US Navy Useless; Fermi II Could End USA & Canada, January 6, 2014.

The U.S. Navy is now useless. The aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan is contaminated from Fukushima radiation. The nuclear powered subs, couldn’t fight a war with Hawaii. Let alone any other place in the world. All the ships in the sea will be contaminated. The Marines on the Ronald Reagan were not only contaminated by the nuclear fallout that fell upon the ship, the ship’s along with all the nuclear powered subs, desalinate seawater for drinking, cooking showering and cleaning. The ocean is now contaminated with tritium, plutonium, uranium, cesium and more than 1000 other elements, along with some elements scientists never even heard of or discovered and there is no way to decontaminate the water. If the nuclear powered submarines cannot decontaminate water, they are useless. There’s no way for them to store enough drinking and cooking water, for the crew, on the nuclear powered sub, let alone water for them to take showers with. The aircraft carriers and battleships are the same way. They can’t carry enough water, because they were designed to use desalinization of seawater for their water source.

These elements are electron particles, like those in a magnetic field or like the waves that go through the air and attached themselves to our TV and radio antennas. Automobiles, ships, tanks, all military equipment, including guns, can attract these toxic particles like a magnet. So the ships sail through the sea collecting toxic radioactive particles. Some of the particles are heavier than water and they are sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Some of the particles are lighter than water and they’re floating on the surface of the ocean. Some of them are positively charged and are attaching themselves to negatively charged ships and some of them are negatively charged particles and our attaching themselves to positively charged ships. The rich people know this and their purchasing Corvettes, because they’re made out of fiberglass and they think that fiberglass will not attract these toxic electron particles. But it be more dangerous to drive a Corvette made out of fiberglass than a car made out of steel or aluminum that has picked up thousands of different kinds of toxic radioactive particles, like they were a magnet or a TV antenna that picks up electron particles, so you can watch TV. Fiberglass can also generate static electricity that can attract these radioactive particles. Like a balloon that is statically charged tracks pieces of paper like a magnet. Good thing Timothean’s stopped driving cars three years ago. I imagine anyone who has been driving a car for the last three years, is probably gotten a lethal dose of radiation by now. Alpha, beta, and gamma. These three forms of radiation can be distinguished by a magnetic field. There is a link below.

You think that was bad news. It gets far worse. Fermi II nuclear power plant sits upon the Great Lakes. It’s our biggest source of fresh water. The ocean was a source of freshwater when we could desalinate water. But now that tritium, is in the ocean water, it’s impossible to filter it for drinking water or anything else. If Fermi II blows up, contaminating the Great Lakes, it will be the end of the USA and Canada. It is a matter of national security to shut down all the nuclear power plant on the Great Lakes. It’s just not worth the risk to contaminate our main source of drinking water.

The only other source of drinking water we have is the Ogallala aquifer and that aquifer is running very low. When I wrote a letter to George W. Bush, telling him how low the water level was and it needed to be rationed, he ordered all wells to be drilled to the bottom of the aquifer so that nobody would notice a problem, until they were dry. Wells are running dry every year, but now that they’re drilled to the bottom of the aquifer nobody is noticing the water table dropping.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster, might be a Bush crime family mafia conspiracy. They might be purposely contaminating the ocean water so the Bush family mafia can sell us their freshwater that they own. After Bush received my letter his family bought up all the property with underground aquifers. His family bought a big chunk of property in South America, with one of the largest underground aquifers in South America. His crime family also bought a big chunk of land in Texas, that is on top of the Ogallala aquifer and he’s been pumping all the water out into his own storage, where he plans to resell it to us at 1000 times the price. If the Bush family mafia causes the Fermi II to meltdown, contaminating the Great Lakes, the Bush family mafia, will hold us all in bondage for drinking water.

We must do all we can to shut down the nuclear power plants on the Great Lakes. It’s just not worth the risk of contaminating our drinking water, if Fermi II has a nuclear or hydrogen explosion. This is a National security issue.

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