Child Safety Seats Are Unsafe, September 24, 2013.

I made this video before but I can’t find it. It’s easier just to remake it. A child’s car seat manufacturer said, that they cannot make a child safety seat safe, at speeds of 30 mph or faster. The solution to this problem, is to lower the speed limit below 30 miles an hour. Insurance companies are against lowering the speed limit, because the slower the speed, the harder it is for them to sell car insurance. Medical and life insurance is also against lowering the speed limit, if people don’t believe they will die or get seriously injured they simply will not purchase life or medical insurance. Not to mention funeral homes that profit off of the 40,000 Americans who die each year from car crashes.

It seems most Americans are even against lowering the speed limit, because getting somewhere fast, is more important than their own children’s lives. Many men look at it this way, they only want to have two or three children and one of their kids gets killed in a car accident, they’ll simply have another one. If their wife dies in a car accident, then they can marry a younger woman. And they are not worry about themselves, because men believe they won’t have a car accident. They believe they’re better drivers than women.

Any person who has children and knows that a child safety seat cannot be safe at the speed of 30 miles or more poor hour should have their children taken away from them, if they don’t want to lower the speed limits. That is a form of child abuse. It’s no different from the woman who left her child in a heated car for nine hours. They want to charge this woman with murder, but the people who know child safety seats are unsafe at 30 mph, the politicians don’t even want to take their children away from them, because they are getting kickbacks, campaign financing from automobile insurance companies, medical insurance companies and life insurance companies. This is a crime against children. A crime against humanity.

Everyone at the Department of Motor Vehicles, everyone at the Highway safety board, every lawyer, doctor and judge knows cars are unsafe at 30 miles an hour or above. Their only concern is about themselves and the money they are getting from the insurance companies. They don’t care if you or your children die. In fact if anyone even accuses them of being child murderers by educating them about the facts about driving and speed, they want to label that person is mentally ill, so that they can continue killing children. The ATF killed women and children at Waco so what’s wrong with killing thousands of children on the highways? They weren’t killed in a car accident, then they probably would have been killed by abortion. The way they look at it is its population control. Who cares how many children die in the highways? It’s not as if there is a God that is watching, the people who set the speed limits for the highways are atheist. The car manufacturers make their automobiles go over 100 miles an hour. They know their cars are killing people. But they hire lawyers and bribed judges to make people believe it’s the drivers fault if they die in a car crash.

If you buy one of these toy electric cars for your child and he puts his foot on the accelerator and the toy car accelerates to 100 miles an hour, running over the other children in the playground, you blame the toy manufacturer for making the unsafe toy, you don’t blame the child. People are human, they make mistakes. You don’t blame these humans, when people die in car crashes, when the automobile companies knew if they made a car go 30 mph or faster, people would die in them.

It’s not about lobbying Washington or complaining to city Council, that the speed limits are too fast, you have to sue these people for millions of dollars before they learn anything. They don’t even care if their own children die in car crashes, they just want to get somewhere fast. Well drunk drivers want to drive drunk, but we don’t let them, because it’s not safe. I don’t care if people want to drive 50, 60, 70 mph, it’s not safe. If people die in car crashes at 40 miles an hour than 40 miles an hour is an unsafe speed limit. That’s just common sense. When Nixon lowered the speed limit during the 1970s oil crisis from 65 miles an hour to 55 miles an hour, it saved over 10,000 Americans lives and it saved 270,000 barrels of oil a year.

The lower the speed limit the greater the gas mileage. The lower the speed limit the less horsepower a car needs. We don’t need six cylinder engines. We don’t even need four-cylinder engines. Even a two cylinder engine would be too much power, if cars maxed out at a speed of 30 mph.

People have made the argument that if the speed limit was slower the highways would be overcrowded. But in fact it’s actually the reverse. The faster the speed limit, the farther people move away from shopping centers and work. This causes three or four times as much traffic on the highways. If the speed limit is 60 miles an hour, everyone can live 60 miles from work. So the people who live in Detroit, drive to Flint to go to work and the people who live in Flint drive to Detroit to go to work. And this is why there’s so much traffic on the highway. If the speed limit was only 25 miles an hour, the people who worked in Detroit would move to Detroit and the people who worked in Flint would move to Flint Michigan. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. People generally do not want to spend more than 20 or 30 minutes driving to work. If the speed limit is slower, they will simply move closer to work and shopping. This will free up all the traffic on the streets. We will no longer need six lane highways so that people who live in Barstow can drive to LA to work. At 25 miles an hour they will simply move to LA.

I’m going to put a petition on to get all speed limits lowered to 25 miles an hour. I’m going to educate all people, that if an automobile manufacturer makes a car go faster than 25 miles an hour, then they are responsible for the people injured and killed in car crashes and they need to be sued for millions and millions even billions of dollars or they will not change. Stop the insurance and automobile companies from killing your family members for profit. Petition to lower the speed limits. If you or a family member was injured or killed in a car crash, it was not their fault, if the car went over 25 miles an hour, sue the car manufacturer.

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