Letter to Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is stupid ugly and a lesbian October 19, 2010.

Today in the Tyra Banks show, Tyra called a man a bad name. I’m not even going to repeat the name she called him. Because the way the man looked and spoke, she believes in her stupid, ugly lesbian delusional mind, that the man is gay. Yes the preacher laughed when Tyra called him that name, because he was laughing at Tyra’s stupidity. Just because a woman will not have sex with every strange man at a bar, does not mean she is a lesbian. Just because a man talks with a high voice, does not mean that he is gay. Now if he shaves his face, there is no doubt he is a homosexual. Because one cannot change the voice, but they can make a decision to shave their face to look like a woman or not.

Tyra, didn’t your mother ever tell you to never call a child stupid, because they will believe they are stupid and once they believe they are stupid, they will never read any books and they will become stupid? Did your mother ever tell you not to call a child ugly, because they will believe they are ugly? You don’t call a child a homosexual, because they will believe they are a homosexual. Since this man was a child, every stupid person like you, told him he was gay because of the way he talked.

Tyra God knows your thoughts. You looked at the man with his glasses on and you thought he was ugly. You looked at the same man who spoke with a slight stutter and you thought he was stupid. You looked at the same man and heard him talk with a high-pitched voice and you thought he was gay. The problem is, you knew better to keep silent about what you thought of his looks and his intelligence, but you opened up your big fucking mouth about what you thought about his sexuality. That man should sue you for everything you own and he should have his own talk show. He should have your talk show.
How in the hell did you get a talk show anyway? Was it yours looks because you were a super model? It sure wasn’t because of your intelligence. Maybe you got your own talk show, because lesbians seem to run the media and if you’re lesbian you get your own talk show. Religious people like me, do not know how to explain the reasons why ugly, stupid lesbians like you, get their own talk show, so instead of saying “we don’t know” we claimed the devil must have gave you that talk show.

The devil or invisible evil spirits, is the way the Bible explains things that are unexplainable. It is a word and language problem. People 5000 years ago did not know about micro organisms or hormones. These things are so small they are invisible, but the people knew they were there and did not know how to explain them. So people who had viruses, when they didn’t know what a virus was, were told by God, they were possessed by a foreign invader. Every one of those foreign invaders had to be labeled “the devil” or a “evil spirit” because there were not names for them like HIV or Mersa virus. Even if God made up names for them, it would not matter, until men could see them, they could not comprehend them. Not even God knew how to explain a micro organism to simple men. God or the Bible was not wrong, the language was insufficient and people were simple. In fact the Bible was more right than the scientists of their day, because the scientists didn’t even know about micro organisms or hormones that were so small, they were thought of as being invisible spirits.

It is the brain that produces hormones. The brain controls what you believe and how you feel. When you feed false information into a child, “that he is gay”, that person starts to believe they are gay, “because of your ignorance”, the brain will produce a female hormone to match what it believes and what it feels. If you tell a child they are ugly, they will start to believe they are ugly and their brain might actually start producing acne, depression, rotting teeth to match what it believes. If you tell a child he is stupid he will start to believe he is stupid and then he will say why study I am stupid and then he will become stupid. Do you understand this or are you stupid? You got your super model job not because you are beautiful, you’re ugly, you got your super model job, because people told you that you were beautiful and you believe them, and because of that, you became beautiful or at least you think so.
Your super model job demands you make women believe they should wear high heels and lipstick and demand men should cut their hair. This is all for the profits of the beauty industry. It does not determine sexuality. Lipstick and high heels does not make a man gay anymore than a woman in a third world country who refuses to wear lipstick and high heels a Dyke.

There are no male and female souls, everyone is the same. We have sexual organs for reproduction. Some soldiers stepped on land mines and get their genitalia blown off, that doesn’t make them gay. It doesn’t make a woman a lesbian, if she’s married to one of these soldiers. You need to get your thinking out of the toilet. Anyone can fall in love with anyone. Therefore man should marry women. If a man cannot fall in love with a woman, then there is something wrong with him. If a woman cannot fall in love with a man there is something wrong with her. It is a choice. You can fall in love with a man or a man who has no genitalia from a war injury or a homosexual or a woman or lesbian. Sex feels good. But do you believe sex feels so good, that if you were married to a man who lost his genitalia in a car accident or war, that you would divorce him because he can’t have sex? I’m sorry but I don’t think the judge would grant you a divorce because your husband was in a car accident and can no longer have sex. You took a vow of in sickness and in health until death do you part not until he loses sex drive.

Pavlov’s dog was conditioned by a Bell that rang at dinnertime. Every time the bell rang the dog salivated. People who have homosexual relationships will become conditioned, to get excited by the same-sex, if they had that kind of sexual experience. People who smoke crack will become crack addicts. They are not born crack addicts. This is why you should not try smoking crack or try a same-sex relationship, you can become addicted to it. It’s going to feel good because it’s sex. It’s going to feel good because it’s drugs. Yes your brain can change your body chemistry. A sexual experience changes your body chemistry. You can get turned on by the same-sex if you’re conditioned to it. Most of the people who are homosexual or think they’re homosexual were molested by the same-sex.

These people who claim they were gay from birth should realize that they should not even be thinking about sex, until after puberty. But if you change your thoughts, you change your brain, then your brain will change your body chemistry. The lesbian will start to produce more female hormone and the male will start to produce more male hormone. But these people cannot change, because there are people like you in the world. People like you who call children ugly, called them stupid and label them gay, because of the way they speak or walk or because they were molested by the same-sex as children.


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