USA a Nation of Premeditated 1st Deg Murderers, December 3, 2014.

A comedian, I think his name was CC Lewis, made a joke that children with peanut allergies are probably are supposed to die. I mentioned it in a video a while back and a few weeks ago a councilwoman in Michigan made a joke that maybe the children with allergies should just be shot when they were discussing what should be done to solve the problem of children with allergies and school lunches. People were outraged that the lady made the joke that children should be shot especially with all the school shootings and she had to resign.

We are becoming a nation of premeditated first-degree murderers. From all the John Wayne movies to all the violence we see on TV, from George Zimmerman, the gun lobby and from police shootings we don’t see anything wrong with murdering people. Even I made several videos in the past about who should be killed because we are living in a corrupt society that it seems like somebody should be killed to make it a better world.

My sister and her husband were disgusting how the child with a toy gun who was killed by police deserve to be shot, because he had a toy gun. “What is the kid doing going around with a toy gun, he should be shot dead?” I think was her direct quote. She doesn’t have any kids but still it’s no excuse for ignorance. And why are they blaming the kid anyway? If the cops can’t tell it’s a toy gun, why don’t the cops sue the toy gun manufacturer and they could use the money they win in the lawsuit to buy a bunch of new cop cars or cameras. Toy guns should be bright orange and if they’re not, the toy gun manufacture should be sued out of business. That’s the way capitalism works. Let somebody who knows how to make a bright orange toy gun, have a successful business and let the idiots who don’t know how to make a bright orange toy gun be sued out of business. This air soft gun had a tiny orange removable dot, that was supposed to identify it as a toy gun, that toy gun manufacturer deserves to be sued out of business, the child doesn’t deserve to be shot. The toy gun manufacturers should have known that if somebody took off that little orange dot, that they were going to be sued out of business and for all future income to be deducted from their paychecks for being stupid. The police department that shot the child deserves to have all the money the toy gun manufacturer made in their lifetimes and perhaps a portion their future incomes also.

The Bible says do not kill. This is one of the 10 Commandments carved in stone. This is one of the commandments that if broken, God brings floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire and brimstone down from heaven to destroy the murderers. The murderers are not the people desperate for money to feed their children they use a gun to rob a liquor store for food. The murderers are the George Zimmerman’s, the police and the oath keepers that think in their own delusional mind they have a right to kill. The other day on the news, these oath keepers are in Ferguson with guns saying, “if we think a man is about to rape a girl, or burn a store (in our own psychotic delusional minds, without a trial jury or judge) we are allowed to kill them” as if they never heard of the Constitution of the United States or that people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If Hitler, Saddam Hussein or any other dictator in the world, started killing people without a trial, jury or judge we would bomb that country off of the face of the earth, because that’s what we do with dictators. We are no longer the policeman of the world. The United Nations decides which country is the dictatorship and right now the United States of America is the dictatorship that kills people without a trial, jury or judge.

I seen the video of the child being shot by a police officer and it’s very obvious this is a false flag event, perpetrated by the gun lobby, so that police can legally kill anyone they desire, without a trial jury or judge. The video was an obviously staged event. I’m not going to point out the anomalies, because they are experts at re-editing the video, read releasing it, and deleting all the videos with the anomalies. But I’m pretty sure they know there is a God and God doesn’t do anything unless he declares it to his prophets first and that they faked that video, so they can legally kill and under the absolute law of God, they must be destroyed. Sorry George Zimmerman, sorry policeman whose job it is to serve and protect, sorry oath keepers but under the law of God because of your actions, by an act of God the United States will be destroyed unless President Obama signs an executive order to have all gun owners arrested, who even think they have a right to kill. Yes president Obama can sign an Executive Order to make it illegal to even think that you have a right to kill with a gun. I explained to present to Obama that he could sign an Executive Order for campaign financing reform and if Congress didn’t go along with it they would simply go down in history and look like traitors to the president. The president said he is not a King, he is only the president. However, he is a president that has the power to push a little red button, that launches thousands of nuclear missiles. So if Congress doesn’t go along with making it illegal, to even think the oath keepers, George Zimmerman or even Policeman have a right to kill, without a trial, jury or judge he can simply push that red button. Oh and that video of the black man spreading gasoline on the carpet and being caught on video that I seen on the news is fake False Flag event also and God knows it.

I’m just amazed that after I said President Obama can by Executive Order, pass a law for campaign finance reform and instead of signing an executive order for campaign finance reform he signed a law making it legal for 5 million immigrants to stay in the country and sign up for his Obamacare, to make it look successful, because now we will have 12 million people on Obamacare instead of only 5 million, it is showing the world he is the antichrist that would bring about the destruction of the United States. This is the last warning to move out of the United States before it’s destroyed by a supernatural act of God.

The problem with this country is campaign financing. When there’s no campaign finance reform, then the people who run the pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry see it very profitable to legalize 5 million illegal aliens so that they can sign up for Obamacare. The medical industry is going to get $600 a month from 5 million people by getting Obama to sign an Executive Order for the illegal aliens to stay here legally. This is a $65 billion year profit and if they didn’t pay president Obama at least 50 billion, he got ripped off. Because that’s what that deal is worth. They are going to make 65 billion a year, every year for eternity, off of Obama signing that Executive Order just off of the medical insurance those illegal aliens will pay. It’s not really doing the illegal aliens are the Mexicans any good. It’s a really only given them an excuse to arrest them if they don’t pay their medical and auto insurance.

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