is worse than the DC sniper or the fake Berg beheading video. This is politics as usual under a mafia run government. When they wanted Congress to vote for the war they sent out the DC sniper, to convince Congress we need a war to stop terrorist. The fake Berg beheading video, was also to get more war dollars. When Congress was ready to vote on extending the tax cuts to mafia bosses, they needed a little push of a jobless shooter. This shooting is what they used to get the tax cut bill passed. They wanted to convince Congress that if they did not extend unemployment benefits, that there would be thousands of these jobless vendetta shooters. We know 9/11 was an inside job. I will note, that when you start pointing out the facts and evidence of an inside job, that they send out the debunkers to hide and distort the evidence. This is why I will not point out the parts of the video, that showed this vendetta shooter, is as fake as the Berg beheading and lunar landing videos. I will do that in a later video after thousands of copies of that video are out so, they cannot distort it. Download copies of that video before people start pointing out the details that proves itís a fake. If you notice any point in the video that shows it to be a fake, do not mention it to others. These people have a way of making evidence disappear and making videos disappear or even changing the video to make it seem more real.

If you look through history, just about every law that was passed was prompted by one of these arranged shooters. Whether they are getting someone out of the mental hospital and using them to go on a shooting spree or the shooter was just an actor, we will probably never know. How did they get that mafia boss to shoot Oswald?

But letís use this video to learn from and point out some facts. First the security guard who shot him was not a hero. The security guard waits for the mentally ill shooter to empty his gun. Then the security guard shoots the mentally ill shooter, who now has an empty gun, in the back. Sadly the security guard will never be charged with murder. But in fact he is a murderer. This is why cops and security guards should have guns with rubber bullets in them.

The comments that Alex Jones made about this shooter were completely insane. Alex Jones must be a re-tart. Alex Jones claims that if this old lady had a gun in her purse, she would be able to stop the shooter. If that old lady had a gun in her purse, people would have been killed. The shooter shot eight shots and missed every time. What makes Alex Jones think this 80-year-old lady would have been able to shoot the man without missing and killing someone else? It scares me to think Alex Jones has a gun. There was a security guard with 20 years police experience and even he did not shoot his gun at first, for fear of missing the shooter and killing several innocent people. How would you like to be sitting there in that room, with that gunmen and a 20 year police veteran, who is waiting for the right moment to take him out and some old lady pulled a gun out of her purse and tries to be a hero? It was bad enough the old lady hit the guy with her purse, in fact thatís probably what set him off.

This shooting is proof that guns should be banned completely. Even the security guards, should not have lethal bullets. If that security guard had rubber bullets in his gun, he would have been able to shoot the gunman, without worrying about putting a bullet through the head of the old lady. These gun owners think they can stop a criminal with a gun? This gun owner shot eight bullets at 10 feet away and missed everyone.

I can see whatís coming out of this video now. The pedophiles in power will have a naked body x-ray machine in every school.


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